Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bashful Bloggers and A Winner

My, aren't you all just bashful bloggers?  Or am I just too clever?

I love that word...clever. 

So after a crazy, busy holiday weekend that I will tell you about later this week, I can finally reveal the winner of the Giveaway!

To recap, I included the questions and will supply the answers:

1) Which Blog Buddy am I visiting soon?  I all but gave that one away ... :o) 
Jane from Hard Work Homestead

2) Which Blog Buddies did I refer to wanting to visit next year in the following sentence:

"I need bottled-boy energy, a hunt with a redneck girl, a belly-up to the bar with a fowl mom, to do anything and everything legume-ish, and should anyone decide to move their garden, now that would be great!"

Now this one was a bit more difficult for you to figure out seeing as how I didn't give many  hints.  I have to hand it to Jody at Spring Garden Acre, he not only supplied some very good answers, he also supported them with what could have been a very good fit based on fellow blog friends, himself and Belle included!  And I just realized they are in PA!  Hmmmm...  Will you guys happen to be at the MEN Fair?

So here is the breakdown:

Bottled-boy energy and a hunt with a redneck girl ...  none other than Mama Tea at A Farmish Kind of Life and her boys, Farmboy Iggy and Farmboy Ooky! 

I need to belly up to the bar with a fowl mom as in Chicken Mama from The Tales of Chicken Mama, Lady Homesteader, cuz we got girl stuff to talk about!  And girl stuff requires liquid.

Now, anything and everything legume-ish.  Is there any other favorite PEA family out there?  I think I could spend a month and never get enough of Mama (and Papa) Pea from A Home Grown Journal.

Do you see the geographical connection now?  I am beginning to think MN is the place to be! 

That said, the last one could have really thrown you for a loop.  She doesn't live in MN any more; however, she has expressed the desire to go back.  So when I said should anyone decide to move their garden, now would be a good time...that meant Erin at Garden Now-Think Later!

So who won?  Well it was a tight race!  Patty at Let's Get Real nearly had it with 3 correct answers...which comes as no surprise and at the time escaped me that she too is in MN!  I'll need to put that in the route!

But alas, Judy (sorry, no blog to link up with) piped back in with a second comment and nudged her out of the race with 4 correct answers!  So Ms. Judy, you are the winner!
The rest of "you" who left comments musta just been feeling bashful and didn't want to name yourselves, huh? 

There you have it - the inner workings of my, ummm...clever mind???  Yeah, not so much.


  1. I think pretty clever!
    Well, if someone had to beat me, I'm happy to have lost to Judy. :) You deserve a treat, dear girl, if anyone does! Enjoy!
    Thanks, APG, for the fun!

  2. Well, dang. I only had three, so I didn't even enter...Jane, Mama Pea and Chicken Mama were so obvious. How could I have missed my dearest Erin? But the bottle boys really threw me.

  3. Yup. I'm a dingbat. I knew Mama Pea and Chicken Mama and Erin-but you had me with Jane and Mama Tea--and I SHOULD have known that. Like I said--DINGBAT. I better stick with gardening!

  4. wow,thank you,at first I thought you got it wrong so I went back to the original blog to check my answers,I guess your right on.yipee,back to get some more honey and tea or is is tea with honey-oh bother I AM SUCH A LUCK POOH

  5. Patty, you are very sweet!

    Granny, that was a tricky one!

    Sue, I call myself DINGBAT all the time! ;)

    Judy, you go girl!

  6. Hey, Annie's Granny! You said "Mama Pea" was so obvious, but *I* didn't get it!! (Must be all the paint fumes around here this summer.)

    APG - Sounds to me like you're packing your bags and going on a whole summer long road trip next year. Does that mean all of us will have to take turns going to your house to take care of the gardens while you're gone?? ;o}

  7. Yea for Judy! The only one I knew was me, so shows that I need things spelled out clearly or I get lost. Where am I?

  8. MamaPea, fumes huh? Refer to Sue's response...Muahahaaha! heheheehe

    And if next year is anything like this year, shouldn't be a problem with the garden! But good thinkin'!

    Jane, ahem! I think again, Sue's response...

    You are in the season of hell if I recall? ;)

  9. Jane - Well, at least you knew YOURSELF. Some of us (that would be the singular "me") dingbats didn't even get that!

  10. LMAO!!! I didn't even get that! If you schedule this trip north I need to know in time to get my butt up there and join in! AND.... I may be taking the first steps to prepare for that move soon... details to come!

  11. My goodness, I'm really out of it. This is what I get for getting so far behind in my blog reading. In the meantime, I'm going to go order a new gasket for my pressure cooker!

  12. Said in a very pouty voice.... "Are ya gonna come see me too? I live in MN too ya know" LOL

    Wouldn't it be fun we all us farm girls could get together some day? Um... maybe not - while it might be a hoot, it might be chaos with all of us talkin at once! LOL

  13. MamaPea, did you at least catch the fowl mom??? ;)

    Erin, you betcha I will let you know! So long as you belly up with me and CM that is! Can't WAIT to hear the details you have coming! Exciting!!!

    Leigh, no worries! We all fall down! Yes, get your gasket...still waiting on mine and starting to freak a little!

    Freedom, Oh no! I did not realize you are in MN too! See, this just goes to show what a great state you guys all live in! It's actually very strange that so many of you are up there! And yes ma'am, I think I will just have to extend the time spent there. Because really, it'd be a shame to not get to meet you all!