Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Place to Call Home

Lots of movement going on around here!  The Peeps have been relocated to their new home, and now they literally run around like chickens!
Chicks in Brooder, Board placed between "roosts" in back.

Plenty of room for antics now!
This too, found it's way safely to it's new hang out:
It looks like it's smiling!
We have seeds residing in our spare bathroom:
And then of course I have a new home away from home:
No comfy MIL Quilt on this bed!
I get asked alot "Who" takes care of  "stuff" while I'm gone?  Of course Pig Pen does, but honesly, this little girl does most of it...
Not only does she come over every day to let the dogs out, feed and water them, do Pig Pens laundry, his dishes, cook for him several times a week and in general clean up behind him (he's a man ya know...and spoiled!)

She also now lends a hand in feeding and watering the chickens twice during the day, keeping an eye on the seeds so they don't dry out and turning the composter once we get it loaded.  Her work is never ending! 

Mom, if I have never thanked you properly, with the whole world as my witness - I love you and can't thank you enough for taking care of everything while I am gone!  You are the best!  Even when you make me crazy :o}     If it's not one thing, it's your Mother! 
Thank God!
Someday, I will make it all up to you!


  1. Awww...sweet post Di! Your Mom is so good to you. There is no relationship better than a mother and daughter! As for the driving crazy thing...that's what us Mom's do best, right? Can't wait until you're home for good. I miss my sewing partner. Let's hope you can find some time in between all of your other activities of course! Love you!

    P.S. You should have taken your flannel quilt with!

  2. Your new home looks comfy enough!! At least someone else cleans that for you right? That would be my favorite part. Ha! And your mama is wonderful for coming over and doing all that for you while you are gone. I think we are both pretty lucky to have moms that do everything and ANYTHING for us...even if that means changing poopy diapers or poopy chicken butts :-)

    Hope your week days go fast sis! Looking forward to a girls date when you get home!

  3. You've got a super mom-lucky you!!
    The chicks look so cute--they're growing so'll have eggs before you know it.

  4. Chicks are looking good. Looks like lots going on and looks like you'll be having a nice garden.

  5. Your mom does Pig Pen's DISHES?! What would I have to do to get her to stop over here? You are a lucky gal (and Pig Pen's a lucky guy!) to have a mom like you do. (I have a feeling you're pretty nice to her, too.) I wondered what you would do about your started seeds when you left right now. No problem, sounds as if they are in good hands.

    The sad thing about you being gone now is that you won't be able to recognize your little chicks when you get home. They will be different birds by then!

    Try to keep in touch with us if you can. Sure miss you when you're out there in the world. Hugs.

  6. Your Mom is a FIND! You should make sure to keep that one ;) Peeps look good. I do think I see a corner in the hotel room that a brooder would fit really well.

  7. Great post for your mom! And what's UP with all these cute animals? I'm trying to get outside myself and keep getting sidetracked by posts about baby chicks, newborn lambs, etc... LOL! Love the chick-pics!

  8. Cutie pie, your mom! That is a great set up for your little peeps. They look great. I know it's hard to be away, but they will have more personality by the time you're home again. Can you please clone your mom and send an exact replica my way?

  9. :0) You guys are all funny and if it's alright with you's, I think I will keep my Mom all to myself! Wouldn't trade her for the world!

    Although I have wondered what would happen if I 'left' during canning season! Gee, there's a thought! Pretty sure she'd pull the plug on that one!

  10. The peeps are so cute, I hope to get mine tomorrow or wednesday. Dont have th brooder house ready but heck a box in the house will do for a day or so. lol
    You are so blessed to have a wonderful mom to help you out. I just have to leave detailed instructions for my guys when I leave and hope for the best.
    Stay safe out there.

  11. I love the happenings going on at your place. I wish you were there more. Thank you for all the pictures. I love the pictures with the blog posts.