Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In, Sewn Up!

Pretty sure my MIL has the best philosophy on "Snow Days".  She says it forces everyone to slow down and spend some time at home.  Now that could either be with the ones you love (or drives you nuts) or doing things you love (that we never have enough time for).

Right before the storm hit, I started working on a special order purse.  As soon as it was finished, I loved the pattern and results so much, I made my early run into to town to beat the storm and get the goods to make my own. 

Here is the first one:
Normally I find a million things wrong with my work, but I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't pick it apart too bad!  Aren't the colors fun??

This is the one I made for myself:
The only thing I struggled with on this one was getting the fusibles to stick to the denim.  So I went ahead and cross-hatched it down the sides, just in case.  Oh and p.s. The right needle for the job made a huge difference!
And on that note, I am all ready for summer with some new, ah...err...clam diggers?
Do what ya gotta do and make'em work!


  1. I burst out laughing at your . . . clam diggers! So true. You do what ya gotta do. Dare I suggest you even out the legs maybe just a little bit? ;o) If you leave them that way, it will make you walk like you have one foot in the furrow.

    Love, love, love your purse. The cross-hatching on the sides just MAKES it as far as I'm concerned. You could sell those. (Except for the hours it took you to make them. How do you ask $200 to get some money for your time out of it??)

  2. Frickin FABULOUS! I can't believe how beautiful it is and how incredible you are! I'm so happy to hear you finally say you couldn't find anything wrong with it! YEAH! We are making progress! You truly have a gift and a talent. Say that out loud three times and BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  3. MamaPea, a garden furrow, right?! I was sweating have to cut those jeans up...the one leg crept up a little too high I thought. But I think they will be fine and useful yet. :) Thank you ma'am and you are right, that's why I don't have an Etsy. As much as you could, it still is never enough to really get anything out of it. Bummer!

    Jan, almost...almost! But I am always tickled when I get 'close'. Now if I could just get faster!!! fooey on you (but thanks!)

  4. Well once again BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Love them both. I agree with Jan, about time you pat yourself on the back girl. And I remember a style a few years back where hip hop was wearing one leg rolled up and one down. So Your right on style with that. But you do have enough fabric left there to make a mini-skirt (which I know you looooove skirts) or daisy dukes. the season is coming.

  5. Is it a tote bag type thing or is it more of a purse with pockets on the inside? If it's the latter - - would you be willing to share what pattern you used? Or are you one of those really crafty people that we all hate and can do things without patterns?

  6. that bag is gorgeous! I will have to get my things together in my purse so I can easily transfer from one to the other once I get my machine LOL, right now I have one of those purses that's more like a mountaineering bag where there are little pockets for everything and no wallet needed haha! I'm going out on a limb here and suggest that instead of cutting the other leg of the jeans UP, maybe you should quilt DOWN the other side to match them up LOL!!!

  7. p.s. APG & Mama Pea - my refund hit the bank account early! But now I'm scared..... LOL I have to decide on my new machine tomorrow!

  8. I love it... and you could take the jeans and either sew the bottom together and attach a handle to make a cool bag, or trim 'em even, remove the crotch and put a skirt around the bottom. Or, one time I made my daughter a jean skirt with a "longer" skirt of cut-off men's ties that flowed loosely. It was really cute!

  9. Oh, positively adorable! I LOVE both purses! You are creative and talented. No need to pick anything out. I think we are our own worst critics. I had a wood shop teacher once that said to throw on some putty and green paint, and you'll never see it from the back of a horse. Kinda funny, but true. I always wanted to be closer than 1/32". My stuff was almost perfect, but there wasn't much finished!!

  10. Erin - So why do you have to make the decision tomorrow? Don't rush into anything . . . nobody will spend your sewing machine money when you're not looking!

  11. Jane, no skirts ya know! Daisy Duke days are soooo over! Because I am so short, they should still at least hit my mid thigh or I will construct another bag!! :)

    Peakview, thanks much!!

    Freedom, I'm not "one of those" :o) I plan to use it as a purse and there is one pocket in the design but you could always add more. The pattern is by Nancy Green at Pink Sand Beach Designs, it is called Manhattan Handbag and the number on the pattern is 102. It has an email listed as if that helps. Let us know if you try one!!

    Erin, WAHOOO! Did you decide on which machine yet or are your going to sleep on it a bit still? Better prepare to become a self-made bag beotch...hehehe!! You can make any kind you want now!

    Ruth, now I probably could be convinced to add a cute little airy skirt to the bottom of that. I may have to rethink the no skirt rule. That sounds cute! Thanks for the tip!

    Lori, you are so right! We are hardest on ourselves! However due to the fact that I am mathematically challenged I could never find 1/32" on a ruler any way! LOL!!!

  12. Your purses are so cute! What a great use of fabric. And what a great way to spend an indoor day. Productively!