Monday, July 4, 2011

Cooling Stations

We have gone from swampland and skeeters, to cool days, to hot and muggy.  Nothing being harvested yet, so with the long weekend and one short break in the festivities - what in the heck did we do with all our "free" time?

1)  Con convince friend into thinking you have an ingenious idea. 
2)  Purchase the most inexpensive ones you can find.  Inflate.
3)  Feet out one end, head resting comfortably on the other.
This was my attempt to burn of the Farmy Flip Flop Feet. 
Didn't work.
4)  Include puppies.
And there you have it folks, a Redneck Watering Hole.

Now if those tricks don't work for you, go for a ride, top down - and enjoy the view in an alternative cooling station:
Or not.  :o)

How did you enjoy your time off?

Happy 4th of July everyone!!


  1. who is the invisible man in the video?and you can go to face book judy shockley to see my little pool in the back yard- i was recently informed by Ruth that i have a lot of nemesis- i am the one in Brooklyn park

  2. Hahahaha-I loved this. When I lived in HELL-inois, we had a kiddie pool and many many days were spent lounging in it with a cold one. It was the only way to get thru that godawful heat and humidity. Four years in Michigan, I've never once missed that CRAP, but this DID bring back a pretty fine memory !
    Thanks for the smile!!!

  3. We bought a hard sided kiddy pool and I did the same thing yesterday. I climbed in and soaked and tried to catch some rays. I hear ya on the tan lines. I look funny in my bathing suit with my T-shirt and shorts "demarcation" lines.

    I want a tan like Janes. I turn pink first then tan with freckles.
    No "Baywatch" tan for me.

  4. Awww the puppies got a haircut! I had the same idea at one point since another year went by and no people pool. What are you doing with the high lift?

    Tami, come on up and I'll put you to work with me and you will have the same tan ;)

  5. I love the kiddie pools, you'd fit right in down here, just bring a 6 pack and drink it redneck style, no cooler needed since you drink it all so fast, just hold the plastic ring in one hand and pull beers off with the other LOL! The humidity is so bad here I have progressed from severe suffering to outright crazy lady laughter...

    I love the bird's eye view, it always gives a better perspective of one's place, and yours is beautiful!

  6. Judy, I don't have Facebook :( But I say whatever works to keep ya cool, use it!

    Sue, agreed!! Amazing what just a little bit of distance will get you!

    Tami, oh ya need to try the blow up kind. Trust me when I say it's a nice and cozy/soft pillow for the head! I don't tan well either.

    Jane, well you know where our real pool went too :( Bummer! He got the manlift to trim out a bunch of dead branches in all the trees that just work their way down everytime we have a storm.

    Erin, so you have succumbed to the crazies? :o) You get it worse than we do, so it's allowed. He could have gone higher with it, but both us girls thought we were good enough. Never was a big one for getting stopped at the top on a carnival ride either!

  7. Did anyone get a nose bleed? the view looks great! hope you took lots of pics! P.S. get over here and use this pool! Now that I have it no one comes over to use it!!

  8. Oh, I think you are much braver than I would have been. I don't like to be up that high. The kiddie pool, though, that's another story! I'd be right with you! Good job staying (or trying) cool.

  9. Mr. Granny walked in while I was looking at your flip flop feet and said "How come you're looking at nekkid pictures?". I guess he thinks you're running a porn site here ;-)

  10. Ok - I am ashamed to admit it, but is that a JLG lift?? LOL! My hubby would be so proud - he fixes them for a living. Your pools look like fun! We used to have those too before we got the above-ground. How did your chickens fare with the fireworks? Ours never even let out a cluck :-)