Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Reunions

Who else is going to sleep a little sounder tonight now that our East Coast friends are starting to check in? 

We sure will!  Isn't it funny how this little thing we do here has connected us in more ways than we thought possible?  Well I wouldn't want it any other way!  Now we can all keep our fingers crossed that the aftermath is minimal.  I am sure many of you will be posting those pictures soon enough.  We are still holding out hope that all the blight got blown from your gardens and nothing more!!!

I also want to thank you from the fullest part of my heart for visiting our cousin Diane's new blog and welcoming her so wonderfully!  My guys left such encouraging words here and at her site!  It just goes to show there are ALOT of good people in the world still!  You guys done good...real good!  I am proud to be in such great company!  Thank you!!

This weekend we were finally able to catch up with My Jenny Girl!  It has been EIGHT months since she's been here and alot has changed.
She got to hold Mr. Wickets and meet all the chickens for the first time!

Notice anything unusual about that birds name?  Have I told y'all that story yet?  Mr. Wickets is one of our layers...which the most astute of you realize that he is really a she.  Yet her name is MR. Wickets.

Methinks LLL needs a lesson on the birds and the bees or anatomy of something'er other.  Yup, LLL named this beauty!  And it STUCK.  Mr. Wickets is the chicken that all the kiddies and those fearful of anything feathered get to hold.  He she is the kindest and gentlest bird in the flock.  Also the largest and a great layer!  This he/she will never see the block, if ya know what I mean! 

Everyone loves Mr. Wickets!

Jenny Girl also got to drive the tractor.  I didn't get a picture dagnabbit!  Probably because I knew not to go near her while operating machinery....hehehee! 

I promise that next will be garden updates!  Been a long time since I complained about that.  :0}


  1. First the wooden eggs, now confusing poultry plumbing, I think LLL is getting an education. Or a ribbing, not sure which.

  2. You never complain about your garden. You're just sharing with all of us what's happenin'. And we all learn from it. Or can console each other over it.

    Love Mr. Wickets! (Our very first dog when we got married was Gus. A female cocker spaniel. Can't explain how those things happen, can we?)

    I'm very, very thankful our East Coast bloggy friends made it through this scary weather situation. I was grateful we weren't experiencing it and yet unbelievably nervous and anxious for them. I'm glad it's over.

  3. It's pretty awesome that we "know" so many people we don't really, well, know! Glad to hear that they are doing better than had been predicted. Love your chicken! Growing up, we had a tom cat named Fluffy. My sister named him. Go figure!!

  4. That's one special chicken. LOL! I had a stuffed lion I called Tiger and no matter what people said that lion's name was Tiger. He helped me hide from the nasties in the dark.

  5. I think everyone that has had/has poultry has a favorite, don't ya think? Mr. Wickets is lovely. Love the name too!

  6. Mr Wickets cracks me up. We took to naming all the chicks BOY names this year in the hope that they wouldn't end up with a giant comb. ;) We've got Tom Hawkin, Alvin, Moe, etc etc etc. The only boy we are sure about is Rocky. I think Mr Wickets is a perfect name from him. I mean...her. Doesn't seem to bother her at all!

  7. Ahhhhh, I want a Mr Wickets.

  8. Jane, if I am nice to LLL he would think something was wrong with me :o} hehehee

    MamaPea, I remember seeing a picture of a cocker spaniel in CMs post to PapaPea and I loved her/him! HA! Sweet dogs.

    Lori, amazing that so many are coming forward with pet names that are a little "off". :oD

    Sparkless, when it's early and I haven't had my full cup of coffee, I read things funny. So today I thought to myself..."She named a stuffed pork LOIN?" Get it? Aye...

    Sue, the problem with a favorite is if anything happens to him/her. I dread the thought!

    MamaTea, no wonder all your chickens are badass this year!

    Lorie, rut-ro...they are addicting!

  9. Mr. Wickets is the cutest! And your Jenny Girl looks like a natural with chickens - and not everyone can say that! I want to thank you for worrying about me and all of us who got a dose of Irene. It is such a comfort!

  10. Susan, she did pretty good until she had to hand him back over to LLL and the wings started flapping. Pretty funny actually.

    And yes, you know you are loved deary! Hope you made it to work without much trouble today. Post some pics when you get a chance!

  11. We like Mr. Wickets. He's such a cute girl.

  12. I love Mr. Wickets! And Jenny Girl. And LLL. And pretty much everyone else you post about on this blog :-) It is great having so many friends around the country to care about you and pray for you. This whole blogging world can be pretty wonderful sometimes :-)

  13. How fun. Is Mr. Wickets a Buff Orpington?

  14. We have a hen named cock-a-doodle-doo...she's just a bit off (curly tail feathers and quirkier than anything), but the kids love her and gave her that name...and it fits...

  15. Looks like a fun time, I know you enjoy having her there. You do need to complain about the garden, we haven't heard about it in awhile, and you deserve it this year, we all do LOL!

  16. It was so hard to hold that mr. Wickets.But i think i will love getting the eggs.And i would not go inside because the chickens would come by my feet and i would run from them.And they would come back.And it was a great weekend.And i am a great driver Diana

  17. I must have been sleeping and forgot to rsvp this one, sorry folks!

    Jody, ;) At least I know you know the difference.

    Jen, I couldn't agree more!

    Leigh, yup, Mr. Wickets is a Buff. Awesome birdie!

    CitySister, ya can't argue when the kids name'em, right?

    Erin, almost over...c'mon 2012!

    JennyGirl, ok, ok, so you haven't run into any rocks lately. But that's only because you haven't been here in so long!!!