Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Are They Feeding Them?

My gosh, the peeps are monsters!  Never having chickens before, it's pretty amazing to watch them grow for the first time!  Mom and Pig Pen are feeding them very well indeed!

So much so, that we took the board out of the brooder and let them roam the coop now.  The temps are good and at night they go to the light for a peaceful snooze.

When we first took the board out, they were, well -chicken- to step out of their comfort zone. 
We coaxed them a bit.
We showed them a perch.
Which the one clearly wanted no part of! 
Fly birdie, fly!
They're crazy things, alright!
And poor little is he ugly! 
But some folks think there is beauty in the beast! 
He is pretty anti-social and he gives you a work out just to get near him.
The Buffs are my favorite still! 
The Australorps and Rock Barred don't come to you nearly as often as the Buffs. 
That's OK though, I don't need to get attached.  But I will. 
I do like them alot!  Even though one pecked the crap out of me! 

Within 24 hours of their new home, they have become very comfortable. 
They already jump on the first perch all by themselves. 
And it didn't take long for them to navigate 'people feet' either.

Such is my entertainment!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. peeps and tractors, this will be a hard weekend for the rest of us to live up to LOL!

  2. Maybe my peep Kelso is just too handsome! Come on, he lights up the room. The king(or Queen) of the flock. Beauty in a sea of ordinary. And I love how the rest want to eat the dots off your boots. Those birds need some bugs.

  3. My goodness they are growing so fast! Don't you call Kelso ugly....I think Kelso is magnificent!!

  4. Kelso has character... He's unique. Baby chicks do grow very fast, don't they. And they aren't very smart when it comes to new things, tho they learn it eventually. Have fun with 'em.

  5. Your little peeps are well on their way to being gangly teenagers already! Why can't they stay little fuzzballs longer? No wonder they were attacking your boots. They look like something good to eat! At least Kelso stands out and won't ever get mistaken for another chicken. I think he/she wouldn't look so weird if you had a whole flock of them running around. Or . . . maybe then you'd just have a whole flock of weird, funny looking chickens.

  6. Chicks are so fun when they are little, but dang it they grow up so fast. I this Kelso is a cool bird. Comes with his own tophat. lol

  7. Looks good, my dear. It IS amazing how fast they grow. And I don't know about you, but I think Kelso is adorable!!

  8. i like the buffs-looks like my grandson's haircut!

  9. I love that age! To me, gangly = cutie pies. That is quite a nice set up for them - just wait until you open the door for the first time and they see their first green things!

  10. I loved it when we had the polish chicks. Such a beautiful breed! YAY! ya have chickens! lol. I have an andalusion in my new flock that we named the same and she us ine of our most human loving chick. Everytime we I go in the pen she seems to check on me, investigating all I do & occasionaly flying up onto my shoulder{an americauna does it too but that seems to be Panda's fav}. Gotta love the personality in a chicken yard. If you have not done it already, start saving some worms from digging in the garden for them. At first they were leery but once they realized it was wiggly out! worm football time. :)

  11. Chickens are great, and they get even better the older they get! Never a dull moment. :)

  12. happy national" apple pie week"