Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Was C'n

So I spent alot of time outside yesterday...or at least I look a little like a red lobster anyway.  Here's what I was C'n:

Is it just me, or am I the only person on earth who can't mow in straight lines?  Does this happen to you???  Me thinks me needs a lesson in mowing! 

Hey, next time you mow -try this...go around the trees at least 7 times really, really fast!  It's fun and your neighbor's will think you are NUTS!  Especially if you scream "Weeeee!"  It's one of the things I love about mowing. 

I also love to mow because no one dares come near me, or at least not on the 'shoot' side.  And I know how to point that thing!  Pig Pen is good at sharpening the blades though, so it's all good in the end. 

One thing I don't like about mowing...running over this:

After I mowed, I also was a C'n this :(

With all the rain we had the other night, 2.5 inches, the garden looks like a river ran thru it! 

I barely stepped in to right a tomato cage and sunk a few inches!

And I was C'n this....

Then THIS!

Why?  Why?  WHY??? they grow better than anything else?  It has been less than ONE week and they're baaaack!  This is our old Strawberry now Thistle now Weed patch!  I had to gingerly pull these buggars!  Because I knew what was lurking...

The Enemy!  Grab one of these and you will be screamin' "OUCH!"  Or some other explicitive at least.  But I am glad to report, that Snipping them before a heavy rain seems to have helped some!  For the thistles at least!  The other weeds are thriving!  Another reason I had to pull carefully...

Basil is up!!  This is one of my favorite herbs to grow! 

And of course here is how you know you worked outside on a nice summer day...all day.

The Four F's:

Filthy-Flip-Flop-Feet!  Kiss the mani and pedi Buh-Bye!  I hate feet! 

Now the question, What'd you C?  Or did you just A to B?


  1. I was C'n beautiful quilts, lots of fabric and lots of food! Shipshewana was beautiful! But now I can't wait to "C" my kiddies - both big and small!!!! Missed everyone while I was gone!

  2. I was C'n lots of animals and Addie yelling "ZEBWA"!!!!! I know you don't like the zoo, but is was so much fun today. I WILL drag you there one of these days :-)