Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Meet "The Master" and Run Amuck

Normally, this time of year I am canning my fool head off.  Not this year, not yet.  Instead I am wondering what all will need canning while I am gone!  You know that would be my luck, of course!

First stop on the itinerary will be Branson, MO and my Dad's second annual Vietnam Veteran's Battalion reunion.  I am very excited to meet the brave soldiers who stood and fought with my Dad!  I have been put on notice that many of them are looking to fill my ears with tales of my Father before he was my Father.  Oh boy...Dad may have a whole new light shed on him!!  I'm not scared though.  I grew up with this man and it's always been a fun ride, so I really doubt they can shock me! 

Then you'll find both of us heading East to the Mother Earth News Fair and to "Meet The Master".  I shan't name names ~so not to embarrass her further.  She's a wee bit camera shy so I can't really show you "who" either.  But you know her well!

Now her husband on the other hand isn't bashful.  We can just say that The Ice Man and Pig Pen will get along famously! 

Oh, Crap!  Too much information?  Did I give it away??? 

This Jedi Knight will actually get to see all the fabulous doings at the synonymously named Ambitiously Operated Settlement!  If I am lucky, she wont toss me on my ear for asking too many questions!  I shall take lots of pictures!  I know how to head crop ;)
I have no idea how that got there!  I've been breached!  

Then we are on to NC to visit my Aunt Diane and Uncle Richard!  I truly believe that after having met and realizing that they (Pig Pen and Uncle Richard) have so much in common, it made for an easy arm twist to head that way.  Plus the uncharted 75 acre territory and "project appeal" didn't hurt either.  Don't let that alarm you, he will simply have to do something or lose his mind.  Which of course leaves Aunt Diane and I to do a little  :o)   

It's not real to me that we are actually going somewhere.  I probably wont believe it until we are at least 200 miles down the road.

Since it took me almost seven years to cut him loose and months to put this into action, if I start now...I can convince him that next year needs a vacation too.

I need bottled-boy energy, a hunt with a redneck girl, a belly-up to the bar with a fowl mom, to do anything and everything legume-ish, and should anyone decide to move their garden, now that would be great!

So many blog birds, must have more stones.

For now, I shall thoroughly enjoy...well, you know who ;o}


  1. Well, I am confused (but that's not hard to do!)
    Wherever you go to see whoever you see, HAVE FUN!!!
    (I know you will!)

  2. It sounds like a great time and long road trip! Hopefully, you'll get most of your canning done before you leave!

  3. when, were, why, and how---are you retiring or what that you can just go galloping off into the sunset---you said so many names and places .are they all in the same direction--sounds sooooo exciting now don't get stuck in mother earth's ice box ! lol have a save trip friend

  4. we went to the mother earth news fair last year...thinking about this year, but not sure yet.

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  6. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. Sue, it will come to you or someone has it figured out before long.

    Robin, I have a back up plan. Sorta.

    Judy, it wont be long. It's a 'cram as much as you can' sort of thing.

    City Sister, we are looking forward to it!

    Lori, impossible not to! Thanks!

  8. Um, even I'M a little confused there at the end?!? :) how is that possible?

  9. Jane, WHAT?!? I was as clear as mud!

    If you mean the parts that I need to hit on my next trip (ie bottled boy paragraph) they will know who they are!

    Will have to let them weigh in and see.

    Maybe I will have to do a clear as mud post to tell all. Either that or we are all too sleepy yet.

  10. If you are meeting the Master, you better bring those girly Cowboy boots! And yes, take lots of pics! I "almost" packed up the kids and took them to the Mother Earth Fair last year in PA, but ended up wimping out at the end since hubby was deployed and I wasn't sure I had the patience for the kids alone all weekend! I thought the Mother Earth fair was out west this year? One thing I will do in the next few years is make a detour to Baker Creek in MO and do the campground thing, the kids will hate it LOL

  11. Happy traveling. And don't worry too much about the frozen tomatoes. They'll keep. Heck, they'll give you something to do when the snow comes.

  12. I am so darn jealous! (foot stomp) And we need pictures of You Know Who (with or without head in shot)! I am so glad you will be sending us a running commentary of all the wonderful things you see and do. You will, won't you? Don't make me beg...

  13. I hope you have a wonderful trip!! It is always so nice to get away. I also have an Uncle Richard and Aunt Diane in NC!! Small world!

  14. Have a great time!! If you get bored in NC, give me a yell and we'll hook up!

  15. I'm cross eyed right now!! Who are you talking about and what vacation? When are you guys leaving? How do I not know any of this?

  16. Erin, trying to decide how many pairs to bring will be the problem. I believe there were 3 fairs this year with the last one coming up still. You aren't that far from there...load and go! Make sure you let me know!!

    Jody, I am actually looking forward to winter canning as opposed to sweating it out now!

    Susan, have internet card - will travel! :o)

    Kate, that really is odd!

    BrokenRoad, we might have to see about that! Got any bulldozers? ;)

    Jen, what??? You are kidding me right?

  17. I'm trying so hard to get to the Fair. I've never been but really, REALLY want to. Have a great time everywhere you go!

  18. HoosierGirl, I hope you get to go too!

  19. Enjoy the fair -- I wish I could go to it!

    I wish I could can right now too but it is too dang HOT!

  20. I know where you're going and who you're going to see! Somebody very special to all of us. Omigawd, you will have a ball. We want to hear everything, do you hear me, everything! And pictures! Many pictures!

  21. Allison, we too are very hot again....errs

    MamaPea, did you sing that first line you wrote? I did! I promise lots of pictures! Maybe even a real one???

  22. Excited for you, I know who you're going to see, too. How DID that picture get in there??

    And just so you know, I'm sure bottled boys and redneck girls will be in your future soon. :)