Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arrival or Departure?

It's a wonderful thing we didn't depart this world over the weekend because we had alot to celebrate and no time for funny business like that! 

With just a few weeks to go, our family will welcome it's newest arrival!  So we showered the Mom and Dad to be -twofold!  Saturday her side, Sunday our side.  Pretty sure Mom is zonked out!  And she should be!!!

Have you ever seen a pregnant Momma and your lip betrays you and pops out in a quiver?  That's poor Meagan right now...
Yes, I asked permission to take that picture!  Poor feetsies are so swollen!  But she soldiered on!  If you ask me, exploding watermelons in China got nothin' on Mom!  Here she is for real... 
So if you would, keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  That can't be comfortable!

My other SIL posted more photos from the weekend, so I went for comic relief.  I know...shocking!  You can see the baby's room and shower photo's at Jen's Blog!  If you need cute ideas for a nursery, you should check it out!

Congratulations Meg and Ry! 
That little train will be arriving at the station soon! 

Or would that be considered a departure?  ;-)


  1. Well congratulations to all on getting another addition to the family! Poor feet...

  2. What a cute post missy! And yes, her feet made me hurt just by looking at them. Let's hope this little Owen gets his tail out soon!!!

    Thanks for making the weekend fun! Love you!

  3. Are you sure that girl is pregnant? She is so small! I cant even see a belly. Congratulations on the soon to be arrival and for being in the contest for the least weight gained in pregnancy. I think Mama Pea is the current record holder with 12 pounds :) Can she beat her?

  4. Oh, how I remember those days! Gosh, I looked a beached whale by the time I was 6 months! Congrats to the new mommy and daddy! Hope the arrival goes smoothly.

  5. Erin, doesn't it make you want another one?

    Jan, you should post pics of the stuff you embroidered for them! Then reconsider Etsy!! Love you too!

    Jane, MamaPea probably had ChickenMama in the garden and then flung her directly on her back and kept on goin'!

    Now, posting Meagan's feetsie's is one thing, but her weight...she'd kill me! But like you observed, it's not much! Barely a basket ball!

    Lori, fond memories, eh? I am sure you weren't alone with the waddle :)

  6. Cute post Di. Her feetsies actually look good in this pic. Poor thing. But it wont be long now!!

    And do need to post pics of all the stuff you made for them. It's all too cute!!

  7. Jen, I was JUST telling Adam the pictures didn't do it justice :(

  8. My bad...I was in such a hurry to get things wrapped that I forgot to take pictures! I will have Meagan take some for me.

  9. I was also wondering where the pregnant belly was on that fine looking mama!! Poor little feet... and yes, my dear, I think that would be considered a departure!!

  10. Jan, I am shocked you didn't do that!

    MamaTea, definetly baby on board. I should have taken one of her standing up instead. She's a cute one! And I was thinking more 'departure' too. :)

  11. no one I know looks that good just before birth--you heard of the exploding watermelons also-EUUUUUUUUU is that one of the reasons a lot of you mention Etsy- home made or local- I haven't really caught on to that yet. I do craigslist or garage sale.YOU MENTIONED MOMMA PEA--SHE PROBABLY WOULD DO THAT--IS SHE ILL? My own little grandson hit 4 months-so your sister should be getting excited-they are so adorable and fun---the other day I was holding him and he came in for what I thought might be a snuggle but more like a duck in a pond -going after a fish and my face could have been a baseball mit for as much as the baby cared---he wanted to grapple something-ANYTHING [ HE'S TEETHING ] slobber-slobber-slobber