Friday, August 27, 2010


It's about time for another Give Away...wouldn't ya say?

I thought so too! 

So the generous folks at CSN Stores have graciously offered to sponsor a $40.00 one-time gift certificate for a shopping spree at any of their over 200+ stores!!  WooHoo!  Yes, you heard me...ANY THING you want!  From Gardening Tools and Canning Kits to Dehydrators and Food Mills or maybe you need some new Corelle Dinnerware or a super cute My Baby Sam clothes hamper...they pretty well have it all!

Who wants to go shopping???

Here are the Entry Rules:

1.  Check Out CSN and tell me what you would choose and why = 1 Entry
2.  Follow Me = 1 Entry
3.  Mention this Give Away and Link to it on your Blog = 1 Entry
US and Canada Residents Only

You must Leave A Comment on my Blog for each entry item that you complete to make it count!  If you already Follow Me, simply comment that and move on to the next entry item!  Easy Peasy, right?

I will announce the Give Away Winner one week from today, on Friday, September 3rd. 

OK boys and girls...Shop till you drop and have some fun!!

Have an AWESOME weekend!


  1. Check - I visited the CSN Store and IMMEDIATELY went to the tab for purses and handbags. Why? Because I am a purse ho. Can't help it, can't explain it, can't stop it!!!! One point

    Check Check - I already follow your blog! Point #2

    Check Check Check - I posted on MY blog about your giveaway - Point #3

    Can ya tell I need a new purse????

  2. I would purchase another Le Creuset item to add to my cooking collection! :)

  3. I was previously only following privately (via google reader), but now I'm a follower publicly! :) Love the blog!

  4. I would get the Calphalon Simply Nonstick Panini Pan with Press because we have been wanting one and it would be nice to not have to spend money out of pocket to get it:)

  5. I follow you

  6. I would purchase a Bodum Coffee Press! Something I have been wanting to try!

  7. My son is in love with Batman, so I'd buy the huge Batman wall decal. So cool!

  8. I don't follow directions well - one post per question! So yes, I follow!

  9. And yes, I posted about your giveaway on my blog!!!!

  10. What would I want??? Um, what WOULDN'T I want? I like all of the wooden kids toys...... or at least the toys that are educational. I would use them w/my niece & nephew!

    Or... I'm sure I could find a piece of Le Creuset to add to my collection too...

    I love that Jan called herself a'Handbag Ho!' Hilarious. I carry one of Jan/Jen's old Coaches! ;)

  11. I am a follower!

    And, I think I spelled neice wrong up there ^^^^ oops. Is before Es except after Cs? Hmmm

    And! I spy all of your Pampered Chef stuff in your pix (I think, wat least!)! I used to be a consultant and have loads of Pampered Shit! ;) loooove it!

  12. Posted about your giveawhat on my lil' blogarooskie!!! Haha! :)

  13. I would get the Kartell Modular Shelves from

    I will start flollowing your blog publicly

    I will post this giveaway in my blog

    Have a good day!! :)

  14. OK, I am now officially a follower...

  15. I'd put it toward the CucinaPro Food Strainer w/ Optional salsa screen. I don't think I have to tell you why ;-)

  16. Okay, I'll play!

    Although I'm not much of a pack rat and don't like little knick knacks (I classify LOTS of things into this category, including most small appliances) all over the house, this vegetable gardening has lead me to want all sorts of things like a dehydrator, a food mill, a canner, and the list goes on and on! I see that CNS Stores has all these things, so it will be touch to narrow it down, but I would probably go with a dehydrator, so I could make yummy snacks and be able to preserve more foods.

  17. I'm already a follower. And enjoy being one! It's really true, even though not required to play. :)

  18. I also posted a link to this on my blog.

  19. I would get a couple of the Rosy Large JanetBaskets for use at the grocery store and especially at the Farmer's market.