Thursday, August 18, 2011

Change Is Good

Not long ago, I asked my SIL Jen to give things around here a face lift.  Boy howdy, she delivered!

I have to laugh because just the other day she said she could show me how to do this and that and this and blah, blah, blah.  (hehehehee!)  It was a total glaze over moment.  See, I used to be a real whiz-bang with computer stuff.  Really, I was. 

These days, I just don't mind resorting to bribery.  I mean really, why not support your local -um- economy(?) and let those who excel at one thing or another get something in return?  And I know she really wanted this (which reads him) in return:
Need a closer look, you say?
Well hot damn!  Mmmm-mm! 

Eric Northman from True Blood.  Alexander Skarsgard in real life, but we just call him, "Yes, you can bite me there, Eric."  And might I note that he is from Svweeeden and younger!  Chicken Mama...are you listening???

Yes, it was a good trade.  She got Season 3 of True Blood and I got this awesome new blog!

Thank you Jen!  I know it was a pain in the patoot, but ya did good!  And I would be remiss if I did not also give thanks to her husband for coming up with my new catch phrase of "The Apple Pie Gal...Returns to the Farm".  He actually said to Jen one day something along the lines of, "Hey, didn't Di grow up on a farm or her family or something?"

Isn't Jen just a lucky LUCKY gal for that wonderful husband she can call out to as "Eric" and he's none the wiser?  Lucky, indeed.

My gosh, I think I've crossed a line here that I have never stepped over!  I should apologize to both Eric the Husband and Pig Pen.  :o)  Should.

I should go feed the chickens.


  1. Nice new look! Although the centerfold look'n guy had me worried a bit, was wondering where this morning's post was going....

  2. You're a good trader. And an evil gal deep down inside.
    We love you!

  3. I love the new look of your blog! You are such a naughty girl enticing us with that picture :)

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look! It is awesome! But before Jen comments she should sign out of your account! ha!!!!

  5. The header is awesome! I think I'm the only person left who hasn't seen True Blood! I have been watching Big Love on Netflix and just finished and True Blood is on my list for Netflix next LOL!

  6. Good point mom! Haha! Sorry about that! I took the comment off Di so no one would be confused :-) Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out! I still don't think this blog design was worth True Blood, but thanks for being so generous! 12 hours of that delicious man was well worth the effort :-)

  7. CR, I know...a little off from the usual stuff but every now and then a girls gotta have fun, right? ;)

    Sue, sometimes being bad feels good. And I'm not sure if they are bad thoughts or good thoughts where that hottie is concerned.

    Jane, I am sure we could work in some Supernatural show stuff for you too...

    Robin, I always thought "naughty" was a funny word!

    Peakview, well thanks! Jen is pretty awesome!

    Jan, I caught that in my inbox and laughed and scratched my head! HA!

    Erin, careful might find yourself a fangbanger! The books were excellent and easy reads too. Great on a Kindle! ;)

    Jen, it was worth EVERY single thing! You plucked the idea out of my head and made it real. And trust me, my head can be a very confusing place! Love you!!!!!

  8. I love the new look and the new outline, is there a hint there in you don't know what comes next [ maybe in the way of swallowing a watermelon seed ] I DEFIANTLY CAN'T SHOW MY DAUGHTER BECCA THIS, SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE, SHE IS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN ME CONVINCING TO LET HER SIGNIFICANT OTHER GO OR I MURDER HIM ----JK

  9. Oh, the centerfold thumbnail on my blog roll didn't WORRY me . . . it made me click on your blog for the first one of the morning! ;) That said, I've decided (ha!) that my next man is going to be Irish. Or Welsh. I just CANNOT get over the Irish accent! Besides, we'd have to go back across the pond on occasion to visit his family . . . !

    Other than that, congrats on the new look! I'll be in the office today, so your cards should (?!) go out. :) xo

  10. It's wonderful! Change is good, indeed!!! Very talented family, my dear. I will admit the first pic did cause some of my coffee to exit my nose. You should put up a warning for us old dames - got my heart pumpin! (word verification is "sonice" - and it is so nice.)

  11. Judy, ok ya got me! Should we call on the vamps to take care of this man for you? ;)

    ChickenMama, normally I wouldn't let a picture like that show up on someone's sidebar cuz it just looks off kilter. However... I KNEW you had photos on yours and wanted to grab your attention. Just trying to keep you focused :o} A hike across the pond would be very worth it if you stumbled across those abs!

    Susan, hehehee! Sorry to get the blood flow moving so quickly for you! He is certainly "so nice".

  12. You make me giggle. That's all I have to say today. Oh, and I love the new look on the blog! :)

  13. I love the picture of the yard and barn. You and Adam have done a great job on the old homestead.P.S. I like the boots

  14. MamaTea, you are a giggle box too! Thanks :o)

    Pops, sometimes it doesn't even seem real or possible, but it's getting there!