Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mending Ami

Ami is up to some old tricks:

You might be able to tell that she holds her left leg.  No weight, which is to be expected.  She has become an even more finicky eater.  But that's OK.  She has mastered the three-legged hop/run very well.  No jumping allowed, ever.  Clearly, her barker isn't broke.  She's always at the ready when the vacuum attacks.

It's probably due in part to this:
Ice Cream and Cheerios.

But more likely, it's from lots of these from Grama:
Maybe even all the cyber hugs she received:
Thank you Chicken Mama and Mama Pea for the glorious photo cards!  There's only one problem...I wont want to give them away!!

No dog left behind:
I have to hold her floppy ears back.

Never put your hand in front of this dog...she might lick you too!
Thank you all for inquiring about my little Ami, she feels very loved!


  1. If you skip the Cheerio's (too healthy!), I'd come and eat a bowl of ice cream too!
    Glad she seems to be feeling better. Who wouldn't , with all that love!

  2. Sue, ok then we can share. You take the ice cream and I'll eat your cheerios!

  3. With the combination of Cheerios and ice cream and lotsa love, Ami should be just fine. She is such a cute little peanut!

  4. Just yesterday my brother in law in Brainerd similar to your in looks but born without front legs, the story of the people who adopted her and made her a skid with roller blades,one for sliding in the snow too. I would send it but I'm. sure you are to busy.I received my greeting cards too,I preferred the funny ones because that is my nature [ other wise I'd be wearing my heart on my sleeve ALL the time ] lol WHEN I FIND ROOM I WANT TO FRAME A COUPLE,THE ONE WITH A PICTURE OF ONE OF HER CHICKENS IS A BLAST-BAD HAIR DAY---HA MINE!

  5. Aw, thanks for the dog report. All the others plus Ami who seems to be doing pretty darn good! Gotta say she doesn't look like she's in much pain . . . which is just the way you want it!

  6. Aww, our little peanut. She still has alot of spunk in her!!! What is it with vacuums and dogs barking??

  7. Only problem is that you will have one happy hoppy, and two girls who will be needing the spanx. It's always so hard to treat one and not the others. Glad she is doing better.

  8. Susan, I think you are right!

    Judy, :) Never too busy! That chickens hair looks like mine on a good day!

    MamaPea, I don't think she is either seeing as how the one thing she absolutely refuses to take is the pain med. She hasn't had any for days and is none worse for the wear. Amazing little bugger.

    Jan, all the more reason not to vacuum, right?

    Jane, you got that right! Ha! Dog spanx!

  9. Hey, doggie Spanx??? Do they make that in a 2x? For boy dogs? Your little Ami looks great. Glad to hear she's on the mend. I've been wondering about her.

  10. So glad to hear she is acting more like herself!

  11. I'm all for spoiling the little dear, but if you really want to do the job right, you have to put Lucky Charms on top of the ice cream. That, my dear, will make everything all bettah. :)

  12. Awwww, can I give her big hug? I promise to be gentle....


  13. Ice cream, what dog does not love it. Our vet told us to give our LilBit ice cream after a seizure. She would love to eat it everyday, but she is just too darn fat for that!
    Glad little one is doing well. It is surely all the love she is getting, and the ice cream too!

  14. Lori, hmmm dunno about 2x but probably camo. Bet you could find camo. :oD

    Diane, well thank you ma'am!

    MamaTea, oooooh, Lucky Charms! Now I know! ;)

    Granny, if you lived closer our pooches could have play dates. Thanks for the hug!

    Lorie, HA! Now there is one 'pill' from a vet you wouldn't have to make the little thing choke down!

  15. Ice cream & Cheerios!!! I love it!! So glad to hear she is doing better and still getting around...I was wondering how she was.

  16. BrokenRoad, she has her ups and downs but for the most part, she is doing really great!