Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wild Black Raspberry Pie

Oh my!  The other day, we caught a "Bird" picking the wild raspberries.  And by bird, I don't mean bird.  I was skeptical there would be any left.  However, this is proving to be a banner year for the wild berries!  So yesterday we braved the brambles and went in the woods!

As you can see, there will be more in the next day or so.  We picked about 2 quarts of itsy-bitsy berries. 
It goes alot faster if you have helpers.  Someone needs to carry the basket, right?
One neighbor has an old Farm All parked out back.  The berries love it.  I love the tractor.
My Mom goes crazy for Raspberries.  So I decided to make a pie.  Gee...where to find a recipe?
Well as luck would have it, I cracked open my newest cookbook (compliments of Mama Pea) and came up with this:

Graham Cracker Crust

1 1/2 C finely crushed Graham Crackers
3 T Yogurt
1 1/2 T Honey
1/4 t Cinnamon

Combine very well and press into a well buttered pie pan.
Bake at 350 for approximately 15 minutes or till golden

I toasted a little of the extra and sprinkled on top.  Also, all I had was Greek Vanilla Yogurt and it was divine!

Vanilla Pudding

2 C Milk
1/4 C Brown Sugar
1/8 t Salt
2 T Cornstarch or Arrowroot
1 t Vanilla

Gently heat 1 1/2 C Milk. 
Stir in sugar and salt.
Combine the reserved 1/2 C milk with the Cornstarch or Arrowroot.
Add to the milk once it has become very hot.
Cook and stir over low heat until it thickens.
If you are using Cornstarch, continue to cook for a few minutes more.
Cool a bit and add Vanilla.

Berry Pudding Pie

Fill prebaked pie shell or crumb crust with 3 C. or so of fresh berries (you can use any kind!)  Pour Vanilla Pudding over them while Pudding is still warm.  Chill.
Now doesn't that look yummy?  It was!

During our walk in the woods, I had to take a picture of my favorite spot:
I could live there.  Minus the poison ivy, poison oak, mosquito's and all other types of itchy-scratchies.

Don't know if I have every really captured the expanse of the fencing our happy hens have to run in our not:
Hard to tell maybe, but it's pretty good size.  The bravest go all over, but mostly they still hang around up front.
We shared a few berries with the girls too! 


  1. Those guys with the baskets crack me up. Do they know you took that picture? I never saw a pie like that. Looks good. I like how you made pie with your black raspberries and I made liquor. What does that say about me? Hum.

  2. Boy that pie looks great! I love the photo of the guys with the basket too!! I was just going to say that I'm going to have to make this pie with some of our berries, then Jane had to mention liquor! Now I'm up in the air...pie or liquor???

  3. Jane, they did not catch me taking the picture. I am sure I will hear about it :) Oh and yeah...alcohol certainly crossed my mind.

    Robin, well I don't think you can go wrong either way! The pie really was awesome and if I get to the rest of the berries before the birds, I will probably make a libation of some sort too.

    Why not? By the end of this dreadful gardening season, I'm gonna need a good drink.

    Heck...I need one now. Forget coffee in the morning!

  4. Just this morning I was searching for some vanilla pudding for a simple recipe and here i find a good recipe on your post thanks came in handy today-have a happy 4th of July APG

  5. Dang. Another DELICIOUS looking pie. I DO NOT NEED yet another dessert I love. Too many widening my back view. Nope. Not gonna make it. But, I sure am drooling over the picture.
    Bet those girls just loved those berries. Chicken heaven, I'm sure!

  6. You know what they say...It's Five O'clock somewhere!!!

  7. Berries are my fave! When I was a kid, we had wild berries growing all along the mile long driveway of our farm. I sure do miss those berries! I am jealous of the space your hens have to run around in. I wish my girls had more room to roam, but they seem happy so far.

  8. Judy, now that's what you call perfect timing indeed! Happy 4th to you and yours!

    Sue, do we ever reallllly need dessert? Of course we do! I just had a piece with lunch too. Still just as good!

    Oh the girls went nuts over the berries. I made sure we were on the other side of the fence so they didn't mistake my toes for one. Their beaks made it look like there was a Redrum out there!

  9. Robin, dang straight! Shot and a chaser anyone?

    TinyGardner, I look at it this way: are they better off than commercial birds? Yup. Do they have someone to love on them? Yup.

    Nuff said. You will have the happiest of hens!

  10. Is that favorite spot walking distance from your house? I love it! That pie looks yummy, it's almost time for us to go picking!

  11. Erin, yup it sure is walking distance! Along the backside of our five row of houses (I call the other 4 retiree row) runs the woods. We all own part of the woods and this is at the end house where the creek is. That's the nice part about great neighbors, we all tromp around!

  12. The pie looks great! When our berries decide to grow I will have to remember this recipe :) Our berries look like they are trying to do something...but they are soooo far behind this year. :(

  13. Oh yum! Your pie looks fantastic. I'm with your mom, raspberries rule!

  14. I love wild berries. The same berries seem to go by different names depending on where you live. Black raspberries, black berries and dew berries where I grew up in Texas. By any name they are wonderful. I love that you put yogurt in your crust...a healthy option.

  15. MamaTea...hey, I think I remember a hilarious photo of last years "Take"...maybe this year you'll get more! HA!

    Leigh, never used to be a huge fan of them, but this pie may have won me to the dark side!

    Karen, HI! Thanks for stopping in and commenting! Yes, different names for certain. Which makes me you say crick or creek?


  16. Nice recipe! Oh, berries bring back sooooo many memories! Berry picking was one of our many "dates" hubby and I had before we were married. Ah, fond memories. The vines were so thick, he'd use a machete to get in, and on really thick spots, he's lay a ladder flat on top of the whole mess, and walk over top. God, what a stud! Till he fell. Ouch. We made blackberry brandy out of a bunch of them. We drank a bunch (too much) on a trip to the mountains, and threw pine cones at cars. Stupid, I know. Ah, thanks for the trip down memory lane!