Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Pressure

My pressure canner has me at the end of my rope, right when I need it most.

This is not good.  This is what you don't want.  What horror stories are made of, right?

So I have been working around it as best as I can.  There's a pun!  If I disappear from the face of the earth, it's not because the pressure blew me away, it's because the Feds are after me for going old school.

Gee, maybe Christmas will have exciting things like a new canner under the tree?  If I thought I could clean my vehicle and scrounge up enough quarters and pennies, I'd order one today. 

Or maybe my new gasket will be in soon.  Right now, it's on back order with no word as to when it will be available.  None in stores either!  I've already been waiting over a week, which is an eternity during canning season.

Sure hope it gets here before all those carrots come out.


  1. I hope you ordered two, so you always have a backup. And I know you hate your cellar, but I am sure those carrots would keep just fine down there tucked in nice and happy.

  2. Uh oh---momma doesn't need a new pair of shoes......she needs a new canner!! C'mon Santa!! She's been good all year, I swear!!

  3. I have a canner a lot like that. I don't want to say I hate it. I'm sometimes thankful I have it, but it's never my choice when I don't NEED to use it. I was having the same issue the other day. :(

  4. Yep, stock up on a couple gaskets girlfriend! My All-American leaks just a tad on one side if I haven't greased the fitting well.

  5. Jane, I know, I know...but you haven't SEEN that cellar. BLAAAAH! And it takes two people to get in/out. But I will if I have to.

    Sue, you got that right sister! If you see the fat man in the red suit, put in the word for me ;)

    Patty, well then you know that feeling too. "Should I turn it off, no maybe it's ok" etc etc :( Sad face for you too!

    Erin, no no one! Kidding, if the gasket does the trick and it should, I will keep on cannin'! I am assuming yours operates fine like that? Or do you have to shut down and re-do? Curious, since ya know...that'd be my pick for canners too.

  6. Thanks for the reminder! I tried getting extra gaskets for my pressure canner and pressure cooker last year & they were always on backorder so I just gave up. Guess I'd better get back on the ball and try to get them NOW before I need them.

    Which also reminds me, I need to get an extra burr and fixings for my grain mill!

  7. Yes, the All-American runs fine like that, just an annoying hiss and dribble that reminds you to rub lubricant on it next time, you don't have to put in on every time though, it does last through a few sessions.

  8. If it gets really bad, you could buy a new one, use the gasket, and then take it back when you're done. Ok, not really, just frustrated with you.

  9. Oh, no! If I had a pressure canner with a gasket, I'd send it to you to use since I'm not canning this year. But I don't, so I won't. :o{

    This is probably the worst time of year to try to get canner parts. I'm with getting two of them when you can. (Pun not intended. When you can? When you CAN??? Oh, well.)

  10. you could always use my brain, for a pressure cooker,sure feels like one,I wanted to send a few extra guardians with you on your travels. my son Dan used to be a trouble some lot as a teen driver [many moons ago] so when he went out the door I commented to him I was sending guardian angels with him -he has a smart... comeback says"I know mom ,I can't see out my rear view mirror for all the feathers! have a good holiday and all of you gals the same

  11. Oh man, i wish I could say I feel your pain, but I can't :( I have to do it the old school way or blanch and freeze. I hope you are able to get the gasket soon!!!

  12. That is so lame! The heck with Santa - isn't there another holiday we can celebrate with gifts? Presidents Day? Hey - Labor Day! What more appropriate gift than a labor-saver! Pigpen, are you listening?