Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching Up

Lot's went down in the three months I was gone.  And as usual, the boys are complaining that I did not give them sufficient credit for all the hard work they did around here.  So this post is some catching up on random projects and "stuff"  (picture heavy).
Barn Roof Work Begins

Keith, LLL and Pig Pen aka Monkeys
Not long after this was complete we had a major hail storm by the way.  This roof survived but the house did not.  So that will come along around Fall time.
Finishing the Fence
 Introducing doggies to birdies...
She just sits, never barks!  Stealthy bird dog!
This one barks!
This one has zero interest in anything bigger than her.

A Pig Pen project goes from this...
To this...
And of course THIS!
For jobs like that!
And for random cuteness, we have things like this:

My brothers idea of a joke for Mom on Mothers Day

My niece's new John Deere T-shirt saying
"Dirt makes me cuter!"

As does ice cream

As do tractors just like Uncle Pig Pen!

As well as tractors that find good homes due to upgrades!
Thanks guys...for holding down the fort while I was away!
Ya done good!

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  1. Well the W. here has his tongue hanging out at what the W. there has done with the forks. His words "Wow he did a really great job!!!" Now his W. is spinning, I mean his gears are spinning on if he could build one. As I write I can still hear him in the other room remarking on Pig Pens fabricating skills. Now look what you did. I got fences to get up!

  2. Jane, so sorry! Hehehee, but ya gave me a darn good laugh! Tell the little W that after the panels and after the fence and after the new coop and after the...geesh! He better get on it or the forks will never happen!!!

  3. Hey did I miss something? Is that a Lab PUPPY in the 2nd photo? Haha, been there - don't envy you....!

  4. Fun to see all the pictures! Busy, busy, busy . . . spring time brings it out in all of us. The "boys" did very well while you were out busting your buns in a totally different way!

  5. Great enjoyable to see them. So much to get done now that Spring is here!

  6. Wow! That Pig Pen must have been raised right!!! :) Hard workin' like his maw and paw!!!

  7. How on EARTH do you train MEN to do THINGS while you are GONE??
    If I leave nothing gets done but a whole-lotta tv watching.

  8. NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK IN THE LAND OF BLOG! I missed your posts and comments.
    Sorry to see you having trouble with seeds. We have another type problem (a good one!), Volinteers! We have volinteer squash plants coming up in the worm beds! Seems like they love the pumpkin pulp and rind, but not the seeds. So I have transplanted them to the garden.
    Which is doing great, as long as we can avoid the late afternoon thunder storms! High winds are tearing things up!