Saturday, June 12, 2010

How To Make Your Best Friend Hate You...

The year...1988

This is my best friend, my heart and should be sister...Julee

I will give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the ground!  It was the 80's!  Big hair was in, give us a break!  She is the one with the really big hair by the way!!

She was a tigress then (hair and all), she is a tigress now.  She is not mystical, but she is magical.  And this is what makes her magical:

Her kids, Holli and Colton.  She is a Mom.

Twenty years ago, we thought of Aqua Net, tooling around town, Classic 80's hair bands and boys.  And twenty years later, in 2009, she gave birth to her second child, Colton... 

...My God Son.  He may be the only "Son" I will ever have and for that, I am eternally grateful and thank her with all my heart for entrusting him to me. 

Julee is crazy, psychotic, loud, has a mouth like a trucker and doesn't share her food...ever!  She is also everything to me and I love her, in case you were beginning to wonder!  She confuses all too easily and she can't spell.  If you need proof, it's all in the non-traditional names: Julee, Holli, Colton.  Until today, I thought it was spelled Coltin.  Doesn't say much for me either, huh??  And not to be outdone, her husband's name is Gardner.  Very unique, indeed!  If I never told him before...THANK YOU!  

Today we celebrated Colton's 1st Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Colton!  

I am still trying to accept the fact that she is a Mom!!!  I know way too many things that would have never suggested her as a Mom!  She is not a good Mom.  She is a great Mom!  But I don't think she understands hair, of all things!  Colton's hair has lightened sooo much since he was born and she insists otherwise. 

What do you think?

Day 1

Year 1

We all think she smoked too many, ah, err...cigarettes??? 

Proving further, that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, today Holli noticed I had a 'hole' in my jeans.  She said "ho".  Her mother, who is a great mom, correctly pronounced it...I pounced it!  I asked her ever so innocently, if she just called me a "ho"?  She has no clue...she'll be 3 in September and won't remember beyond today, so don't worry!!  However, two minutes later...little Miss Mouth Like Her Mama, pointed her tiny finger and said to me, "You a ho!"  No joke!  It was impossible to keep a straight face...just not happening!

And in case you were thinking I'd never get to How To Make Your Best Friend Hate You... you kinda sorta teach her daughter bad words and you post nasty pictures of her on your blog, what else??? I'm no IDOT...oops I mean Idiot!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I seriously almost just peed my pants right now!! I LOVE that picture of you and Julee SO MUCH!! That should be in a frame at your house. That is priceless. And wow...Julee's hair is crazy big, but I love it. I think your life-long friendship with Julee is so special and I think it is wonderful that you get to share in so many special moments together :-) Nice post as always Di!

  2. I sent it in to Ellen for Bad Paid for Photos!! Ya never know!!!

  3. The hair...classic 80's for sure! Love it! And the lifelong friendship is priceless. Cherish it because they don't happen very often!

  4. For a minute there I thought you had one of my pictures there. But my hair was bleach blond with a black streak (I was a metal girl), but just as big. Oh boy am I glad the 80's are gone and I hope they never come back. I can't imagine that I spent an hour on my hair. Sometimes I forget to brush it these days:)