Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We had wicked storms move through last night.  Why can't we get rain without all the storm damage?

They are out to get me.  I don't know who they are, but I think I hear them sneaking around at night snickering. 

I think I need to subscribe to Erin's approach and just "live".  I really want to sew something!

The year is taking me down for the count.

Sorta like my corn for the third time:

We shall see if it bounces back this time or not.

Shhh...I think I hear them!  Snicker, Snicker


  1. ACK! Not again! We had nasty storms yesterday morning (I will post about them tomorrow). Your poor corn! How's a gal supposed to get a break??

    You really need to go sew something. :)

  2. That's such a discouragement. We lost an entire peach crop this year. We'll only get 10 or 20 pounds from 6 healthy trees. I guess it's just that kind of year.

  3. Ohfercryinoutloud! WHAT is it with this weather this year?? Night before last we were told to expect terrific thunder storms and 3" of rain. Fortunate for us, we missed the worst of it and ended up with only 3/4" of rain. Your poor corn is getting used to the drill. It may just pop up again.

    Yes, do go sew. It will only help! Hugs.

  4. I'm just waiting for those storms to show up here today...."they" say that they are coming.

    Go sew!! The garden is going to do what it is going to do!

  5. well APG-you know that old scary story were the kids are tip toeing down the basement stairs and they go "shhh,whats that noise" wrap,wrap,WRAP ,THEY CONTINUE ON A FEW STEPS, ONLY TO HEAR"WRAP.WRAP,WRAPPING WAX---SO WHAT YOU GOT OUT THERE IN THE FIELDS IS " snicker,snicker-SNICKERDOODLES"

  6. MamaTea, no breaks here. I think I need fabric therapy bad today. Trying to keep the mood light but failing miserably.

    Jody, that IS a huge loss. :( Peaches are my favorite summertime fruit, so I feel for you.

    MamaPea, I really hope so. We just found out yesterday that the farmer we intended to get sweet corn from has none this year. The field next to him used RoundUp and his corn was hit with the overspray. ZIP!

    Robin, well I hope you get the rain you need without all the crazy winds. And you are right, it will do whatever!

    Judy, yeah, those are the kids that you want to smack cuz they are so stupid! Which reminds me, I need to make Snickerdoodles for Pig Pen :)

  7. Holy moly. We have been getting the same thing. No rain forEVER, then big storms with high winds and torrential rain. I am spending a lot of time trying to remember all the bad things I did in my yooth that would bring on this retribution! Amen, sister.

  8. Oh, poor corn. Again!
    You're in IL, aren't you? I moved out of there because it was ALWAYS storms like that. And heat. And humidity. And bugs.
    Of course, now that we never GET storms, I sorta miss them. Until I see this. And then I remember WHY I hated Hell-inois so bad. Sorry. Nuff said.

  9. I predict the corn will rise again! Unless you really have crop circles and you are misreading the signs. Perhaps you had a visitor last night that you are unaware of. Do you feel.....probed?

  10. Oh, no! This gardening is such an unpredictable business. Do go sew something! Wind can't flatten it, rain can't rot it, drought can't dry it up, bugs can't eat it, fungus can't kill it...
    I'm planning a sewing project too. I want me a 1950's polka-dot dress! :) And an apron to go with it...

  11. Let's just skip the rest of 2011 and go straight into spring 2012. OK?

    My verification word is "unwitios". Is that Spanish for "not funny"?

  12. I think you need to pick a quilt project out of the books I loaned you and let's go fabric shopping!!!!!

  13. Your poor corn. Poor you! Are you going to go out and try to prop it up?

  14. Ouch! It looks like you corn took a beating. I hope it bounces back so you an enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope today is filled with sunshine (not to much) and blessings from above. Have a great one!

  15. ohmigosh look at that corn - are you serious????? What is UP with the d@mn weather this year? You definitely need to sew something LOL...

  16. Susan, oh so THAT'S the problem. Well I suppose we at least had fun as kids then, huh?

    Sue, now you got me wondering if we live in the same triangle you couldn't wait to get away from. Whereabouts in IL?

    Jane, you are so so sooooo bad! HA! I almost called the post Crop Circles but couldn't come up with anything good...leave it to you! :o)

    Patty, now you've got the right idea! Clothes have never been my strong suit in making, but man I'd sure love to get better at it! Looking forward to seeing your skirt!

    Granny, yes, lets close our eyes and wish it away. Cuz it ain't funny! How fitting...

    Jan, deal!!!

    Patty S, thank you so much for the well wishes!

    Erin, I wish I could throw in the towel at this point. The problem is I haven't even begun to harvest but a bucket. If I could just get to a middle point even!

  17. Hey Diana, Uncle Richard's motto on Illinois weather is.......If you don't like it....stick around, it will change soon!!!! We have seen it sunny to raining and snowing all in the same day. Just to be fair, weather has been very unpredictable all over the country lately. Sorry about your corn.

  18. APG-I came from Freeport. That town has hit rock bottom. I have no desire to go back. But, I do miss areas like Galena/JoDavis County and the wide open farms. But OMG--the storms. I swear I spent most of the summer in the basement. Damn Winds!

  19. Leigh, well it is slowly righting itself. I hate to get in there and tromp. What do you suggest?

    Aunt Diane, I hear ya. But it still gets my goat :o{

    Sue, oh yes. Basement time! When we were kids we lived down by Peoria and we had a little set up with games and toys to keep us occupied while things blew past. We got married in Galena!

  20. I hear ya...this year has been crazy. Hope the corn finds the strength to get up....again! We keep having these storms heading our way and then they fizzle out and disappear just before they reach us....we are really testing our well this year!!