Monday, November 7, 2011

The Funk

So, what are we going to do about this "funk"?  You know it's there.
Everyone feels it, some have admitted it, others have embraced it.  I am of the later. 
And that's not a good thing.  At all.  It's like a smelly room full of cabbage/kraut.  Blech!

I need a:  Swift kick.  Slap upside the head.  Spanking. 
Can you believe those are all things my Mom used to ask me if I wanted?  Really.  Yet here I am, actually volunteering.  *Sigh*

Here's the deal - When you fall off the horse, you feel like a yutz trying to get back on.  Apparently, I am a lazy yutz on top of it all.  And I have no right to be.    

Have I been wasting my time?  Nope.  Heck, I've even enjoyed a little.
I have amazing family and friends who deserve better of me.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
I do try to make up for it when I can.  Even when it nearly hurts me :o}  This cake is so not me, but she really deserved it this year!
Last year it was Christmas wrapping paper, this year...freezer paper.  Pig Pen, gotta love him!
Maybe another decade has brought me low and I just don't want to admit it?  I don't think so, but at this point, I need a good excuse.
Funny how it all cycles...

Even the doggies played along.

Am I wallowing in some undescribed something'er other?  Yup.
Someone needs to point me in the right direction.  Cuz I seem to be lost.  Hello!!  Even the dang signs are confusing!
You know it's bad when you label a picture "Garden Crap" and you think nothing of it.  But alas, the garden is done and the chickens are finishing it up for us.  Just as we finished these beauties...

We are ready for the great Carrot Famine.
There are more on the shelf and the other half is packed in sand.

And of ALL THINGS, I found the most gorgeous, luscious pea plant that I have never planted...
Stupid Peas

Does anyone care to battle this funk together?  I could sure use a hand.  Along with suggestions of course.

Now pardon me while I go pull that damn pea out of the ground and feed it to the chickens...


  1. That was the cutest, cleverist post ever! See? That's what we all love about you. Even when you're mired in the depths of funkdom, you still manage to make us smile, laugh and spread cheer. I love you for your quirky sense of humor, if nothing else! Personally, I think there is something in the air that is causing this downright dirty depression in so many of us bloggers. Too many of us are battling it.

    Thanks so much for posting this even though you didn't feel like it. The Apple Pie Gal is alive and (kinda sorta) well.

    P.S. Did we all miss a birthday for you, Little Ray of Sunshine?

  2. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I feel a lot better just seeing those Redneck wine glasses and knowing you are ready for the great Carrot Famine! LOL!

  3. Glad your back! Turn funk into "FUNKY!"

  4. I have been thinking about you for a couple of days now. So, you are in a blue funk huh! It could be many things: pregnancy, menopause, the moon, maybe hubby needs to dress up in uniform...I don't know. Just fill up those red neck glasses a few times and call it a day!

  5. Happy birthday. We've been thinking of you. We'll battle the funk together for sure!

  6. From one Mother Funker to another...we will get through this! I love you! :)

  7. Oh, you funky babe, you. We've missed you, but we understand if you can't be around. And although you felt your post was disjointed and totally off, I thought it was lovely. I'm not sure what all is going on...if its just a funk or if it is A Funk or even A FUNK but we all think you're pretty darn great. And blast it if I missed your birthday. I owe you somethin' farmish. :)

  8. Well, first of all, happy belated birthday. After my funk the past few months, I will embrace each and every birthday from now on. And bless your country-fied heart for trying to embrace your funk, although I'm not really sure of how or what it is. You rock, girl. Keep up the good fight!

  9. you stole those glasses from my house-whoops,sorry,mine don't have stems,happy birthday,happy Halloween, happy thanksgiving and at least the funk didn't take the Christmas out of you .Glad your back amongst us sick,achoo again. you see it started in northern MN and you know how easy computer virus are passed

  10. I was out walking this morning and was thinking about what to post, (how I struggle for things to post about now) and you popped in my head. I knew you hadn't posted in awhile and I was hoping things were OK.

    Nice to know there's a name for it all. "Funk!" (Ooo...don't say that out loud all on it's own. It sounds like a bad word @;)

    Happy Birthday Kid. And you are a "kid" still. I myself will be 50 next year.


  11. I was just blog hopping and found your blog. It looks really great! I used to know someone just like you, but alas she disappeared into the great blog unknown . I hope you continue to blog and get out of our funk. Remember, You can only be in as much of a funk as you allow yourself.

  12. Ahhh...the dreaded FUNK! It seems to be going around these days, for lots of us, on lots of different levels. Maybe knowing you're not alone in all the FUNK-i-ness helps? Happy Birthday! My 30s have been SO MUCH BETTER than my 20s, hands down! :-) Be nice to yourself and know you're in my thoughts!

  13. MamaPea, well you just proved that YOU are the sweetest pea in the bunch! xoxo

    Dr Momi, well either that or my eye-sight should improve if I eat all the carrots. :)

    CR, I do "Funky" very well. Growing up in the 80s and all...

    Jody, well thanks bunches and I miss you guys.

    Robin, oh gosh, crack me up! I can rule out the first two so I suppose that means the hubby needs to play dress up! HA!!!

    MamaTea, no ma'am...I love my farmish apple crochet potholders! Ya done real good and I love you for it!

    Lori, hehehe, countrified funk :oD That's the best thing ever!

    Judy, well heck, I never thought of a computer virus that way! We all need to run our anti-virus I think!

    Tami, you always make me laugh! Yeah...funk them there birthdays!

    Jane, Jane who??? Sassy pants!

    BeeGirl, ooooh thank goodness those 20s are behind you! Thirties are much better! Here's hoping the same for the next decade!! Here! Here!!

  14. I am with Jane - you just gotta fight it. And you'll win, honest. And those carrots! Wowza! Of course, with you in your silent funk, I did not realize it was your birthday, for heaven's sake. I am approaching a decade marker and believe me, there is gonna be a funk-o-rama up in these parts. Happy birthday, you sweet grrrl - love your cake and love you, too!

  15. I'll be happy to battle it out with you, but it will take me awhile to get my act together and do it LOL! You have summed up perfectly the way the past 2 months have felt to me!

  16. Susan, you make my day!

    Erin, funny how you too feel like you have to get it together in order to get it together. Whaaat is this???

  17. Happy that your back. Have really missed all the exciting things you do. Man, those are some carrots you have! Shouldn't have any problems with your eyes. Please, please get over that "funk," we need you to cheer us up with your wonderful sense of humor.

  18. Oh, girl, I feel your pain! I wish I could have written about my funk with such humor though. A couple of days I told my hubby I needed a spanking, but I got a hug. :) I'm finally pulling out of it, I think. I hope you're soon back to your old self, but we should most definitely keep rooting for, lifting up, cheering on and praying for each other!

  19. Been there...done that....every year...trying Vitamin D this time...good luck! We all missed you if that helps :-)

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