Monday, March 21, 2011

Home! In the Knick of Time! Peeps!

Whew!  One job down, two weeks off, then six weeks to go!  I have been home just a few busy days and received an email yesterday that my peeps where shipped!  This morning I got a 6:24 am wake up call that read "US Government" and in my groggy, sleep-coma state, I thought, "Oh crap, what'd I do???"  :)

Well as you can guess, it was the Post Office letting me know my Peeps were in!  So with just a few last minute preparations and a short wait for the official "Box Holder" aka Grama, and off we went!
Thirty-one little peeps arrived safely to their new home!  I don't think they like car rides too much.  Now, I have never touched a chicken in my life!  So I thought in my head, "No Fear!".  I took each little peep out one at a time and dipped their little beaks in water and within seconds they were running around!  Can I just tell you the little chirps they make are like a soft music to my ears?  It's really a very sweet little sound.

So here they are minus a few already in the brooder! 
I can't tell the difference between the Black Australorps and the Plymouth Rock Barred.
The Buff Orpington's are funny characters already!
Only one stands out just a little from the Buffs: 
This would be the "Mystery Chicken".  This is the freebie that was an option Pig Pen insisted we take.  I didn't want to...what if it is a Chucky Chicken???  Or a Naked Neck???  Well this guy has a longer neck and almost looks like he has a headband on.  Not sure if it's a he or a she actually.  But it looks like it came straight from the 70's!  So I named him Kelso.  Get it???  As in Ashton Kutcher from That 70's Show???

Any guesses on what breed that may be?  Yeah, me neither!

Here they are all settled in:
A funny little story, I called my Dad this morning to tell him I have 'special' chickens because they already know how to fly.  I mean, they shipped on a plane they did 'fly'.  :o)
Now that all my co-workers, family and friends have teased us tremendously that we are... ahem...different, hillbilly etc. I will have you know that I had to cancel my dentist appointment this morning in order to tend the chicks.  So I suppose if the shoe fits, we'll wear it!


  1. Awwwww, so cute. And just remember to brush your tooth, and you won't be needin them there dentists. Yeehaw!

  2. You're back! And chicks arrived - a sure sign of spring! Aren't they the cutest things? I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to cancel a dentist appointment! Welcome home.

  3. I'm so jealous! A girls gotta have her priorities. But don't be too suprised if the "Government Man" has got his eye on you guys. Who do you think you are...taking care of yourself instead of buying from the "Man".

  4. Jane, well if I don't brush my tooth, how will I eat chicken? Eww...that was baaaad. ;)

    Susan, yes I hope Spring is Sprung! You are right, they are too darn cute!

    Tami, shhhhh! I already thought of that!

  5. Don't know what kind of chick,kelso is but whatever it's cute.Welcome back,Blessings jane

  6. Adorable, I have to come see them, and I thought I was a hillbilly, you win!!!

  7. Just wait until your "detractors" get a taste of a home grown, free range egg and see how much better it tastes than old, stale store bought ones! Then they'll change their tune.

    Loved the video . . . don't they just sound so happy?? Have you named them all yet?

  8. Jane, well thank you ma'am! Hopefully Kelso will be something pretty and not pretty scarey!

    TamiTLC...I know who you are! You can change that email address to any 'profession' you want but you can't get past me! ;) And yes, I win this one!

    MamaPea, I had to buy eggs today actually and thought "Hmmm, wont be doing this forever!"

    We haven't named them all, but quite a few! I don't think we'll be naming all of them, cuz ya know...

  9. Oh, congrats! They are SO cute! It's about time you had some tenants in the Taj "Coop" Majal :) I might add you are one of the the purdiest darn hillbilly gal I ever did done see! Go enjoy your peeps, and glad you are HOME for awhile at least!

  10. Well thank ya, Erin! That was awfully nice! I am super glad to be home too! Kinda not sure which way to go and what to start on though! Times like these I could really use you!!!

  11. Boy hav I missed your posts. I need them daily to start my new life. Now I am a great aunt to a lot of small babies. How to see you guys sometime this year down here in Nashville y'all

  12. That is HOPE to see you. See, I have 1 tooth also!!!!!

  13. Aunt Lori, that's the plan! I am looking forward to it too! And don't worry about the spelling because until you pointed it out, I 'read' it right any way! HA! Toothless wonders that we are!

  14. If I was you, I'd be proud to be a hillbilly! I call myself a "redneck"... I love that Gretchen Wilson song, Redneck Woman! Enjoy your babies...

  15. I know they wouldn't be good for anything---but wouldn't it be terrific if they stayed that size? How cute they are!!! It will be neat to see what (who?) the mystery chicken ends up being.

  16. Baby chicks are so cute!! I love to hear the cheeping,too. Glad you're back! Your mystery one is darn cute. The circle around the eye is adorable.

  17. Yayy, peeps! I'd bet dollars to donuts that Kelso is a Buff Laced Polish. S/he'll have a crested (with feathers) head!

    I got a kick, too, out of the way all your feeders and waterers are BRAN' SPANKIN' shiny & new! That was a SURE giveaway that you are a chicken farmer for the 1st time! ;) CONGRATULATIONS!

  18. Ruth, yeah, not much offends me actually. :) You do know Gretchen is from good ole IL too, right? Guess we do some things good here!

    Alla, he is actually the noisiest one too. Uh-oh!!

    ChickenMama, I was wondering if he might have a crest. It looks along that line. Now I am going to have to look it up. Yes'm everything looks good in there now, but I don't suppose it will take long for them to muck it up! :o) Good to hear from you little lady!