Friday, October 21, 2011

Tar Heel Love

Note: To all of my blog friends who have sent emails or left comments for which I am most thankful and adore you for, and to my family and friends (some of whom tell me that I stink as a blogger even!)...I am really sorry that I haven't been around much lately! Things can only get better, right?

Maybe it's not the most glamorous of names ~ The "Tar Heel" State.  But I sure did love North Carolina!  I had to look up the meaning of it's nickname.  As with anything, there are several theories with the most notable being pine tar derived from it's vast forest being used to seal up the Navy ships from leaks, worms etc.  Later, during the Civil War, many would go on to say it was because North Carolina held their ground; as if they had "tar on their heels".  Held their ground in bloody battles, held their rank, held out on secession further gaining them the name, "The Reluctant State". 
Knobby tree at Aunt Diane and Uncle Richard's.  Can you see the heart shape?
Regardless of it's true origin, as you are about to see, it's no wonder they love their land:
Pasture leading up the road to their house.
Remember when I said their home/land/utopia was the most beautiful piece of property I have ever had the privilege of touring?
Riding in style!  OK, not the most flattering of photos!

I am a sucker for streams and creeks.  These next few are just part of "Puzzle Creek" which runs thru their property like a puzzle.  It's here, it's there...I wouldn't use it to find your way out.  A bag of bread crumbs probably wouldn't help with all the critters around, but Pig Pen didn't seem to have the same problem.

Flower growing in the stream.  Rhododendron???
Aunt Diane said there are mornings they take coffee out to walk and listen.

They also like to imagine things that "once were".  Tales of the original homesteaders carrying rock to build small walls to avoid wash out (true actually), Indians, love stories etc.  I found a rhinoceros:
Uncle Richard and Pig Pen discussed what "we" might do with a place like this, seeing as how we are a bit younger (his words, not mine!).  I think the better question would be, what wouldn't we do -that you haven't already done???  And by the way are never too old.  Especially you guys!

The joke was that we needed to "write the check" and buy the place.  A very bad check, nonetheless!  Panning for gold in Puzzle Creek didn't get us very far either.  :(
Livestock waterer...never seen these before!

The debate...would they fit my brother????
The other joke during our stay was that Aunt Diane fed us sooooo much because she was trying to get Pig Pen to grow into his nose...Uncle Richard finally has!  :o}

It's no wonder that Aunt Diane and Uncle Richard love The Tar Heel State...we sure did!!  Thank you for having us and showing us around!  We can't wait to come back!  Uninvited or not, you are stuck now!!


  1. Well, thank goodness. You are alive. That's all I'm going to say about that. What a beautiful place! Looks like it's big enough for all of us to move in. Just let us know when. I am so glad my chickens dont' have access to the computer - I would never live down the comparison of their coop and mine! Missed you...

  2. What a beautiful family and wonderful farm. Aunt Diane and Uncle Richard have done such great stuff! I bet you were

  3. I will second that,what Susan said ,your leave of absence is over. oh go a head and take as much time as you need ,you only have this life to live once so you might as well have a good time ,great photo's too

  4. Wow what a beautiful farm. What is that garden looking patch that is landscaped? Is that a vegetable garden, flower garden, or just a focal point in the landscape. Very nice. And is the coop always that clean or did she tidy up for visitors? Very impressive.

  5. wow!What a place. if you buy, i'm moving in!

  6. Wow! Very nice place. Great pictures. I can see why you fell in love with it. Ditto about the coop. My chickens would be on strike in a minute.

  7. Wow, what gorgeous looking territory. I can totally see why you were so taken with it.

    I was wondering the same thing as Jane. What is that landscaped garden-ish area?

    As POPS said, if you buy, I'M moving in, too!

  8. We had such a great time with you two, can't believe it took this long to get to know you. Have to make up for it by more visiting and one day get together and do some canning together!! Would never feel "stuck" with you two.

    Glad your almost caught up with gardening and able to get back have been missed.

    I love the picture of the blue jeans..what did Tim say. Pops, you are welcome anytime!!! Love ya

  9. As soon as we moved here, it felt like home and there's something about that Carolina blue sky. We love it here.

  10. Thank you for not being gone forever! And do you have any details on that livestock waterer. Intrigued!

  11. Susan, well I am alive but someone needs to remind me :)

    Jody, inspired...yes. We are still panning for gold!

    Judy, that is what I love about you. You are always encouraging!

    Jane, yes, that is her main garden actually. Spotless! They did have a few young fall plantings coming up then and now they have even more. have that weather!

    Pops, you can always have the barn ;) ehhehehe

    MamaPea, see! There really is a mountainside we could all share yet not share!

    Aunt Diane, if we lived closer we would certainly have lots of good days together! I will take whatever I can get in the meantime! xoxo

    Tami, you really do have the most beautiful state I have ever been in! You are a lucky gal!

    HoosierGirl, the waterer was intriguing to us too! It is tapped to the well so it always has water. The red balls are floats, so they never run over that way and it keeps them from freezing in the winter! Aren't they cool???

    To all, now I am going to "out" them on the chicken coop. Right now, they have no chickens! They only have 2 guinneas left and they don't go in the coop. So you can tell all those envious chickens out there to come poop it up! I think it needs some poop! I know they will get chickens again someday!

  12. You came to NC and didn't stop in?!?!? Glad you had a good time! It is beautiful down here!

  13. I agree, NC is a beautiful state. Great photos!

  14. Looks like so much fun! It's great being able to see your pics of a place I've never been. Looks very beautiful!

  15. You have really been on some fun adventures! Glad you are back but I understand cause I haven't been so good about keeping up with my blog either. But the suspense until your return is fun to see what you have been up to!

  16. Hello? Are you still out there? We are missing you something terrible. Let us know all is well in your world (hope it is...xoxoxo)