Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Winter Spread

This time of year, some of us put on "the winter spread".  Nothing like sitting in a good chair helps that along.

And by chair, I mean this one:
We did some rearranging of our tiny house.  The small corner I claimed as my sewing area has been moved to the front bedroom and I did a little spreading out of my own.  
I love it!

It's a work in progress.  There are still many bugs to work out as I go.  Part of the process is actually sitting down to sew.
Which I did a little of.  Not much, but it's a start to the winter sporting season!
Mama Pea insisted that she see these photos.  I thought a bright, sunny morning would be great, but seeing as how shades of grey are the norm lately...this is as good as it gets.

My MIL gave me a table from her 'old' sewing room.  I finally have enough space to use my little iron for piecing and my folding Omni mat is perfect for that trick!  It is so handy!

And I still wouldn't trade my SewEZ table for nothin'!

Here is my "Cutting Station".  Above it, I have a now secondary design board.  Also recycled from my MILs house.  As you can see, not much designing, more some crap here.  :o)
Tucked in the corner is my cabinet where I store a few bigger pieces of fabric and another design/crap board.  Like I said, I will eventually tidy it up with some good use.
And of HAVE to have puppy beds.  Otherwise they stand at your feet and whine. 
Now the "white dog" is the worst perp  (that's what we call her so she doesn't know we are talking about her). 
She even got a throw to lay down on...this other one makes her butt look big or err, ya know...spread out!
So there you have it so spread.

What are you all planning to do for that winter spread?  Any great projects brewing?


  1. Oh, I'm sorry. You did a "little sewing" and pieced together a quilt top??? Can we all say "understatement"? That is a nice layout - doesn't it make all the difference when you have everything right there within reach? You are going to have some fun in there, Miss APG.

  2. Yup - reckon you could come here and do a little sewing too - especially as I don't have a machine and hate sewing by hand...!

    Your sewing area layout looks well organised - very, very nice :)

  3. Susan, what's amazing is that we both are stimied by our own space! It took my in-laws insight to get me arranged too! And actually, that quilt top took forever! I must have made a gazillion thangles. Half of which went to my MIL. Now HER topper will be to die for!

    Dani, oh dear...the horror! No sewing machine?! Oh my, you'd best express mail a letter to Santa! I don't like hand sewing either but it is a necessary evil come time to bind that bad boy!

  4. Oh, love it, love it, love it! What a haven! You're so right; the more you work in there, the more you'll see your special needs and desires, and changes you might want to make. Glad you got in a couple of "design wall" areas. You'll use them a lot . . . most ESPCIALLY for sticking up miscellaneous cwap! Thanks for the pictures. Now I have a visual of where to picture you this winter . . . sewing up a storm!

  5. A lady cave! How nice. Now what corner is the bar set up in? And I loooooove the quilt. It came out so nice. How did you keep the paws off it to take the picture? Anything that hits the floor here MUST be a new bed and something furry immediately flops on it.

  6. So glad Pops and I were able to help you set up your lady cave as Jane referred to it! You will spend LOTS of time in that cave. I am so happy that you finally did this and took ownership of that room! It will serve you well my love! Now you can host the next all day sewing day!!! I'm ready!

  7. I can't find your "like" button :)

  8. It looks AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to see it in person. What a fabulous sewing room. Aren't you so glad you made the switch?

  9. That looks like an awesome place to do "some" sewing (oh, I just did a little bit of sewing yesterday.....hardy har har). I haven't got my craft / sewing corner up yet, but soon, really! I just spread my bum down on the couch and crochet away. And it seems to keep spreading more & more every week.

  10. I want a lady cave,there are to many man caves,lets see,just give me directions to your house and I'll pick mine up-it will fit perfect in my Mary Poppins bag,let me check,yep,lots of room in there. cutest puppy ever. we used to have a all white dog-snowball. glad to see you back in business and I forgot to tell everyone ,Jerry is still doing good ,a new scan next month.if people are wondering,its as I said before ,a slow growing neuroendocrine tumor,and boy am I glad it grow slow,I wish it weren't there at all

  11. MamaPea, my Grama on my dad's side always wanted to see where us kids lived so she could have a visual in her head. Bless her heart and yours!

    Jane, yes! A lady cave! And with an appropriately placed food bowl, I was able to keep the white one off. She normally does a roll around on them otherwise!

    Jan, yup...could not have done it with out you guys! And as always, you know I love your hand-me-downs! HA! I love being in my room! Sorry, CAVE!

    HoosierGirl, would you believe I don't even have Facebook??

    Jen, maybe you can decorate. You know how I loathe that!! It's all yours sis!

    CR, I swear, cross my heart, it took me alot longer than one day. If I would have had this in place sooner, maybe I wouldn't have missed the boat on the apron challenge. But I am the master of distraction, so who am I kidding? ;)

    Judy, I really need to work on a Mary Poppins bag! HA! Glad to hear Jerry is doing good all things considered. You are one tough gal! xoxo

  12. Love it! Love it! Love it! And how lovely you have those pup-sters right there with you. :) I'm sure they are quite helpful with their opinions!

    I'm hoping to put together a new sewing space over this winter at the new farm. An actual sewing space. Just for me. And my stuff. AMAZING! Your pictures are getting my antsy to start!

  13. Stephanie, why thank you ma'am!

    MamaTea, if you have time to get a little sewing in with all the awesome things in your world right now, I will be very surprised! On the other curtains might be just the thing!!!

  14. We have space issues too. You're making your space work well for you. We're using our basement bathroom to store carboys and the towel drawers to store aging wine bottles. Our big project is to remodel the dining room. We're going to build a floor to ceiling open face cabinet system for all of Belle's pretty china that's been hidden away in boxes under the stairs.

  15. Your new space looks great! I really need to get mine organized now that I have that space to myself. I did get it painted now I have to dig everything out and organize....that could take all winter!

  16. What a great "lady cave" you have. I can see you in there now, just sewing your heart out! Looks like you got every sewing task covered. I know you will spend many hours creating in there. Great that you even thought of a place for the "babies"! Did you remember a place for the coffee pot? Love you

  17. Love it! It's so nice and bright in there! Not much going on sewing-wise here, cub scout uniforms, that doesn't count LOL but I am anxious to start a baby quilt for our new niece. I was hoping it would be a Christmas present but I don't think that will be the case since I haven't even decided on a design yet!

  18. Love your quilt and yes we all have to have puppy beds! I have three spoilt dogs :)