Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicks and Little "Peeple"

Happily, I can report in that no Chicks were harmed during this experiment!  :o}

Today was all about introducing the Chicks to The Little Peeple...aka my niece and nephew!  My SIL, Jen and her kids, Addison and Blake (Beek) came for lunch and play time.  Unfortunately, Julee and her flock weren't able to attend!  Another time maybe, when they are older, uglier, meaner...
The chickens that is!

Now - how can this be??? 
No fear, no screamin', no throw downs...just this:

A kiss. 

Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

We had a little 'talk' first, just to make sure we understood a few simple rules and in we went!
Can you feel the anticipation? 
"Oooooh, gimme da boodie!" 
(She didn't really say that but that is how she would say it.)

Here she is getting her first encounter with her beloved "Pluto":
Coco was the peep getting the kiss by the way. 
She named them herself!

She so badly wanted to hold one with "Two Hands". 
So we sat her down and let her do just that...with Kelso!
Not once did she not do what she was told!  I was very, very proud of her!
She will hence forth be called, "The Chicken Whisperer"!

She even tried feeding them:
Don't worry, I had ahold of her coat!  Visions of smooshed chickens raced in my head too!

Here she got to feel her first little 'peck'.  Didn't.  Even.  Flinch.
Then, not to be left out, Little Beek got some action too! 
We, umm, had an almost incident, but it's all good!  All Good!
Can you see his little face all happy like?
I think next year he will graduate to holding his own peep and naming them for himself! 
When he can reach...or not  :)
He too - never flinched or showed any fear!

And I think the part that Pig Pen will be most proud of though:
His Sister.

Thank You Jenny, for sharing this day with us! 

We love you all very much!


  1. Great Pic's. That's what the world needs more of...."Peep Lovin"

  2. Awwww, how sweet! Thanks for sharing the visit with us. Those little kiddlies will remember (and talk about!) those little chickies of yours for a long time.

  3. Aww, what a cute meet and greet. The peeps look good! But I think it is because you are doing your peep wrangling in the boots. That always helps. I bet that wasn't in your books ;)

  4. Tami, when oh when are you going to convince SM for some peep lovin'?? Eventually he will cave!

    MamaPea, I told Jenny today that someday when they all grow up and want to run away from home, they would know where to go!

    Jane, I DID have my boots on today actually! And I think it DID help! Did I tell you I already found another pair I want???? Gee yer bad!

  5. Heard all about the fun day from Addie on the phone today! She covered all the details, even ending with Blake trying to pull the chickens head off! It was hysterical! She just loved it!

  6. Chicks, chicks, chicks. That's all Addie has talked about all afternoon!! It's been Pluto this, and Hot Coco that. She told mom about it too and was very specific about how she had to hold the chicks with "two hands", not one. She is just in love. We may be back tomorrow. haha! What a cute post Di. We really had a FANTASTIC time today. Love you guys lots!

    P.S. That Blake and White pic is going in a frame :-)

  7. Jan...SHHHHHH! You weren't supposed to snitch! I swear the little peep is ALL GOOD! Beek just doesn't know his own strength year! There's always next year! Hey, come to think of it, he should come around this Fall when it's time to -you know- pull their heads off! :o)

  8. Yeah...I meant BLACK and white, not Blake and white. Got my babies on the brain :-)

  9. Jenny, I can only imagine what the talk in your house will be like for a while! HA! Sorry sis, but it's such an awesome thing! I told Adam that we heard "I hold with TWO HANDS?" at least 20 times too. But...she did it! Like a pro!!!

    I am already bribing your Mom to take care of the picture for me! Cuz you know me and pictures, they never seem to get done!

  10. Awwwwww............cute. I have always loved little fun and cute.

  11. How cute!!! Little peeple and little peepers!

  12. So. Very. Cute. How. Can. You. Not. Want. To Squish. Up. Little. Kids. Who. Are. Loving. Up. Chicks? OMG. You rock. :)

  13. SO cute! Favorite auntie you are for sure!

  14. So cute! Love the expressions on the kids' faces, absolutely priceless. What a wonderful thing for them to see chickens like this and to begin to understand the reality of our food sources.