Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Got Spanked!

So far, we have made it to the record books as the 5th largest storm to hit our area...and it ain't over yet!  However, we made it thru the night with power!  My Dad and Connie down state haven't been so lucky as they were hit with alot of ice first.

The winds were minimum 40mph sustained with gusts up to 67mph.  I took a few "Before" pictures yesterday just as it was starting:
You probably can't see this well...Turkeys out in the field!
Of course I ran out yesterday morning to stock up, much like everyone else.  Except I didn't go to the grocery store, I went to the fabric store :o).

I had to laugh because my girlfriend said the local grocery store was (the horror!) out of bread!  I sure am glad I learned how to do that myself.  Even before getting my hands down in it, I at least had a bread machine.

Interstate 80 from our exit west is closed for 60 miles.  Many other major arteries, interstates and counties are shut down and The National Guard is deployed.   Thousands of folks are with out power and snowed in for a while.

One of the most interesting things from this storm...Thunder Snow!  Now if you have never seen it, it's amazing!  Imagine how the sky lights up backed against pure white!  Supposedly Thunder Snow has more amperage than typical lightening.  The weather man said "You don't want to get struck by this!"  Sure am glad he tipped us off to that! LOL!

Pig Pen plowed several times last night, however, this is what we woke up to:
3' drifts up to the house
Plow Pile up to about 9'
Missy loves it!
Clearing will last for about an hour or less!!!
No one can say for certain how much is actually on the ground because of all the blowing and drifting.  For now they are saying 18" and more in other areas.  The drifts are well over that!  I am glad it didn't end up at 34" like one computer model called for.

I made a nice big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade noodles and fresh bread to keep us nice and warm!  And then of course, I have my sewing projects for being 'shut in'.

Since starting to type this post, the news just said they have upgraded the blizzard to the THIRD worst storm for our area!  It has stopped snowing in our location, but Chicago is still seeing it come down 3" per hour and my Dad's power just came back on and he is making coffee :o)

How are things for the rest of you?  I know most of you Northern folks are used to this stuff and I have to say, it really hasn't been all that bad...if you just stay put! 


  1. One good thing about the high winds is it keeps the snow load off your roof. That is one of the worst parts about heavy snow fall. Looks like you had a tree go over in that one picture. Glad your Dad's power is back on and you all made it through OK.

  2. Jane, this is true! One thing I thought was funny is that our picnic table has next to no snow on it at all. How is that possible? The wind. As to the roof, speaking of which -parts of Wrigley Field lost it's roof! Oh no those darn Cubs really are cursed!

  3. Glad to see you know how to enjoy a big snow. And the thing is living in the Banana Belt as you do, it will all probably melt within a week. If we got it up here, we'd HAVE it until April!

    Have fun, snuggle in and enjoy your blizzard! Thanks for taking all the pics for us.

  4. Crazy storm but LOVE being forced to stay home! My favorite kind of day. As for sewing projects...I'm kickin butt! Love it! So thankful we kept power for what and sewing!

  5. REALLY wishing I had some of your chickie soup at our house right now. It's my all-time favorite :-) Enjoy your snow day sis!

  6. Soup AND Fabric AND Hubby - why that's all you need! Nice photos, I hope power stays on for you and your machine :) Sounds like it's going to be a great week for cozying up!

  7. You really got hit! Love the pictures - I just finished a batch of biscotti and am warming up last night's soup for this night! Keep warm and safe - winter's gotta end sometime!

  8. well daughter, what shall we call Blizzard of 2011?
    Since we did not get the 24 inches we could call it "Snowhere near expectations" or for Jan " snow-mageddon on my nevers", or for Adam " Shovel Rama" or my favorite " SNOWLICIOUS"! Enjoy the soup!

  9. Oh, I cracked up when you told about your run to the fabric store to stock up! I am just amazed at the posts I'm reading about the weather. Here, it's cold, but beautiful. Of course, not cold to your standards, but for here, it's cold. Which, now that I say that makes me feel totally like a wimp! Will you post later on what you accomplished with your sewing???? Enjoy your storm, and stay warm.

  10. Those of us in southern Illinois (down by Carbondale) didn't get anything. We had rain all day yesterday and some flurries today. Didn't even have any ice. However, our relatives about 40 minutes to the north are covered in ice and having power outages. Gov. Quinn closed down all state agencies today so even though we didn't have any bad weather, hubby got a day off work.

    Can't wait to see what you make during your snow-staycation. LOL!

