Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Racket

The racket around here can only be one of two things:

1)  Me.  Throwing my computer thru the window.  It works, it doesn't work...and the cycle continues.


2)  The Hen House!
Monday we found the tiny dark one on the far right in a cooling spot. 
Shortly here after, one turned up in the coop! 
Since then, we've had 5 eggs! 
Of course they probably only add up to one regular egg...but they are eggs!!

I actually wasn't expecting any for a few more weeks, so this is a nice little surprise!  We check several times a day in the hen house and around the yard.  We went ahead and put the ceramic eggs in their nesting boxes too.

Speaking of which...Pig Pen sent LLL in this afternoon to check for eggs.  Oooh how I wish I had been here to see this!  LLL came out rather excited (or so I am told) "Hey, there's an egg in EACH box!!!"

Apparently I am not the only one up to no good!  :oD


  1. Haha! THat Loren story is funny :-) Gosh...your chickies are all grown up! Sniff sniff...

  2. Fabulous! And can I just say those are some big eggs? Bet they had to work hard on those! :) Enjoy your home grown eggs!!!

  3. Yay!!! FRESH eggs. And early too? You musta lined those gals up and taken the cattle prod to em? Whatcha cooking first??????

    Sorry about computer problems-it's a big fat headache. We had Hughes Net problems for almost a month. If I could have---I would have thrown THEM out the window!

  4. I say omelet--you do have all the garden ing. right maybe minus the mushrooms, reminds me of another story . omg ,I'm starting to sound like doc on NCIS SERIES IN THE MORGUE

  5. 2 years ago I would've been just as excited as LLL. But since I've been reading ya'lls blogs, I'm wise to all the sneaky tricks. What other sneaky stuff do you do? Artificial flowers to attract the bees? &:)

  6. ooooh, I dont think LLL is going to be to happy with that story out there for the world to read. Your in troublllllle! And those eggs are not that small. Especially the lighter ones. They are actually large for first time layers.

  7. Oh, egg envy!! Our new chicks won't start laying until round 'bout November and our old gals have just about thrown in the towel. I have two (just TWO) eggs in my refrig right now and we aren't getting even one every day. Do you know how many eggs we eat?? Waaaah. (Shall I whine some more?) Anywho, I am outright jealous of your eggs . . . and everyone is right. They look good-sized to me for pullet eggs. Enjoy! You deserve them for all your hard and conscientious work!

  8. Eggs already! That's awesome, no matter the size! I feel you on the computer thing... we had some issues that started with a bad storm and subsequent power outages, I've been backing up what's left and wiping the hard drive, which is mentally a really scary operation LOL. After a reinstall the mac appears to be a Ferrari again, yet I'm just starting to work on transferring the backups... photos are there thank goodness, but all jumbled up LOL. Next up is my 10000 song music library that was PAINSTAKINGLY loaded by me and turned into a bunch of cool playlists - I'm sure the playlists are gone but time will tell :)

  9. I'm jealous. Of the three birds we keep, one of them has decided to stop laying eggs. All she wants to do is lay on the other birds eggs. Any ideas? We need eggs!

  10. I'll trade you five of my slackers for one of your egg layers! It is so exciting to find those first eggs - I love the little pullet eggs!

  11. That is so exciting!!! And such pretty colors! I love when my girls lay different shades of brown and some have speckles. It is weird, but I have truly become entranced by eggs!

  12. I was just passing through and popping on blogs that I've never been on before. So greetings folks from Lebanon county's Amish community. Richard