Monday, June 28, 2010

Quality Time

The weekend was a huge blur...I finally killed the life form under my kitchen table.  But only because I have company coming over tonight! 

Saturday, I went to see my Uncle Skip.  He doesn't come to town often, so it was worth the trip to see him!  We got some quality time in...

That's my Dad in the chair and my Uncle on the floor. 
Go figure!  It must run in the family! 

Sunday we had a family bridal shower and it was a very nice visit.  I gave my Mother-in-Law and Grama-in-Law a ride home.  We stopped off at our house for kicks and in my infinite wisdom, and because I really wanted to show Pig Pen's Grama the hardworking bee's in the back yard...I drove her out there and promptly got my truck stuck in my own darn yard!  Idiot!  This is what the boys are for though, right?  We made it out with some help from them, but the yard doesn't look so good...OOPS!

The weather is supposed to be really nice this week, so hopefully I can kill off some more weeds in the garden.  I wish I could wiggle my nose and make them go away.  Pig Pen ad I cleaned out an entire golf cart dump full of them.  We didn't get done, because the skeeters were pretty hungry.  It's still pretty wet out there too.  But look at what is showing up! 

I am getting super antsy to get canning season well underway.  And of course, once it gets here, I will be half-dead in my tracks.

This is our Garden Gnome...

I double dog dare anyone to come near my garden for a snack!


  1. Aww...Missy-Poo. Love that doggy. Love ALL out doggies. Maybe she needs to come swimming next time?

  2. I meant love all OUR doggies. I need to learn to proof read :-)