Thursday, August 26, 2010

Concrete for the Critters

With all the prep for the Bang Up Birthday party we had here over the weekend, can you believe I didn't even walk out to the garden for an entire day and a half??

57 pounds of Tomat-ho's greeted me!  Well, really 53.  Long and Lanky Loren told me he had 'a ton!' of tomatoes.  I told him that if he brought them over, I would can up some spaghetti sauce for him.  Do the math...and then giggle just a little like I did when he showed up all proud like!  It was really cute!

Grannie...I weighed them just for you :)  This is our 4th picking and there is another ready. 

So back to what I have been waiting to show you guys!

Last Friday, Pig Pen called in the troops!  When I say troops, I mean Pops and LLL.  Folks, we have Concrete for the Critters!  Well, for the Chicken Coop that is!

Now the Coop wont be as big as the pad.  Part of it will be opened up for his garage.  The Coop will be the furthest entrance.

And ya know, this all met with my approval until I saw the devastation that chickens can do to a tomato crop at MamaTea's homestead!  Oh my!  I will have to be very diligent with those little buggers!  They will have a fenced area and the entire garden and fruit tree grove will be fenced separately.

We had a little extra concrete, so Missy got a new floor also.  She autographed it too.

The last two nights, the walls have been going up!  It's pretty darn exciting! 

The old siding on his shop is coming down and will be replaced to match the house.  I suppose we are trying to clean the place up a bit...not shame the neighbors and all!
Actually, that is the old-old siding...
It will match...finally!
And this is Pig Pen's mobile garage...sorta "Piggy" isn't it?  I told him so too! 

So he cleaned it...

What, you can't tell???

I really want to thank Pops and LLL for always helping out around here with those big projects!  You guys are the best and we most certainly appreciate everything you do...also, we love you both!

OK, back to my bumper crop of maters!  Wait till ya see everything in the works!


  1. Love Missy's paw prints!!! Oh man, you're so luck to have a FIL that is talented and willing to help!!! Mine golfs! LOLOLOL! Well, he is good at other things... just didn't instil a "handyman" bone in his son's body. LOL!

    Coop is comin right along, huh? If I come to IL can I stay in the coop? ;)

  2. Boy, I admire how you guys can get a job done. It takes years of nagging to get the big projects underway here.

  3. YAY! Tomat-hos! And critter concrete! And walls! This is getting too still my heart ;-)

    Pig Pen's mobile garage looks like Mr. Granny's built in garage. Mr. G cleaned his yesterday, too. He hung everything on the walls or from the ceiling! DUCK!!!

  4. Chelsi, I can up the ante and give you the's nicer than my house! C'mon down! Jen would totally love that too! And I could make you a blueberry pie!

    Jane, yupper we have handy guys around here but sometimes I do have to nag. No one listens, but I do try :)

    Granny, I know exactly what you mean! Shoot, not only do ya gotta duck, you need steel toe shoes and bumper pads, right???

  5. oh. my. goodness.!! That's a whole lot of tomatoes! That coop is going to be awesome I just know, can't wait to see it develop! Nice to see someone else with my husband's shed-cleaning prowress LOL!

  6. That was really nice to see the step-by-step pictures of the concrete work. Thank you for sharing the pictures! Is Missy a Chocolate Lab? I love that picture of her getting her paw prints taken, where she's looking straight at the camera, probably thinking "what the heck are these people doing to me?"

  7. Erin, looove the sarcasm! You speak my language! ;) Ha!

    Thyme, Missy is a "Silver" Lab. She is recognized by AKC as chocolate, but if you put her next to one, there is no likeness of color at all. She looks like a Weihmrimer (sp?) almost. Supposedly, silver is not 'desireable', but I will tell you this, she is gorgeous and I don't care what AKC says :) She's a very good hunter!

  8. Our Reese is a Chocolate Lab. I thought there was a bit of a resemblance there with your Missy, even though it was a bit difficult since your picture was taken from a distance. Some of the facial features are definitely different. I've never heard of a "silver" lab before, but thank goodness for google!

  9. We are so LUCKY to have talented men in our lives!!! Pops loves helping Pig Pen!!! They are out of the same mold...remember????

  10. Thyme, yup-they exist! She is a lab thru and thru! We have alot of people stop us and comment on her because she is truly gorgeous. Most people think she is chocolate. Next time she is standing next to one, I will take a picture and post it. That is when it is prominent. We love her but I hate the shedding!

    Jan, yup -ain't neither one of them right! :) teehee!

  11. That is gonna be some chicken coop you'll have there! You can call it the Taj Ma Coop. Looks big. How many chickens are you going to get? This year yet or wait until next spring?

  12. MamaPea, funny girl! We haven't decided how many chickens yet. We have so much to learn and hopefully the winter gives me time to do more research, pick more brains and come up with a good plan. The only thing I know for sure is layers and meat. And we are waiting til spring. So...we don't know much! Should be fun, huh?

    Like usual, we jump right in!