Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yes Deere, It's Sexy

Last night, we were supposed to go somewhere together. 
But ya know, when Pig Pen gets something in his head, he can't wait.  So the "we" turned into him and LLL.  His other wifey (oooh, I am gonna pay for another one!)

So the boys ditched me.  Left me to drive the long road home in the dust!  At least I had a little something to look forward to:
Uh-huh!  Yeah, he's pretty cute too!

To make ammends, they did let me scoop and dump first!  It's actually pretty simple, I might get the hang of it after all!  What can I dig?

You are NEVER too old to "Pick Up" Cute Boys!
We all took turns messing with it!
I am not 'up' on all this stuff, but it's a diesel, power steering (turns awesome!), drive over 5' mower deck, hydraulic (the bucket comes off in less than 30 seconds!), 4 wheel drive and it's hydro-static...whatever that means :o) 

Admittedly, I started singing "Greased Lightening" in my head there.  "It's Hyyyy-dro-matic, why it's Greased Lightening!"  Get it?  OK, I'm not right, no surprise there!

And in under ONE hour and in exactly ONE mile, we got it dirty.
Yup, might as well break it in right!

Now, if I could convince Pig Pen that he has the means to work the ground for my grain patch, which should measure at least the size of our current garden and be ready for Spring planting, I'd be an even happier gal!  HINT HINT!

This all started with me looking on CList for a tractor and ended with a phone call to my Uncle Bill...ever the salesman...we ended up with a bright, shiny, new one!  Well, for a while it was all those things!  ;o)  If y'all need a tractor, you love John Deere, and you live anywhere near Pontiac, IL...go on in and tell him APG sent ya!  Just ask for "Uncle Bill".  Everyone knows him!

Me thinks I will wear something to work on Monday just to compound the rumors that I am a hillbilly...
How could I resist?  John Deere AND Chickens???
Thanks for the hat Uncle Bill!  I love it!
It seems like tractors are in the air...careful folks, you might get sucked in!  

Since I can't leave off with out being just a bit cliche for my Pig Pen...

Yes, Deere, your tractor's SEXY!


  1. I'm feelin' your excitement! Congratulations on your new tractor. (That's just the size we want to get). Pig Pen has his own new Tonka Toy . . . which he definitely should use to plow up a grain growing patch for you. Love the pics. They say it all!

  2. Congratulations, your now on the green team! I was on the red team, but like you I got dumped when it was time to do the negotiating. What's up with that? Well, you know my theory on that! Have fun, and come up with lots of projects to get that thing broke in.

  3. MamaPea, we do road trips! Hope you get yours too!

    Jane, I was hard pressed not to share your theory, but "Sexy" and that other word in one post would draw the wrong crowd ;)

  4. Oh, my god, I am (John Deere) *GREEN* with envy!! I REALLY, REALLY WANT ONE!!!!! Would Uncle Bill give us (farming / homesteading ladies) a really good deal if we could provide him with a MULTIPLES purchase??

    I'd love an excuse to come down to my homeland, see the family . . . and you! (I'd probably even drag Mama Pea along.)

  5. ChickenMama, I'd beg, plead, borrow, steal, bribe and a whole boat load of other unethical things just to get you here! Like I told your Mama though, all us tractor packin' fools need to come up there and get her all fixed up so she can have her garden afterall!

  6. Now that is a serious tractor! I guess I can figure out what Adam will be playing with every day you are gone :-)

  7. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny...can I just say that sounds all kinds of wrong?! HA!!! And from his SISTER!

  8. Oh, I'm seeing some pretty serious projects that will be do-able with that! Have fun!!!

  9. Oh Boy...a new toy for the whole family!!

  10. congrats on the new toy Di, Im so happy for ya. we are actually gettin a new tractor this coming week too. Well it will be blue, an in New Holland blue AND with a bucket on it. We so desperately need one here on the farm. Im jus tickled pink for yall. Stay safe on it tho.

  11. Wow, I'm in envy. But, a tractor is on our wish list, so maybe someday... Enjoy all the stuff you can do with it, and I love the hat and the shirt (I think it's a shirt, right?). I saw a lil' girl wearing some camo muck boots the other day and I was tempted to pull 'em right off her feet and put 'em on mine.

  12. Sue and Robin, oh we intend to have lots of fun with this new toy!

    Stella, yes, we learned very quickly that getting a tractor also brings on comments of color regarding said tractor. I have found everyone had a favorite 'color'. If ya know what I mean!

    Ruth, yupper, it is a shirt and I think I will go get several others, just for fun! So glad you didn't put a throw down on some unsuspecting little girl tho, her mama mighta thumped ya! Now we just need to find the adult sizes in those!

  13. oh YES, YES, YES.....! :) That is awesome! I had to call hubby in to see, he's jealous :)