Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Call it Conniving...We Call it Composting

Not long ago, Jane at Hardwork Homestead posted about an awesome addition to her composting collection.  It was this:
Jane's "Big Mama"
Now, I am truly never a jealous person.  More like, I see something and think it's super cool, smart, worthy etc.  But this made me green with envy.  For real.  I have wanted a great composter for well over a year now. 

Originally, I thought one of those fancy fangled appliance types would be great.  Just put your kitchen scraps in and within a few weeks you'd have compost.  Like what, a cupful???
Well, around here (as with your homesteads), something this small would never do.  So I gave that option up.  We need large scale.

We have two open air compost piles out back.  They don't get turned like they should.  And I have learned that if you don't turn your compost on a very regular basis, you are simply fertilizing the ground it sits on and nothing more!  All the nutrients you want and need for your gardens are lost.
At first, I met with resistance from Pig Pen.  Always skeptical.  Then...when forces in two like-minded, powerful, conniving and intelligent women connecting...well heck!  Things just happen!

Now without disclosing too much here ;) and as if you don't already know, Jane's a pretty darn resourceful gal!  But she has an addiction...yes folks, she does.  I am "outing" her.  It's called Craigslist.  As any good addict will tell you, it's more fun if you have another addict to play with.  I'm not an addict yet...but she's getting to me fast! 

I did find one on Craigslist for $200.  I'd have to travel about 10 hours round-trip to the Southern most tip of IL and pay about $3.89 a gallon, but it's there. set Jane loose on a mission, without even asking, cuz that's what friends do!  She just hits it!

And HIT it she did!  She found the exact same ComposTumbler as her "Big Mama" for $75.00.  Yes my friends, you read that right, seventy - five dollars! 

Ummmm, but it's in Pennsylvania!

Now here's where the fun really begins.  Some quick math and a few shipping websites later, guess what Jane and The Ice Man did?

Come to Mama!!!

Not only did they have to go get it; they had to tear it down, package and ship it! 

How do you ever thank a friend enough for all that trouble? 

I'll work on that for a long while!

Remember the websites that I checked for shipping?  Do I need to tell you they were wrong???  Of course they were!  This behemoth weighs in at about 113 pounds.  Which we knew, but of course there is never anything as simple as plugging a few numbers in and thinking what comes back at you is truth.

So, we hymned and hawed for a day or two thinking maybe it would work just driving out to pick it up.  Nope, gas still higher than FedEx.  So, we shipped it. 
It arrived today!!!

 If you have never looked into the price of the Original ComposTumbler, they retail for around $460, before shipping!

And since I have no problem with good, used merchandise...what else were us girls to do?

The cost of my ComposTumbler you ask?

$190 -delivered.
Maybe that's crazy, you may think we're nuts...but man, if that isn't the best darn looking box blocking my garage door, I just don't know what is!

Jane and The Ice Man, THANK YOU!  

We'll be seeing you soon, my friends! 

Who knows what kind of trouble we'll stir up!


  1. The tale of the compost tumbler! What a GREAT friend and what a story you'll have to tell for a long time. (I'm sure you'll think of Jane and The Ice Man every time you toss some garbage into your compost maker.)

    Um . . . uh . . . how did they get that big cylindrical drum into that flat cardboard box??

  2. MamaPea, Oh I was SO happy I nearly pee'd my pants! Yes, GREAT friends indeed! I mean who does that kind of stuff??? Good folks do!

    They had to take it apart piece by piece to get it flat! Can you belive it?

    Now if Pig Pen would GET HOME so I can open it and start putting it together!

  3. What a great friend and what a great ComposTumbler!! I think that you should call it "Big Mama II"

  4. Robin, well heck! I hadn't even thought of her name! Good call!

  5. Well not only has my.. ahem.. problem with Craigslist been brought to light - but my Husbands ass has made your blog too! What a day! Now remember, if I don't have something to look for on craigslist, it makes all the time I spend on there seems silly. So see APG, you gave me a purpose! And I will do it for you a hundred more times girl. No thanks necessary. What do you need now?? ;)

  6. Jane, HA! Oh, please do tell him he has my sincere apologies! Bashful is he? ;o) I am so glad for your addiction however! It's a very GOOD kind to have if you ask me! Which reminds me, I still have to check local listings!! Best do that, never know what one might miss! big xoxoxo's

  7. AWESOME!!!!!! I bet you are just over the moon right now...and SO not looking forward to leaving for work. BOO!!! What a great friend you have there :-)

    P.S. Jane's comment about her husbands ass made me laugh out loud. Addie just asked me what was so funny. Ha!

  8. I have a feeling the two of you might be very dangerous if you lived in close proximity.

    As far as the picture of your hubby, Jane . . . a very nice looking a$$ it is! Oh, tell him not to freak out. I'm old enough to be his mother! (Well, maybe that will make him freak out more . . . maybe you shouldn't tell him I even said anything.) :o}

  9. Jen, Yepper! He is putting it together now! And I am in denial as for work. Maybe if I squeeze my eyes shut it will just pass by! Note: never have anything in your mouth when reading Jane. You will either choke or spew!

    MamaPea you little minx! Don't worry, your secret is safe here ;)

  10. Wow! Awesome friend and husband of friend! Why don't you call in sick for the next 6 weeks! Would that work?

  11. Ohmigosh, yes! The best friends here I'm telling you, the BEST! I sell tons of stuff on Craigslist and was shuddering thinking of you driving that long way to have it sold before you get there since that's the common deal, there are TONS of no-shows, so we that sell tend to let it go first come, first serve, then I read on and I am amazed, that is so cool!!!! Enjoy!

  12. Jan, hmmmm...I am feeling a little infermity and exhaustion...

    Erin, I never even thought of that! See, I'm such a newbie to CL. Thanks for that tip! And yes'm you are right, you guys ARE the best!!!

  13. Oh my gosh! How wonderful for you. Now I'm the envious one. Enjoy and make it work hard for you. And Yes, what a friend!!