Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grand Champion!

Folks, it's been a very rough couple'o weeks here.  I do believe my computer/internet issues are fixed.  There goes another jinx!  It's really hard to catch up with you all when you fall so far behind!  Maybe that is why I have been in such a "Funk".  I haven't had my daily fixes of blogland laughter. 

But funk it is.  Yesterday I realized that canning 2 Qts. of Green Beans is every bit as exhausting as canning 20 in a day.  Why?  Because you still have to go thru all the motions, make all the mess, consume nearly the same amount of time...for next to nothing.  It's very depressing.  Dare I say...joyless?  This applies to all the other things I have been canning up so far this year as well.  Which is about a 10th of last years harvest.  No joke.  It's really getting to me.

There are a few good things going on that should make me happy, such as cracking open our first eggs!  I thought I would tap lightly on them as I was pretty sure the shells might be weaker than what I was used to.  Boy was I wrong!  They were solid as a rock!  Can you see the difference? 
I didn't even get it cracked thru all the way.  I am sure there is a technical word for that membrane thingee, but frankly, I'm just not feelin' it right now.   :o}

They really are like a round little orb of sunshine.  Not at all yellow like the ones in the store.  Definitely orange.  And they do cook up differently.  No bouncing of rubber or watered down goo.  Nope, nice and firm yet with light body.  Total oxymoron, I know.
We are up to about 6 eggs per day.  All of which are small (about 2 to equal 1).  Not complaining!  It's a treat every day to see how many are in the boxes.

With 31 layers out there, it could get busy around here!  Maybe.  ???  Well I don't propose that my chickens are Grand Champions but look who is!
This is my second cousin, Kyle.  He's the cute two-legged one of course!  Isn't that a great looking hog?!

And the dynamic duo won the Kankakee County Fair Overall Grand Champion!  And it gets better...the IL State Fair Grand Champion in his class!

Very impressive!  We went to the State Fair this week and I can tell you there are alot of hogs all nudging in on this, so it is not an honor that is easy to earn!  I sure didn't count all the hogs, but there had to of been well over 100 on one day alone!  Or at least close.  And I wasn't even there on the day Kyle and the barrows showed.  I was there for the gilts.

Ask me how I know these things.  I don't really.  My Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally told me.  I could learn alot from Kyle too apparently.  Darn Punk Kids  - I'll show you!

Here's my hog:

Top that Kyle!  Ok, ok...yours tastes better.

Well in any case ~ Congratulations, Kyle! 

This is a huge accomplishment and your entire family is proud of you! 

Keep up the good work!


  1. We love you Apple Pie gal, even when you're feeling the funk! My recommendation: take several of those annoying jars that didn't seal properly (you don't want to waste the good ones), and line them up on the fence post. Then, get yourself one of those wrist rocket/sling shot things, and shoot the jars to bits and pieces. I think that would be very therapeutic!

  2. Haha, I love Jody's idea!

    Tell Kyle congratulations, that's a lot of hard work! My beans haven't been producing that much at once this year sadly, so they've been getting frozen. Easier, but not too good if the power goes out - and since hurricane season doesn't gear up here until Sep/Oct, it will! I can't seem to get caught up on anything this summer, I sure hope winter is different! The eggs look fantastic, yum!

  3. It sure can get you down - all that work and so little to show for it. And you can only go out and shake your fist at Ma Nature, who doesn't give two hoots anyway. Buck up, sweetie pie. I thank that Kyles barrow is beautiful! What a handsome pig! But, but, I have such envy for your hog. I want me one!

  4. Jody, I was thinking of sewing, but now that you mention it - I could use a little target practice! Hunting season is coming up afterall!

    Erin, see that's why guys are good...they think of these things! I have frozen more than I care to this year for the same reason. And it is just ticking me off! I don't want to freeze!! And I hate that you have to at all living where you live. Hopefully this year with Hubby home it wont be so hard on you getting everything together. I am still amazed at your preparedness and all the awesome videos you did last year. You are one slick chic!

    Oh and p.s. only 7 years??? That ain't nuttin!

  5. Susan, Oh my hog is such fun! It's exhilarating! Of course at top speed of 35mph it just knocks the dust of ya!

  6. AHH!!! Love the hog!!! It is so cute! You guys aren't going to let me drive it though with my motorized vehicle track record are you. Could I just take it for a spin around your property?
    And I am so sorry about your garden this year. I know you are beyond bummed about it. What could I do to make you happy...a new blog design perhaps? Wink wink!

  7. Nothing like a good fresh egg--so yummy! Do you really want 31 chickies doing their thang? Even with small eggs, thats a LOT of eggs. Well, anywho--congrats. Enjoy those sunshine morsels!

