Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Close Call

Mowing...again.  I get pretty engrossed when I mow.  It doesn't help my technique at all.  I recently started carrying my cell phone tucked safely away with "the girls".  I do this because I figure someone could sneak up on me and unless I had the shoot side of the mower pointed at them, well...ya never know!

So imagine my surprise when in deep concentration (aka...driving in reverse which is NOT my strong suit), out of the corner of my eye, I see "something".  I jerked my head and barely 10 feet from me...a DEER!  My first thought was "Holy Crap, it's gonna punch me!".  I think he knew that his cover was blown, so he looked me square in the face and turned and walked away.  My second thought, "Where is my damn camera when I need it?" and then thirdly, "Where is my real shooter when I need it?"  Just kidding!  I am not quite ready for that...especially at close range.

The cell phone photo wasn't worth it, so I can't share.  But it was really pretty cool!  Once I cleaned the crap from my drawers, that is!

So these are some photos from a few weeks ago of some other critters in our yard.  Nothing too exciting...


Turkey (waaay in the back)


  1. Oh Been There!!!! We have a flock of turkeys that prance thru the yard and into the woods in the morning and back at night. Generally about 12 of them. My DH about twitches each time he see them. Of course it doesn't help when I send him cell photos! I wonder how mich longer there will be 12 of them!

  2. Hahahahaha!!!! I can just picture you on the mower bracing yourself for a deer face punch. Hahaha!! These two pictures you posted are pretty cool! We can't even get a squirrel around here :-)

  3. You can have my squirrels Jen! They are everywhere! And Di, we need to buy you a holster for your camera.

  4. I found out last night that the deer has done this to Pig Pen too! I am surprised he isn't packin' when he mows too...
    Well Katidids...Thanksgiving is coming!!!

  5. Im the same way when I mow.....
    But, the only thing I manage to run into are snakes and trees! :)

  6. HA! I haven't run into a tree...YET. But if I saw a snake, I would chase it down! Hell, I would drop the deck as far as I could and burn up the grass even!