Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rib Rackin' 2011

It's that time of year again when the hunters hope to fill their freezer for the year.  I have been in touch with Jody and I know he is hoping for the same!  Best of luck, Jody!!  Above all, be safe!  I know you will be.

Around here, the season is pretty narrow for shotgun.  No rifle allowed.  However, if you bow hunt, the season is pretty long.  Luckily, Pig Pen bow hunts too, so we have our first of the year.  Neither of us "caught" a deer as my MIL says during first shotgun season down in Southern IL.
Well, I did shoot...but those dang eyes shut on me!  I could have kicked myself!  That's how we learn though, right?

Here's the part where some of you may want to close your eyes...ooook...I warned you!

As you will see, several others had a great season!
My nephew won the "Big Buck, Big Doe" for his 101 lbs doe.  He was pretty excited about that!  Great Job Kid!
My brother came in second with his buck.  I am pretty darn sure he wont go hungry this year!
We were joined again by a friend who couldn't make it to last years Rib Rackers Deer Camp because he was deployed in Afghanistan with the Army Reserves for a year.  He got a nice buck his first trip back!
Great job, Joe!  Most importantly, thank you for your service!  Glad you made it home safely!

It was a great season and even though 'the girls' are still waiting for their first deer, it's alright!  We sure do enjoy just being out there!
Thanksgiving quickly followed and since we do things a bit different around here, some of you might enjoy this little clip:
She may not have gotten her first deer, but she sure hit that target!

After we got done horsing around, my little brother (ya...the big guy) exclaims "Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!".  Soon thereafter, AL the-neighbor-dude texted Pig Pen asking what the heck we were up to now!?

Ya just never know!

I hope all your Thanksgiving and family visits were wonderful and that Christmas is off to a good season as well!

Been seeing some pretty darn nice aprons coming from that challenge Susan put out there!  You guys are awesome!  And seeing as how Erin did a post on her sewing area deluxe, I am going to have to do a little sharing on my new area as well! 
Eventually ;)


  1. You are such a big tease! Better get those pictures up showing us your new area SOON!

    Sure looks like a good time was had by all at your deer camp this year. Who cares if the girls didn't get anything? It's the comaraderie that counts and you guys always seem to have a grand time.

  2. CR, a compliment for moi? ;)

    MamaPea, I will do that! Cross my heart! And yepper, we always have a great time and that is what matters the most!

  3. I can't believe how many deer you all got! I've never seen so much success. What a great time you all must have together. Thanks for thinking of me. I hope to go out a couple more times before the season ends. If I get one, you'll be the first to know!

  4. I've had deer helping themselves to my garden! Dan has until Jan 1st to get one for our freezer. :)

  5. wow -kick back on the video but not as bad as my first try when dad used to take us target shooting,kick shoulder more like it---ouch. say thank you to Joe and congrats on his hunt, your brother still reminds me of my sons [ well Dan, recently went on a protein and running regiment,lost a lot of weight ]your hunt looks like the inside of my brother's walk in cooler-where the day after thanksgiving all the hunters have there deer hanging and process down to the last sausage----------welcome back APG---.) [ OH,THAT BAG IS TO DIE FOR,I'M ON THE HUNT FOR A BIG HOBO TO FIT SIDE TO SIDE ON THE BACK OF JERRY'S WHEELCHAIR SO I DON'T HAVE TO CARRY IT AND IT HOLDS ALL THE NECESSITIES FOR A DAY AT THE VA its just me judy and i don't have time to pack out this comment again but i see my daughter rebecca has not signed out again on my puter

  6. can that bag be bought ,say $100.00 no well than $200.00 did I forget to say thats monopoly money he,he----lol

  7. That is a cute bag! I wish my dh would have time to hunt-I really miss having deer meat in the freezer. Looks like a fun time by all!

  8. Looks like there will be quite a few full freezers down there. That bag is awesome! And, of course, being the voyeurs that we are, we can.not. wait to see your stuff (so to speak).

  9. Love, love the bag. Can't believe all the deer. Someone will have a full freezer soon. Glad your back blogging, missed you and all the funny stories and interesting things you do.

    We had our first picking of broccoli last night. It was yummy, I had butter and lemon on mine and Richard of course,had butter and cheese. Kohlrabi and cabbage are still growing. It seems the deer have found the lettuce and spinach to be tasty. Not bothering anything else at this time. Take care

  10. It's taken me way too long to get back here and check in now that I can comment - nice photos!!! I love that term "caught" a deer, LOL....