Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Home Day!

Some of you may have noticed a new blog on my sidebar:

I stumbled across this recently when I had one of those "A-Ha!" moments.  You all know this guy:
Well, Dad's already had a heart attack, recently diagnosed with Diabetes and arguably PTSD.  Although he's been told he doesn't have PTSD, we all think he's a tad bit "off" a good way!  :o)

We've been told that Diabetes can be hereditary.  I have also been told that PCOS is hereditary.  Now these things have boggled my mind.  You know I come from an huge-HUGE family.  Why-Oh-Why, can't I find these in our family tree????

I lean towards the theory, the "A-Ha!", that Agent Orange, my Dad's direct contact with it from his years in Nam...and well, there you have it!  Monsanto, hell...they've GMO'd US!!!  Do you think they will try and patent that also?

I haven't been following this blog all that long and am just now tapping into it, as well as other resources they link to -particularly Monsanto and all the horrible things coming from it and it's evil -AGH!  I know you know what I simply can not put into words. 

However all the evilness aside, I was entirely THRILLED to learn this:

"The U.S. Senate recently passed a resolution to honor veterans who served in Vietnam by designating March 30 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day."

And I second that!  Frankly, it's about damn time!  Pass it on folks!

A very long overdue, Welcome Home!!!

How cool is that?


  1. I think that's very cool,and about time! It's certainly little enough they have done for the vietnam vets,better late than never. Blessings jane

  2. Oh how the chemical companies have changed the landscape of the world in so little time. So -damn- scary! And it is nice to see the senate do something nice for once. Welcome home!

  3. Hugs and kisses to Papa Nick!!!

  4. That is great! I remember for awhile they couldn't even join the V.F.W since it was officially a "conflict" and not a "war"... ain't that some @hit?! So my dad is a Legion member instead :) Welcome HOME!

  5. Oh that is great. A long overdue honor for those guys. Nice to see ya postin again Di. Missed readin ya stories.

  6. Here is to a long and happy life to your Papa Di!
    Welcome Home!!!

  7. Welcome home!

    It's scary to think about, but you may very well be correct about your dad and agent orange. Did you know that Monsanto (they only get worse and worse) is now proclaiming that 2,4,D, one of the ingredients of agent orange, is the solution to the plague of superweeds they've created with their GMOs? Story here, at Natural

  8. Thanks everyone! Maybe (fingers crossed) by this time next year, Mar 30th will be recognized on a broad level. I think that would be very nice.

    Leigh, thank you for sharing the link!

  9. thanks for all the good info-viet nam a bad memory for me-lost a dear brother- Danial Ledin I LIKE YOUR POSTS