Monday, June 21, 2010

What's a Bena in a Bucket?

What IS a Bena in a Bucket??

Here's how they do things..."Down on the Farm"

 It's my Aunt Bena...In a Bucket!  Of a Tractor!  Yup, that's how serious people pick their cherries!  She's a farm girl, born and raised!  She knows how to garden, can it, cook it!  And about a thousand things in between.  She NEVER stops and she makes me seem lazy!  If only I had half her energy!

Proud owner and operator of that tractor and bucket...
My Uncle Wally

Now, Uncle Wally isn't a man of many words.  If ya can sit down a spell, you will be laughing in no time! might take a bit.  He -  talks -  real -  slow,   kinda -  like -  this.  He's a farm-boy.  No need to rush!  Ain't gonna make the corn grow any faster if ya do!

Every year Aunt Bena, my Mom and I go on a girls trip.  It usually includes food and shopping.  We are always thinking of new things!  The Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana, Door County...we haven't decided what's on the agenda next.  But it is always fun and it makes for the best memories!  I wouldn't change a thing!

Here are the Short Shit's in Door County.
They make me feel tall!

If Pig Pen and I could be 'real' farmers, we would be!  I like to think of us as Aunt Bena and Uncle Wally just a couple of years behind with a lot less land and a lot less 'crop'.  And maybe talking a bit faster!  Aunt Bena and I agree, that living in the country is the best!  It's peaceful, no neighbors, yet everyone is close enough.  Here is her garden which butts up to one of the fields.  It truly is God's country!

And what would a farm be with out these...

or these...

or these...

Moo Cows!  We will be eating those there things soon enough!  Mmm-hmm! 

And if you are looking, you see beauty everywhere...just in the every day.

Well, I have a bunch more cherries to tend to now.  I have lots of work to do since I had helpers...Pig Pen and my most discerning food critic, my LITTLE brother, Tim.  He looks discerning, huh?  He pretty well stole all the height in the family.  That is ok though, gene pools get weaker down the line.  BAM!  Take that baby brother!

Next up on the blog - how to make canned cherry pie filling of course!

And now you know...What a Bena in a Bucket is!


  1. I can smell the country in these photos! Love it!! Another fabulous post!

  2. wouldn't want that smellivision set. Cow poop!

  3. Carbondale was about as "country" as I could go. There wasn't even a GAP in that me...that was roughing it. haha! Just kidding. Your aunt and uncle's farm looks beautiful and SO well maintained!! Glad you guys had a fun day there. Eric and I finished the cherry pie last night. YUM-O!!

  4. That's the way to live! Now I know how I'll be able to deal with our random branches stuck in our trees...just wait until we have a tractor and jump in the front loader!!! Very nice :)