Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home to Roost

To answer the questions, yes - I am home for good!  WooHoo!

Here are a few other things who found their way home also:
Any guesses (from those who don't know) what that is?

How about a hint?
That is how our honey bees arrived just a few short weeks ago! 
Skid row?
And in no time, Pig Pen literally just dumped them in.
The Queen in her temporary castle.

Other characters roosting around...
They are up on the third rung already.   Which maybe you can tell, is near the top of the door frame. 
And then they made the leap to the corner rung above that!

Now I am sure this comes as no surprise to most of you, however -the proud Mama Hen in me thinks my chickens are phenomenal and aspire to greatness.
But what about the funny looking one?  Did you see him/her?
Oh, not what you expected?  Hey, it's close!
The Show Off...Or Show Stopper.  You decide!


  1. I do believe that I see Kelso giving you the stink eye in that photo. I think he is on to you and your plans. How could you just not love that bird. Beautiful!

  2. When I first looked at the photo, I wondered why APG had four one-holers, with only two in the family. Extras for company?

    That has to be the cutest chicken ever.

  3. Where's the lipstick and eyeliner? You really should put some glitter on that bird!

  4. Now that's a crazy hair day!
    (I FEEL like that somedays!)

  5. I'm jealous of your bees! I keep telling myself "one day".....but then there's always DH to try and convince that we really, really NEED bees!

  6. Those are awesome roosts! Congrats on the bees, and your chick definitely needs to be bedazzled LOL!

  7. Chicken remind me of Lady Gaga!!! We had some radishes for dinner last night and soon will have lettuce and spinach. Just saying!!! I've heard you have been away for quite awhile. Glad your home and hope to see you this summer. Mom looks happy!! Love ya Aunt Diane

  8. OMG...the chics are SO BIG! And I heart Kelso. I think he is a a total freak show kind of way :-) Glad you're home sis!

  9. Jane, agreed -he looks none too happy. Bad hair day?

    Granny, not a 4 holer never occured to me, but I can see it now!

    Tami, now you want me to paint up the bird!? Aye! He already has a complex!

    MamaTea, well when you get your homestead re-arranged, you need to have entertainment factor too then!

    Sue, we all look like that in the morning, huh?

    Carolyn, no regrets with adding bees. If you do get them, you will be HOOKED!!!

    Erin, bedazzle??? I wonder if I could find beaded chicken diapers to work with. Hmmm

    Aunt Diane! What a wonderful surprise here! If you find some of your goodies missing from your warmer climate may not be bunnies! ;) Can't wait to see you!!!

    Jen, yes big! Harder for tiny fingers to rip their heads off! HA!!!

    Robin, ok I will admit, there is something cute about him!