Monday, March 28, 2011

Rub A Dub Dub!

So I've had a week or so to use and enjoy a batch of homemade soap that I received as a Give Away from Carolyn at Krazo Acres!
Soap making is something I admire, fear, and really want to learn!  Therefore, I was thrilled to the point of peeing my pants when I won! 

The results?  Splendid!  You really can feel a difference!  Lather?  Better than store bought!

Reasons not to learn?  Ummm...none!  Thank You, Carolyn!  Especially for providing me with enough bars that I can make it thru this next job before I decide to suck it up and learn!  :o)

If you've not seen Carolyn's blog at Krazo Acres, might I suggest that you do so?  She's super funny, enlightening and all things admirable!  I promise you'll learn a thing or two!

Speaking of the this time next week, I will be gone again.  :o(  Boo!  Hiss!   However, the good part is that I will be with a group of people I truly love!  So there is a bright spot!  Six weeks just seems like an eternity!  With Spring teasing us endlessly (snow expected tonight), and of course my little peeps...I don't suppose I need to tell you that I don't want to leave?  Oh yes, not to be left out (my bad!), Pig Pen!  :o)

I'll probably have monster chickens by the time I get back.  And they'll hate me, peck my eyesballs out and all sorts of other horrible things.  OK, maybe I am being dramatic.

They are growing so fast and I have enjoyed the daily changes in them.  They all have wing feathers coming in.  Tail feathers are starting to appear and -we are learning new tricks!
So today when Pig Pen gets home, we are going to raise the light for the first time, put bedding down in the entire coop in case we have an 'escapee' and need to provide a soft landing/warmth.  But the question is, since they are quickly outgrowing their current space:  do we next let them into the coop or do we devise some sort of larger brooder (i.e. play pen)?

What say you's?

Oh and all the pasty butts are under control thanks to all your wonderful advice!  We have happy chickens!


  1. I think you will indeed have monster chickens when you get back, it's amazing how fast they grow! I have all the ingredients to make soap, I have been putting it off for a year telling myself I don't have time, etc... I just need a good book about it and to stop making excuses. Let's challenge ourselves to get a batch done before summer's end! We'll miss you when you're out making the big bucks, glad you like everyone in your group, that makes it much easier I'm sure.

  2. Erin, just when I think I have every 'how to' book, you go and give me another to think of! What a great idea to challenge ourselves! Let's do it!

    You pick the date and we will have a "Great Soap Making Challenge".

  3. Boo Hiss is right! I have a very easy soap recipe I will send you. Don't let me forget.

  4. APG, they will have to be kept under heat until they are all feathered out. And, heck, do you have to go? Just when we were relaxing and enjoying your great posts! Well, hurry back! I'd be interested in all of your soapmaking efforts. Although it's on my list, it's at the end. I have to retire first, before I can work through my lists.

  5. Good luck with your soap making venture. I am going to make some laundry soap,the gel kind in a few weeks,this will be my first attempt,but pretty sure I can do it. Blessings jane

  6. Jane, I will certainly take you up on that!!

    Susan, I wonder if we add another heat lamp if that would help? I don't blame you for putting retirement as THE top priority!

    Jane2, I will look forward to that post too!

  7. What about getting a B-I-G cardboard box, putting that in the chicken house proper on the floor. Set up your brooder light over the bigger box area for them until they are feathered out. Will it stay warm enough in the chicken house for them with this set up? That way it can be kind of a transition home for them before letting them loose in the chicken house.

    Don't go to work. You can't go. Just as Susan says, we're just getting back in the loop with you being here regularly. You will be missed a lot but, at the same time, you'll be back before we know it. Maybe it will even have stopped snowing by then.

  8. MamaPea, the trough they are in now is roughly a 40x20" oval. It is warm and heated as well as the lamp we have on them. Maybe I am just being overly concerned at this point?

    On the bright side, at least the hotel I will be at has high-speed. So while I may not be posting alot (cuz it's pretty boring out there), I will at least be able to keep up with you guys this time!!! Yeah!

  9. Plant some calendula this year, I have a soapmaking friend here and she took a bunch of mine since apparently those blossoms keep their color and form really well and are good for putting in soap!

  10. Erin, Oh, and it smells divine! Will do!!!

  11. Loved this post! I made one batch of soap, no frills, and I like it. Kinda chunky, though. You know, just a big square, not in a soap shape. I guess that will come with practice. Next time, I will use something that smells good. I also made laundry soap, twice. I like it! Makes me feel like a homesteader, and self-reliant. A good feeling. Now on to dish soap, and dishwasher detergent! Good luck on your baby chicks. They're so cute!

  12. Lori, well you are one step ahead then! I don't think it has to look 'pretty'. Does it work? Yes. Good enough for me! ;)