Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easy Baking ... with My "Apple Dumplin"

Meet my "Apple Dumplin"...
Chef In Training

You may know her best from A Daily Dose of Davis, I know her best as my niece! 

But what I didn't that she is a MORNING person!  Now, I'm not sayin' that she is not an 'any other time girl', I'm just sayin' we had ZERO time out's and not one teardrop or ear piercing scream! 
Girl's...Got...Lungs!  That means this Aunt, will schedule future visits accordingly!  :)

For Addison's second birthday, Uncle Pig Pen and I got her an Easy Bake Oven.  What else would you expect from someone who loooooves to cook?  A BB gun?  Wait, that was for Blake.  You heard me...our 5 mo. old nephew!  I can hear all the "What?????'s" now! (Hunter in Training-does a Daddy proud!)

Back to Easy Baking!  So the only shriek I heard was when she greeted me at the door screaming my name and saying "Kook!"   It sounds like she's calling you a Koo-Koo or something...I'll wear that shoe, it fits.

No major boo-boo's (A-hem!), she is great at  measuring, her Mommy on the other hand might need a lesson, but that is another day...

We stirred...
We Baked...

And with some coaxing, she learned ...
...that every great Chef SAMPLES her work!!

The hesitation....fingers first...

Victory!  Bad habit acquired! 
Every Aunt's dream...Corrupt the kiddies!
  There was no keeping the spoon out of her mouth from there on!

See for yourself!

She ate most of what she made...
...and even shared a few bites with me and Mom. 

But the sweetest part...
...she made a cake just for her Daddy...
...which I am sure he loved!

And last but not least, the mess left behind... think this is bad, wait til I get her digging in the dirt!


  1. Adorable! Just wait until she asks for a sleepover so she can bake with her Auntie. It won't be long!!!

  2. She hasn't stopped talking about baking with you ALL DAY!!! "Aunt Di kook? Aunt Di kook?" She has been on a major sugar high, but Daddy shared his cake with her anyway. Thanks for coming and baking with us! And yes...I will eventually learn the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon. HA! Love ya!

  3. I do love a good apple pie! and a good chiropractor!! Thanks for your comment!