Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Hot Hot - Dog Days!

Funny thing about the Dog Days of Summer, gardens and groves still need to be harvested.  Like it or not, when it's time, it's time.  That said, I always get a good chuckle when anyone says:

"Don't ya want to wait until it cools off?"

Nope, I wanna sweat my kahunas off. 
Oops, scratch that...I meant "glisten" my kahunas off.

Am I tattling on anyone?  Mmm-Hmm.  The Mom's.  Mine and His.  Both of whom I love dearly, but both of whom have said to me in the last few days that it's too hot to do this or that.  My Mother-in-Law laid the best one on me today though...She said it was too hot to go swimming!  Huh??   

So is it just a Mom Thing?  Dunno, but dern it if someone would let me know how to tell the tomatoes or apples not to ripen in 110 heat indices, I sure would start talkin' to those plants instead of beating them up!  And in case you were wondering, it's all in good fun that I poke at them!

How do you keep cool?  I think Pig Pen needs to put the pool up for next year.  It's just sitting in our barn.  Cuz ya know, he has nothing else to do, tongue and cheek!  That man works harder than anyone I know!!

I drink lots and lots of water and iced tea and yeah...I am one of the goofy ones that can even drink coffee all summer long.  I'm a freak, remember?

But what about the little doggers?  It's not like it's winter and they need a sweater yet...but just in case, my little Ami is all ready to go!

My good friend Tricia, the one who bailed on me and moved to Nebraska, made this!  And the best part - the most AMAZING part - right before she left a couple years ago, I told her she would need a hobby.  So I taught her how to knit.  Basic knitting!  She made me these on her very first efforts:

I told her I would never ever use them because they are too precious to me and someday she would look back and be able to see her progress...And today is that day!!  Hellllllooooo...can you SEE her progress?  She taught herself how to Knit in the Round!  She makes all sorts of stuff and has really come a long way!  I am so proud of her!  And I thank my Tricia for Ami's new duds!  I love you!

Since it is just a wee bit warm for Ami to wear it though, I gave her an ice cream cone so she could 'cool off'.

What?  Doesn't look good to you?  Watch...

So now you know my dog is a freak too, albeit a well dressed freak!!
(I'll crack out the vacuum cleaner and get that someday for ya's)
Have a GREAT weekend all!


  1. That's awesome, I have a freak show dog too LOL! I plan on doing a little "Border Collie neurotic" post soon. And well said on the other stuff, I hear that all the time... oh, it's too hot, just leave it. Leave it? Oh so then later I can use clothespins on my nose to pick up rotten smelly caved-in tomatoes? Or let the lawn go so then I get to mow it when it's a foot tall and wet and full of mosquitoes? Don't get me started ApplePie Gal! And how awesome is that knitting?! I am just now learning "in the round" with double pointed needles, ugh! I figured I better start learning now, SOCK SEASON is almost here LOL! And I am going to knit one of my dogs a sweater... yeah, it's for the Australian Shepherd who already has plenty of fur... but the pattern was SO CUTE! It's been 100 degrees outside and she was glaring at me flipping through the doggie fashions knitting book I got at the library... poor dog. Of all families, she had to be rescued by this one...

  2. Erin, I have tried my hand at socks and I love doing one...hmmm. Last time I checked I have two feet! My MIL is the master knitter, she blazes thru them like nothing. She told me I was doing fine so long as I cut my other foot off! :) I will tell her to post some of her sock pics and then let you know when she does. And on the lawn business, ugh...not only did I get almost all of it mowed before I ran out of gas (in the mower, not me), but now I have to sweep it too. See what happens when ya wait???

  3. Guilty as charged! I think I told you every day this week to wait because it was too hot!!Aren't you lucky I'm a good sport? And for your information...I DID swim today!!! So there!!!

    And I will post some sock pictures for you Erin. You will be addicted once you start! Knitting beats being out in the heat...JUST KIDDING!!!!

  4. Little Aimers...I love that doggy. I seriously can't believe Tricia made that sweater for her!!!

  5. I don't knit, and it's probably a good thing, 'cause my Annie looks like an overstuffed sausage in her (store bought) winter sweater!

    Ami is adorable. And loud. My dogs love squeaky toys, but they eat them.

  6. Granny, the loud mouth is my other dog Emma...she hates being left out. Oh don't get me wrong, they all have loud mouths! :) This little squeaky toy is only brought out as a treat for playtime or it would be gobbled up whole too! You should get your doggie a hot dog bun!

    Jen, at this rate (fingers crossed) I think you will be right about Ami making it to another Christmas. The doggy Alzheimer's meds seem to have really snapped her out of her funk! Thank goodness! I'd be lost without the bugger!

  7. And I almost forgot...Jan did help pick apples yesterday during the HOT HOT day... I suppose that merits a pass for picking on her another day! NOT!!!

  8. No neurotic dogs here- just a spazzo cat. At least twice a day he zooms back-and-forth across the house as if something's after him! Oh, and the spazzo kid - but that's just something you get used to :)

    I hear you on the Second Sock Syndrome! I love knitting socks because they hold my attention long enough to finish them, but I'd always find something More Interesting after that first sock! Last year I started to knit both socks at the same time on one really long circular. Made a big difference! Now when I'm done, I'm done with both!

  9. Hey I have a pool in my barn too!! A lot of good it does in there :) My mother got so mad at me canning in this heat she came running over with a monster 1950's fan (which I didn't want) and told me "your to dumb to know if you need a fan or not" Thanks Mom. So I had to have a wind tunnel in the kitchen blowing out the flame on the stove. Yeah, that was better.

  10. LOL at Jane! It always drives me nuts when the people on the news or radio say "If you can work inside today, do it! It's dangerously hot out there." So strange, because I don't see any roofers or road construction crews or farmers *not* working because its too hot. :) And as far as tellin' those tomatoes to stop had me belly laughing! You're such a sass! Love ya!!!