Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby, What Tiiiime Is It?

Time to do some "real work" and get stuff done around here! 
3 Months of Gardening Neglect:
I'll sweat the poor diet off (I hope!)
Maybe add some color to the lily-white-winter legs?

And by color, I mean dirt.

I told my mom she's been relieved of duty.  
She jumped for joy and will have no part of the gardening!

I can not believe what I am seeing coming out of your gardens already!
My work is cut out for me.

Mom very promplty hauled butt outta here!
Can you blame her?


  1. Well welcome home. And your not behind. Everyone else just plants to early ;)

  2. WooHoo! I'm so glad you're back!! I have my very first garden this year!! It's small..but since it's just the kiddos and I this summer that's all we need! 2 tomato plants..2 green pepper..and 2 cucumber..and as I was watering the garden this morning I was thinking where has my apple pie gal gone! Welcome home!!!

  3. Hmmm, the first two comments mention "behind" and "back". I'm keeping my mouth shut ;-)

    I do wish I had your humongous garden plot.

  4. Now the first three comments mention "behind", "back" and "humongous". That's just all kinds of wrong. I think your butt looks just fine.

    I'll shut up now.


  5. Yay, you're back! Now get to work LOL! Hope everything did well while you were gone, how are the chicks? Huge I bet...

  6. Welcome home! And just what is wrong with winter lily-white legs? I got two of em, myself. Back just in time for spring's late arrival. I'd say you timed that just right. How are those chicks-now-pullets?

  7. WELCOME HOME! Cute post. Cute butt, too. Bet you'll be happy not to leave home for a month! Let the fun times begin . . . :o}

  8. Jane, awe! Thanks for trying to make me feel better. I think I will enlist that train of thought! I'm not late, everyone else is early!

    Andrea! That is SO awesome! Do you have a blog??? If not, get one and let me know! I promise to be your very first follower!

    Granny, how I have missed your quick wit!

    Erin, yup the chicks have completely morphed! I saw the ones you took pics of the other day and thought OH GOSH! Were mine ever that tiny! Now we just need to get you settled with hubbies job and get you some too!

    Susan, soooo glad to hear you have two of those white things too! Bet yours get dirty too, huh? Chick post update is on the list very soon! The 'spanish monk' still has his full head of 'hair' (???)

    MamaPea, I may very well barracade myself in for a month! Hmmm, now there's a thought!

    Thanks everyone and I will be catching up more thouroughly in my evenings. So if ya'll start seeing random comments to old posts, that be me :)

  9. Those first few times out in shorts are scary, aren't they? Best to stay in the garden!
    Welcome back!

  10. Yayy, I'm so glad you're back! You ARE back, right??? That was an adorable post, BTW. LOVED it! :)

  11. Could almost hear the squealing tires on that last picture! And DH says that catfish-belly-white legs are sexy. He'd better, as that's what mine look like.

    Welcome back!

  12. Sue, oh yes. When the shorts and flip flops finally come out it's never pretty. And I suppose I need to pay better attention when shaving now too. Dern it!!!

    ChickenMama, Yup, BACK!!! Woohoo!

    Carolyn, I know! She wasted no time bookin' down the road! Catfish-belly-white, that's a good one! Thanks!

  13. Awww heck, love the rubber boots with the shorts. My type of fashion. It is still way to wet here to even contemplate planting, all the seeds would rot before they sprouted.

  14. She's Back! Whoo Yoo! I've missed your unique brand of funny, but you're off to a great start with this post.

  15. I'm so glad that blogger re-posted this post! Your legs are as white as mine!

  16. Love it!!! You look like a perfect farm gal out there, looking at the garden thinking "Oh crud. I've got work to do..." I just can't get over that you're in shorts and a tank top! I'm still in a barn coat and winter hat here. No garden here yet, either!!