  8. Jen, bring your helmet and make it pink! :) You will have a hoot on it! And yes.....

    Sue, Noooo! no, nu-uh. We are only holding out long enough for our niece to forget how many we have and then, ya know...

  9. I love your hog! If I ever get one we can go toodling around together. I still think you need some leather to go with it!

    Let's get your sewing going. That always makes you feel better. I'm here for you! Or better yet, I'll come to you!

  10. Oh, and congrats to Kyle! That is awesome! But I think your hog is MUCH cuter. Just sayin!

  11. APG----all I can say is even at only 35mph on that wild hog we will be calling you Evil Knievel or maybe those good looking leggs I mean eggs we will be calling you Martha. I KEPT THINKING ABOUT THE NEWS CAST AND THAT AWFUL STORY OF THE OTHER STATE FAIR AND MY MIND WAS RACING-GOING OK-ERIN IS IN V,MOMMA PEA IS IN M ,JANE IN P ,AND APG in I but which I,PRAYING YOU WERE NOT AT THAT STATE FAIR [ the big storm ]

  12. Jan, I tried today but my heart just wasn't in it. Think I will try a book instead :( Yes, I neeeeed a riding partner! Leather chaps might be overkill tho! hehee

    Judy, you are so sweet to keep us in your thoughts! I am in IL and thankfully there were no flash mobs or storms the day we went. My mom made sure to lecture me on getting out of there before nightfall :)

  13. I just love your hog!! I so want one! In my teenage Tom Boy days, I used to ride my little motorcycyle with all the guys!

    I'm so so jealous of your eggs too..we can't have chickens here :(

    Congrats to Kyle!! That's another fine hog! My mother had a state champion cow when she was young for two years!

    I say get out the 22 and forget the sling shot!

  14. Well you just have to be thankful for the two quarts. Not much else you can do, and I am sure they will taste extra good come winter. And when did you pick up the scooter? Its very cute! Basket and all. I also think you need a sign at the end of your driveway "fresh eggs and honey". Might as well work with what you got.

  15. Ok...did I read it right that you have 31 layers? Thirty one?? Holy crap. I'm coming to live with you.

    Congrats to Kyle! How awesome.

    And sewing would be good therapy, but I'm with Jody. Get the gun out for God's sake. Shoot something. You'll feel better.

  16. We all get into a funk every now and then. I'm so sorry your garden isn't cooperating, and sending you into one now. Maybe you could trade eggs with somebody that has too many veggies?? And, I agree, you should shoot something to feel better.
    Love your "hog!" I told hubby a few years back I wanted a motorcycle, and I would even get one with a sidecar for him to ride in. Somehow, that didn't fly. Craziness! I have no idea why. Something about not being in control, or some such excuse.

  17. Oops! A big congrats to Kyle! That's a whole lot of work, and I can see why your entire family is proud. Way to go!

  18. Robin, let's hear it for the tom boys! I wish everyone could have chickens :( How awesome that your Mom was a Champ too! That is a great accomplishment!

    And when Jody said sling shot, I really did interpret that as shot gun LOL!

    Jane, Pig Pen got it for me as an early Bday present. Good thing since I can at least ride a bit while its still nice out. Yes, I do need a sign. Thanks for reminding me. I'd forget my head I swear!

    Mama Tea, yes'm 31. And it wouldn't take much of a twist of the arm to convince me to keep them all. They are a real hoot! But you know that! I will see about the alternate therapy boost!

    Lori, gee I can't understand why any guy would be opposed to the sidecar :oD. I think that would be hilarious! I say go for it and push the issue!

    Everyone, thank you for all the congratulations for Kyle! I am sure he is blushing now!

  19. I'm a little late, but congrats to Kyle! I think it does so much (good things!) for kids to work with animals during their teen years.

    Do you have to have a license to putter around on your little red scooter? Is it legal on the roads?

    With so many yucky things happening lately, who wouldn't be in a funk? Heck, it takes real grit and gumption to stay chirky which you do 99.9% of the time. Hope we hear more from you now that your computer problems are fixed. Missed ya!

  20. Just saying hello from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  21. MamaPea, yupper! Kyle and all the rest of Aunt Bena's grandkids know how to tromp thru the muck! Mmmm, pig poop!

    No special license for this scooter. It's only 50cc's and in IL no further requirements. Even still, I took the motorcycle course years ago and can ride'em all anyway.

    Fingers crossed, been online all night and haven't been dropped yet! I have missed you guys tons!!!

    Amish Stories, thank you for stopping by!

  22. Congrats to Cousin Kyle...and to you for some delicious looking eggs :)

  23. I love orange eggs...that membrane is so tricky but then you learn to crack extra hard. I just had a friend over and gave the kids eggs to eat...they were so excited about our funny colored eggs (brown shell, yellow yolk) and thought they were quite comical.