Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Worth Crowing About

Since it has been a very trying garden season for all of us out there,  I thought maybe I'd show off a few good things going on here for a change!
Black Turtle Soup Beans Blossoming
Yellow Eyed Beans..."Beaning"
As my friend Tricia would say!


We officially celebrated my nephews HS Graduation over the weekend.  Here are four generations of the boys:
Front and center is my brothers Grampa.  He turns 100 this October!  Still spry and sharp as a tack! 

Can you imagine the things he's seen? 

And what this little guy might see someday?
We got to visit our newest nephew yesterday!  We even had a brief glimpse of his eyes!
Happy Momma
Proud Grama
And for your further viewing pleasure, Julee and Gardener (no, really that's his name) brought the kids by today.
Don't you wish you could still sit like this?  And not pay for it dearly?
You may or may not find this pretty darn cute:

I know you might not believe me when I swear this...YES, I asked the questions.  I did NOT coach the answers.  She's just a little farm girl in the makings!  :o)

See anything wrong with this picture?
Why are there chickens on both sides of the fence?  Dunno, but it took me 10 minutes and a pound of sweat to wrangle her back in!

See, I told ya there were some things worth crowing about! 
Huh...well, isn't he just the star of the show?  I wonder if he realizes he only has two tail feathers?



  1. I love the chickens! They look so happy.

  2. How cute the little one is talking about the chickens....I do think I would be naming all the chickens and it would hard to eat them....lol. Blessings!

  3. Garden looking good....chickens cute....me, I need me some color!

  4. Jody, only happy chickens allowed here :)

    Patty, no names. I have too many other nameless ones yet. Gotta work on that!

    Jane, I can color you in blood, sweat, tears and a farmers tan. C'mon over! The weeds are calling YooooouWhooooo

    Pops, don't you got a car to fix up er something! ;)

  5. Why did the chicken cross the fence? Heard there were PEAS in the garden! LOL!
    I'm so surprised you have things growing with the crap month you had weatherwise. I'm glad. Happy Gardening!

  6. Very soon that picture will be all the chickens on the other side of the fence. He he, its coming.

  7. So that chicken is the culprit to all those bill boards the other week"The sky is falling,The sky is falling "APG,IF WE DON'T STAY AND LIVE WITH A LOT [ AND I MEAN A LOT ] OF HUMOR IN OUR FAMILY NO ONE WOULD STAY SANE LOL

  8. That's a pretty good crow! Pretty soon he'll become so annoying with that crow that you'l be wanting to yank his tailfeathers to REALLY give him something to yell about.

  9. the garden photos look great! LOL that video is adorable! We cook them! :)

  10. Love the little girl! Our oldest used to take folks out to our steer (which, by the way, was named Steer) and show him off. Then he would say, "We're going to EAT him!"
    Great pictures! Love the bean blossoms. Very pretty.

  11. Sue, oh please don't say that! Just my luck they'd devour the few peas I have! :D

    Jane, no no no... I have trick chickens is all. They simply can not all jump that fence. That would be very bad!

    Judy, our family laughs so much that most people just think we ARE crazy! :o}

    Tami, maybe if I tell him his remaining feathers are in jeopardy?

    Erin, suprisingly it doesn't look too bad out there! Kids do say the darndest things.

    Lori, HA! That is funny! And such an original name to boot! heehee Steer

  12. I love the flowers on those black turtle soup beans. I've never seen those before, but I might need some if they can grow here. Everything looks really nice!