Thursday, September 8, 2011

Outside While it Lasts

Labor Day Weekend typically marks the end of Summer.  When you have a small house, it means you don't get to do much entertaining unless it's Summer and you can be outside.  So we took full advantage of a nice day, cool breeze and our second annual Pig Pen Family Fun Day! 

Which of course means all things with wheels and whatever makes a loud Bang!  In all we had 1 golf cart, four 4 wheelers, 1 tractor, my hog and a wagon for this little guy:
Next year we might graduate him to something a little bigger.  We just wont tell Mom and Dad.  ;)

Our little niece, Addison aka Chicken Whisperer, barely noticed her beloved chicken friends once Papa put her on the hog:
She may not look too thrilled there, but she was all about the scooter!  Thanks, Papa!

Who knew that parents everywhere could save a fortune from carnival rides when all you really need is a bucket?
They are holding hands!  Too cute!
Pig Pen knows full well that his sisters driving record is Baaaaaaaaad!  Sorry, sis...but ya know!  I was very impressed that he trusted her to drive it -with kids in it even!  HA!  Here's what trust looks like:
 I am happy to report that we had no incidents or accidents!  Even on two wheels!
I made the mistake of telling them that the hog is wobbly when you go "too" slow.  Hellllooo...that doesn't mean take off like a shot, Speed Racer! 
My MIL...Fearless.  I think she needs one.  And I need a riding partner!  Who cares if it messes up your bangs?

Pig Pen's Grama settled for the quiet ride of the golf cart...
But her sweetheart scared the bageepers out of me a bit when he climbed on this!
He gets around darn good for a guy in his 80's! and sound.  I think that's about the time we cracked out the wine.  Calms the nerves.

Why that freaked me a little when this didn't...dunno.
Hey, gotta start'em young!  Kidding!!  They didn't!  Besides, it was bottle time :o)

Much to my SILs dismay, this Daddy is starting young with some proper training and strict supervision:
Of course Pig Pen and I had nothing to do with that pink stick in her hands!  Nuh-uh.
Off he goes to pull out the big guns!  Sure wish he'd pulled out some weeds along the way!!
Adults only!

So you see, there really is something for everyone. 

Redneck or not.  Fresh air soothes the soul.

I will love this conversation forever...

Addie:     "Aent Die-eena, where's your pway woom?"

Me:         "Outside, honey."

Yup!  Dirt makes'em cuter!


  1. we're coming out to meet ya at the pway room====so cute, you have a very nice family and looks like you can all have fun together with a brawl. I can't remember a family get to get together without a brawl.Maybe thats why I stopped going. Glad you had a wonderful day,now on with fall,what you got for us APG. THRILLS .GAMES PUZZLES AND MORE ,MORE,MORE!

  2. How fun!!! What a fun way to spend Labor Day weekend!! It looks like a family fall fest at you home!! I love it!!

  3. I would like to visit your pway woom. It looks pretty awesome. :) And that pink stick is pretty sweet, too! We need to have us a party up here, Apple Gal style!


  5. I think your whole place is one big pway woom. I just love your whole durn family. So sweet. So durn nice. It's un-natural, I tell ya!

  6. It was so much fun! I don't think my pway woom will ever be good enough after yours! And I have to admit...yours was WAY more fun!

  7. Looks like you'll never have to worry about lacking transportation!!! Love the red scooter! Family get togethers are the greatest!!!!!

  8. I guess your going to need to get some knobbies for that scooter if your going to insist on taking it 'off road'. Ha, that would be a site. Looks like you had good weather too.

  9. Judy, I knew what you meant with the brawl thing ;) And hey, sometimes we have those too! It's a family afterall!

    Kate, lots of food usually helps the fun factor!

    MamaTea, make sure I get the invite! Sometimes you gotta let down your hair and whoop it up!

    Sue, yup one big pway woom! You just never know what will happen next!

    Jan, I don't think Nana's house can be beat!

    Suzan, unless there's a run on the pumps and we have to hit the peddles, yeah, we are all set! :o)

    Jane, the scooter has seen more yard time than on road time. Which is funny because it's easier to handle on the pavement. Then again when top speed is barely 35, you tend to get passed which can be a little scarey at first.

  10. Oh, looks like you all had a blast. We had rain...all weekend. Put a damper on the outside events this Labor Day.

  11. Seems everyone is more apt to enter into the fun when the family get togethers are outdoors, doncha think? I mean winter gatherings (Thanksgiving, Christmas and all) are snuggly, warm and cozy but being out in the fresh air gets everybody running around, laughing and lets us be kids again. In the gweat big pway woom. Wa-hoo!

  12. That's the kind of play room I love, LOL. Such a good point about carnival rides. Who need 'em when there's a farm! Looks like a wonderful family day.

  13. That last pic- so cute! I love the t-shirt!
    Looks like a fun time for all, and reminds me of my families get-togethers.

  14. This is good ol' fashioned redneck good times! There's nothing better :)

  15. Looks like fun! (wish I had a bigger pway woom!)

  16. OH my gosh...we had SO MUCH FUN that day, Di!! Seriously. It's all Addie has talked about. It looks like your pway woom trumps ours by a long shot. Haha! You better believe you are going to have lots of little (and big) visitors this fall :-) Love you guys! Thanks for all the fun!!

  17. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

  18. Now that looks like a fun day!

  19. Beautiful post! Love the last pic., and LOVE the conversation. You have a beautiful pway woom, and a beautiful family. Enjoy it all.

  20. Had a GREAT time, you two. you put on the best day ever!
    love ya's

  21. Lori, that's a bummer of a weekend!

    MamaPea, yes comfy ones are fun too, but you are right! When you can be a kid and cut loose - now that's awesome!!

    Leigh, I suppose the only thing missing is funnel cakes!

    Patty, you must have an awesome family too!

    Erin, heck no there ain't nothin' better!

    Hoosier Girl, awe! We need to find you one!

    Jen, I am surprised she doesn't talk about chickens in her sleep!

    Diane, someday we'll get you in on that fun girl!

    Mooberry, thank you and thanks for stopping by! :o)

    Lori, yeah that little bugger threw me for a loop when she asked that. Too cute!

    Pops, we love you too!