Thursday, August 19, 2010

License to Mess

What?  You don't believe me?  Well, that's what the sign above my kitchen sink says, so it must be true!

Is it just me or does everyone end up with a bigger mess than what they started with on a canning day?  Oh wait, every day is a canning day right now.  License to Mess -Granted.

I managed to try out the new/swapped out pressure canner. That was interesting...

Turns out that it wasn't quite working right. And like a boob, I panicked. After a few calls (the Queen about got another email!), a shot and a beer (kidding), we managed to figure it all out. Once it cooled back down, I was able to see that the handle was ever so slightly crooked. So I popped it back in place and tightened it up. I am happy to say, it worked great! I got 5 Qts of stewed tomatoes and 11 pints of green beans done without further issue. It was a relief!

So I wanted to prove that my house is not, has not, nor ever will be...clean.  Oh, and I don't "do" cute.

Crap every where!  Please tell me yours looks just-like-mine!  It seems like every day I start with a clean slate and then BAM!, it looks like this again!

And what I really want to know is...where the heck is my Mom???  If she went to PA and no one told me...oooh!  Send her back!  :0)

Bird's Eye of Today's Harvest (and mess)
Well, everything is put away for the night (sort of) and I have a little satisfaction in seeing the pantry start to fill back up.  It makes it all worth it...

Do you ever just look at your pantry?  I admit that I do.  I love the pretty picture that it paints.  And before you know it, it will be all done and we can relax a bit.  I know my MIL is getting antsy to have me sewing again...


  1. Jealous of your space and your pantry. But love that you posted a picture of the mess. Isn't that what everyone's mess looks like? I think they are lying lying lying if they say no!

  2. Ok, where is the tomato sauce on the walls, floor, and ceiling? Where is the dog hair tumble weed blowing across the floor because your haven't had time to sweep in days? That is a big beautiful clean kitchen, and you could have a square dance in there. You just have work in progress on the counters. I love looking at the jars too. So much so, I hate to eat the stuff. Your Mom is in PA? Is she coming to visit me? I see what a help she is so she can swing by anytime. We have RV hookups!

  3. I love the kitchen! I am a neat freak, but my best friend's kitchen looks just like yours and one of my favorite things to do is drink wine and put things away on her counter while she makes more messes... we have the best conversations this way! Your pantry speaks to me... I don't have one but I think I will frame a photograph of one and hang it on the wall where one SHOULD BE! Hope you find your mom LOL...

  4. IowaSue -Thank you!

    MamaTea -PreReq for the house search a few years ago was a BIG kitchen!!

    Jane -Trust me, hair balls are present!! Mom's not there yet? Time to put out the APB!

    Erin -Oh please come over! I have wine for you and we would make a great team that way! I will even let you play in the pantry!

  5. A neat, clean kitchen is a kitchen where no one even COOKS let alone cans and preserves! I could put four (I'm serious) of my kitchens in your lovely, spacious one. But I think my small work space enables me to make a total mess in much less time with much less effort than you have to go through in yours. ;o) (Does that make me more efficient?) Heck, if I even move the canner off the stove these days, it looks like I've really spiffed things up.

    But who cares about the mess in the kitchen? Just look at those pantry shelves!! GORGEOUS!

  6. Ooooh, that pantry is making me jealous. I'm frantically stuffing jars of food into my laundry room and into boxes under the beds! I have no idea what all is under the beds from last year. I think it's mostly pickles.

    I don't mind that I make such a mess canning. I just hate cleaning it all up when I'm finished and too tired to do it.

  7. MamaPea, well look at it this way...a smaller kitchen would force you to tidy up a bit more?? And I rather think that Julia Child was a messy cook and it worked for her!

    Granny, the only thing under my bed is a random little dog or dust bunnies! :)

    I think everyone should post some 'slop' pictures! :) It humanizes us, Ha!