Monday, May 23, 2011

Bee Very Careful!

Last year, I believe Pig Pen rounded out the year with roughly 7 bee stings.  Not too bad!  (Says she who doesn't get close!)

Animals might be another story...

Not sure if this member of the family thinks she's Winnie the Pooh or what!?
This is the second time this has happened to Missy -this year!  You'd think she'd have learned after the first time.  I guess the temptation is just too great.

The other night, Pig Pen was on the tractor and I was up by the house.  Somewhere waaaay out in the back, I heard her cry out.  Now this dog is a lug.  An oaf.  An ox!  She never cries.  She cried -twice.  It was a mix of her bark and a coon dog cry.  Mom's just know. 

I started hollering at Pig Pen.  Mind you he was probably about 15 yards closer to her than I was, but he didn't hear her.  Maybe it's the same as a baby cry in the middle of the night and Dad's just sleep thru it (w)?  Dunno.  But sure enough, she was in the woods.  He thinks she stumbled onto ground bees this time.
Poor Missy :o(


  1. Oh poor baby! I'd be hollaring too! My Casey ("Piglet") laid her belly down in an ant patch a few weeks ago and they bit her up pretty good. Nothing like poor Missy, though. Time for puppy hugs and kisses!

  2. Oh my gosh, I bet that was painful! And you are right, Moms just know. You are a good mama. :)

  3. That stings! Reminds me of our dog Red [ years ago] was scouting around up at the lake-he thought he would take a porcupine on-[ RATTLE RATTLE THUNDER AND A BOOM BOOM BOOM ]my dad sat there for hours pulling out quills with a pliers.

  4. Well I found my Shepherd playing with a snake yesterday. A small harmless one, but still not a toy. It is amazing what they can get into in just a second. Poor thing. Did she get extra cookies?

  5. Poor baby! Both of my dogs suffered from bad reactions to yellow jacket stings a couple of years ago. Earlier this spring we had them swarming in and around the garden shed, but they suddenly just disappeared. I hope they found a new home that they like better than ours!

  6. Ow, ow, ow! Poor baby!! Those ground bees are awful - you never know they're around until it's too late. Hope she's feeling much better.

  7. Poor baby! That is so sad. Tell Adam to be extra nice to her for awhile. That musta hurt like a mutha!!!

  8. Poor thing! Years ago, I had a lab that loved to catch bees and flies... one day I was home for lunch (I was working at a vet hospital at the time) and she came back inside after her potty break and promptly lost control of her bladder and vomited, which was strange since she never does either - I had to get back to work so I just scooped up some of her puke in a baggie LOL and brought her back to work with me. I gave it to the dr who said "Erin, did you even look at this?" -I said no and went to go see... he had it spread out on a dish, there were about 30 bees in it!!! She must have eaten a damn nest and the venom was enough to temporarily paralyze her bladder, thank God she wasn't allergic to them. Dogs....

  9. Poor baby. I hate ground bees. We have them all over and I've gotten stung way too many times. The goats have gotten into them a time or two as well. I hate to laugh at them because of it, but they do the funniest dance!

  10. Poor MIssy!!!!! Yes...mommies just know that cry. I bet she was scared. I would have freaked! But you know me and bugs...that's why I stay VERY far away :-)

  11. Oh, those ground bees are the worst. We had those when we lived in the Upper Peninsula. Hubby ran into them with a mower. Not good.

    Hope Missy is better---and LEARNS this time. I honestly didn't think animals got stung with all that fur. Sheesh! Poor thing!

  12. Tami, if we had ants like that, she'd find them too. Sorry for Piglet :(

    MamaTea, awe thanks! I don't care what anyone says, they are like kids I suppose!

    Judy, a porcupine?! Omg, I can not imagine what that was like, nor do I want to!

    Jane, if our dogs produced a snake, it'd be me taking care of it not him :) Some time having a retriever type can be scarey! Oh, look ma!

    Granny, I have been worried that she'd have an actual reaction, but she seems to be toughin' it out. Your little doggies being so close to the ground wouldn't stand much chance against these either, huh?

    Susan, sheesh...ya'd hardly know now! Other than the occassional scratching :)

    Erin, ok, I will say it. That is disgusting! Ewwww! Good thing you worked for a vet. I will file that in the back of my head to carefully inspect if ever...yuck!

    Leigh, funny dancing huh? I bet! One of my favorite stories is when my FIL got chased by them. But my MIL has to tell that story. I couldn't get it out with a straight face. LOL!

    Jen, I am so scared that someday I will stumble upon them myself! Bet for sure he'd hear ME screaming! hehee

    Sue, oh yes, they go for the tender parts. Her eyes, ears, right under her mouth and of course the groin area too. They are crafty like that!

  13. Jan...someday you need to share the story of Pops getting chased! Special request!

  14. Oh, oh, poor Missy! Our Zoey used to try to catch (in her mouth, of course) our honey bees if they buzzed too close to her. She got her share of stings, too. They'd seem to get caught in her coat and got her under her arm a lot.

    I stepped in a nest of ground hornets once. I must have done the 100 yard dash in record breaking time trying to get away from them.