Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Remember Liver Pills and Jelly Beans

Did you ever wonder the who, what, where, when and why of your (don't even know what to call it really, so will just throw it out there) "political mind"?

I pretty well remember little tidbits of each President throughout my younger life and of course, what the history books taught me in school.  But did you ever wonder what shaped you?

Is it our parents?  Our faith?  A certain issue?  What is it?  Was there a point in your life that you realized it matters?

I think the natural evolution of 'growing up' may have something to do with it.  The older I get, the more it seems to matter.  Yes, for me...there was a catalyst that popped my eyes wide.  I think her name was Mona or Veronica or ooooh yeah...Monica.  Just sayin'.  From there on out, I paid much better attention.

For the record, here, it doesn't matters which party you lean or candidate you support.  I think there is -or can be- something good in most of them.  And that sorta irks me too...because sometimes, voting for the lesser of the evils is aggravating!

So yup - I remember Liver Pills, Jelly Beans and Monica.  How 'bout you?

If ya can't find at least one good thing in your every day, then ya ain't lookin' hard enough.


  1. I think the Monica ordeal really woke me up too. Most of us went through our youth not having to think about government – let alone learning about the people who could potentially run it. We trusted our system back then.

    Education is the key. Consensus is not a good test for what’s true or good! Educate yourself on the issues and the people who could potentially run our government. They represent the American people for the whole world. Many of our ‘representatives’ have embarrassed us and even worse - damaged our economy and way of life…freedom. If you haven’t been embarrassed by Clinton and Obama (just 2 of the many) – get your heads out of the sand!!! Learn about the candidates’ history, character, views, morals, education, and military service. Are they patriots? Or are they just charismatic BS’ers that scratch the itchy ears of the public? Learn about these folks before you vote!

  2. Perhaps it is my age speaking here, but at this present time I don't think it's possible for an honest, moral, good person to be elected to a high political office. If you aren't a billionaire with supporters with as much money or more, you don't stand a chance of being elected. Money rules, money corrupts, money in the hands of those in power is evil. With the powerful elite ruling our country, dictating was does and does not happen, the honest politician (oxymoron?) does not stand a chance of implementing any of his/her ideals.

    P.S. Who has suffered more from the Clinton/Monica immoral debacle? Is it Monica who is shunned and branded for life for her wrongdoing or is it Clinton who is revered as an esteemed ex-president and highly sought after for speaking engagements, paid a handsome amount for "serving his country" and enjoying the life of the lavishly rich?

  3. I'm not normally very political, but I find myself being very conservative in both my life and the way I vote. I also think that in order to get high up in the political arena, a person gets farther and farther from reality.
    LOVE that last sentence!!!

  4. I just want to know how you can put liver pills and jelly beans in the same sentence?? I started to pay attention with Jimmy Carter - not necessarily as a great president, but as an honest, upright man. I do agree with Mama Pea that it is almost impossible for any upstanding, honest, morally uncorrupt person to attain high office. Or almost any office, at that. I can count on one hand the in-office elected officials I respect. Well, on one finger - Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The rest? Pfflllbbt.

  5. SuMu, getting to know them is half the battle, right? Especially when alot of the questions are skirted because direct answers may offend a group of voters they are trying to reach.'s a tough pickin' always! And yup, itchy ears love to be scratched!

    MamaPea, you are so right. That money card is the root of all problems! Show me a candidate that turns down the money based on a strong belief! But you wont find them in the spotlight any more, now will ya? And yes, Monica got the short end of that stick in wearing the Scarlet Letter for sure. Just like grey hair, they become distinguished and we just get...saggy. No justice.

    Lori, reality and politician...HA! So true.

    Susan, hehee...well they seemed to be appropriate in my warped little mind of remembering things. For your sake, I could have used peanuts too :o)

  6. Liver pills - a blast from the past. This commercial was made the same year I was born - 1961.

    Regarding politics - never lose hope. Take the time to care and pray for the things that matter.

  7. I agree with Mama Pea on the current state of our politicians. And I also think I must be one of the few who was not surprised by the Monica ordeal. First of all, nothing new. I bet old George Washington had them waiting in the wings. Well we KNOW he did, after all he fathered many a child with his slaves. But second, I could care less. With the current state of our great nation I could care less what they do in the bedroom, what they need to do is quit cheating us in the boardroom and get this country back on track.

  8. Jellybeans are definitely my first real political memory LOL...

  9. Don't even get me started on politics. I miss the days when I didn't know what was going on--much easier on the blood pressure!!