Sunday, July 3, 2011

Calling All Lady Homesteaders!

If you followed along with Mama Pea's Storm Addendum post yesterday, you may have seen a picture of what a true Lady Homesteader is prepared for:
Chicken Mama packin' a chainsaw!  Many of you offered up the always witty and fun comments.  However, MaineCelt seemed to have piqued and inspired Chicken Mama ... who is running with it.
MaineCelt said...
Joining the chorus--by now is it an "old saw?"--Chicken Mama sure can rock the skirt/blouse/chainsaw ensemble!!! I think we should do an inspirational calendar of homesteading women with the tools of our trade: chainsaw, manure fork, scythe, etc. AND I want you and CM to do a roadtrip so take all the pictures. I volunteer for "scythe!"
A little background here may be in order.  Every year Chicken Mama puts out a calendar.  I, being the proud owner of said calendar, attest to the beauty and quality of them!

So c'mon folks!  Let's have some fun and show the world what we are made of...our unstoppable spirit...what drives us...and our love of all things "Homesteadish"!

And if that isn't enough, she is proposing to donate any proceeds from the sale of the calendars to a charitable cause.  A truly kind act from a wonderful soul.

Right now, you can pop on over to Chicken Mama's blog, read her thoughts on where she is going with this, and join in!

Leave a comment there or shoot her an email by clicking this link.

Why not get as many of us to join in as possible?  Encourage one another by spreading the word and posting this fun idea on your blog as well!  Make sure to link back to Chicken Mama's page.

If you need a little help, here is what the stand alone link looks like:

Just copy and paste!



  1. LOL, that photo is so darn cute every time I see it!

  2. Erin, then why did I groan, "Oh gawd" when I just saw Ms. Apple Pie's post?! ;)

  3. Those photo's of CM were terrific,are they all of her--I ONLY HAVE 1 GRAD PHOTO--WEREN'T SOME OF THOSE MOMMA PEA MAYBE ITS JUST ME --GREAT IDEA YOU GIRLS ARE "hatching" ah ump ,no pun intended,can;t wait to see all of you in reel!

  4. Jane, what's your tool??

    Erin, ditto

    CM, that's what ya get!

    Judy, aren't you the funny gal today! HA!