Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Lost My Ballz!

Geesh!  Get your mind out of the dirt!  What the heck did ya think I meant?  So ok, I will let you off the hook in that I should have said, "I Lost My HERB Ballz!" 

Remember these guys? 

My Sister-in-Law gave them to me for Christmas and I was really excited for them and I love that they are for a good cause!  But I could only seem to find one, maybe two of them  :( 

The Basil, which I think is actually lemon basil from the scent.  I have never tried that, so I am super excited about it!

And then here is what I believe is left of one other...  Just clay, not real sure if it will do anything or not.
(The ground looks horrible, doesn't it?  It isn't really dry, just cracked from the river than ran thru in last weeks downpours.)
So it looks like I will go nab some plants from the store in hopes that they may even be on sale now!  See, there is a bright side to everything! 

Hey, at least I found my Ballz after all...and I still love them!  I think that if we had not had the crazy rain again this year and the complete take over of weeds because of it, they would have worked great!  I will give them another try next year in hopes that we wont have so wierd'a weather!  Have a great day guys!


  1. Sorry you lost your ballz in the storm. hahaha! That is a bummer, but at least something came up! We will have to both give them a try next year :-)

  2. As long as they weren't "schwetty" you're okay!!!!

  3. LOL! You ladies crack me up. Get on with your schwetty ballz now! :)