  11. Great post, and I'm glad you're safe and surviving. Yes, us northerners often get stuff like this, but I can't tell you annoying it is to travel around the blogosphere and see people from MN (where I'm from) or other "lotsa snow" states saying "You guys are babies. We get this all the time. Stop complaining." WHATEVER!! A snowstorm is a snowstorm and I don't care where it comes, its a big deal. :) thanks for the pictures - its always fun to see BIG SNOW pictures. You guys are tough!! Hang in there and be safe! :)

  12. Kids have had 2 days no school. Yay me..
    Woke to the sound of something pelting my bedroom window. Not Romeo of course but the big pieces of sleet were coming down so hard it was hit glass through the screens.
    Had a leek in Panda's room window...We have about 6 inches ice in the gutters and multi foot long icicles hanging from those. They stat to melt and somehow find a way in the window pane... Actually, all the gutters are overfilling with ice & icicles. the roof edges a good 4 ft up have thick sheets of ice. I adore the snow. Hate the ice. NOT looking forward to the big defrost of all that ice. shudder just thinking of the wet mess. lol.
    But glad to see you have found a creative way to be entertained in all this. ;)

  13. MamaPea, I must confess I have never heard of the Bannana Belt but apparently we live in it? Cuz I know it sure ain't Hawaii! Does that mean we are monkeys instead?

    Jan, can't wait to show you the cool thing I have been working on! I only wish I worked as fast as you! Coffee, gosh the thought of a morning with out it, UGH!

    Jen, the best part about soup is leftovers! I didn't have to cook tonight, yipeeeeee!

    Pops, you are a funny guy! But I am having a hard time imagining you saying "Snowilicious". I may have to see and hear that one for myself!!

    Tricia, you guys lucked out!! My Dad is in the Champ/Urbana area and they had no such. I am guessing yet another reason I'd rather be where you are! That and lots'o deer ;) Lucky girl! Glad you guys had a nice and safe day off!

    MamaTea, I even admit that it really isn't that bad! I was expecting worse. You guys however are made of much tougher stuff up there, so we can take it on the chin for you. I think it's been fun having Adam home tho! Tomorrow too! Yeah!!!

    Farmchick...Ouch! Ice is not good! Especially on the roof and gutters. We had ice dams build and boy was that horrible that year! As to the defrost, we too will have one big mucky mess! Not any time real soon though. The forecast is frigid! Hope you don't have any problems with the melting. Fingers crossed!

  14. least I didn't have to shovel as much snow as you have! Thank God for small miracles!

    Erin, yup and he's home tomorrow too!

    Lori, I should have finished tonight, but my eyes are getting rusty, so it's time for the chair :0) I will wrap it up tomorrow and post it. Remember, I am a very slow sewer! You are not a wimp, just seasoned differently ;)

  15. Brrr... but in a weird way I envy you. We never get more than an inch of snow every 15 years or so, tho the hills around us get more. Stay safe and warm...

  16. OMG!
    Do I tell you what the weather was like here today? Not to be rude...But it rained last night and this morning it was 42 degress when I got up at 0700. And it only got warmer as the day went on. By the time I got to work at 1400 it was 73 and now that I'm home it is 42 again. But it is supost to be down to 32 by morning and a high of 38. Go figure...You get a winter blizard and we get a heat wave! Remember only 6 - 8 more weeks and its SPRING!
    Hang in there!

  17. I've seen ONE thunder snow in all my years and it was when we lived in neat. I sure don't miss those crazy winds though. Blech!

  18. Ruth, if snow is a novelty I bet we could at least send a few dump loads to you for snow ball fights!

    Tom, sshhhhhure, rub it in ;) That's ok, we can take it! Isn't it a shame that you had to go to work yesterday tho? See, there are always perks to icky weather! Snow Days!

    Sue, now that is an interesting thing! I wonder if we in IL are in a zone for it?

  19. We got a nice morning and then snow, but not much...we stayed in none the looks like you'll have lots of fun with the snow!

  20. I was blog hopping the other day and happened to land here - love your blog! We are in southern Wisconsin and got hit pretty hard. Drifting was crazy although we didn't get any thundersnow. I had no idea snow lightening was worse than the regular kind. But really, when you're hit by any kind of lightening, isn't that bad enough? LOL!

  21. City Sister, good thing we got the 'fun' out of the way yesterday because today is down right freezin' out there! Thank you for stopping in and commenting, I will pop over to you too :)

    Mandy, thank you ma'am! And I agree, there is no such thing as being struck by good lightening, huh?!

  22. Wow! You really did get it, didn't you? I'm glad though, that you didn't lose your electricity. Loved your definition of stocking up. :) We were fortunate and only got 1.4 inches of rain.

  23. Leigh, that is a pretty fair amount of rain tho! Hope you had your mucks!

  24. Silly I know, but we always refer to anybody living south of us who has a better growing climate as living in the Banana Belt. As if your climate is so warm you can probably grow bananas. Just jealousy being a smart mouth! :o)