Saturday, December 17, 2011

They Call Him "Drake"

He's a hunter in training.  Start'em young!
If that isn't the cutest little duck hunter I ever saw!  And runs in the family!  Well the duck hunter part, not so much the 'cute'!     BURN! :o)

My brother sent me these photos and I just had to share them with you.  Drake goes to watch and carry a duck occasionally, but he has accomplished the art of breakfast very well!
Lip Licking!
Breakfast of course is what duck hunters do when the birds aren't flying.  Personally, I think it's an excuse to eat lots of bacon...
Drake and Papa
And BS with good friends (translation: hide from the wives)...
Enjoy your weekend friends!


  1. I've always thought that bacon makes everything better....and I guess that even means hunting camp?

  2. Duh. Didn't you know that duck hunting equals eating bacon???

  3. Aw, I think it's great for the guys to get together and eat bacon. I mean duck hunt. (Also good for the gals at home so they can do "special" things without having to explain anything to the male contingent!)

  4. ahhh such a handsome young man.....
    I really like the "hiding from their wives" part...
    Have a merry christmas!!!!

  5. Cute....yeah...I think men make up any excuse to eat bacon! I know my farmer hubby does! Hope you can stop for a visit and say hi too!

  6. Oh my Lord...He is ADORABLE!!!!! What a cutie pie :-)

  7. You call things just as they are... bacon and men... that pretty much defines my hunting history!

  8. Believe or not I lost one of my valuable possessions during a duck hunt. My Sapphire Ring went into ducks mouth. We never shoot the ducks we catch them alive!

  9. Awww, he's soooo cute! I was told that, "If you teach your kids to hunt, you'll never have to hunt for your kids." Our oldest (23) lives to hunt.
    Just trying to catch up on a few blogs today. I've had other things on my mind, and notice you haven't posted lately. Hope you are alright.

  10. CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?hope your doing ok

  11. Ditto Dirt Lover and judy. Where are you? Not that you have to post, we just miss you and hope all's well. :) Hugs!

  12. Scooby, Scooby Doo - where are you? Time to check in girlfriend and let us know you are doing ok! You are absolutely allowed to take a break from blogging, but we worry about you if it's unscheduled :)