Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jan-nie Get Your Gun!

Today was my Mother-In-Law, Jan's Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jan!

In celebration of the big day, we had us a Rootin', Tootin'... Shootin' Good Time!

Note:  No animals or persons were hurt in this experiment.

Now y'all might know Jan just a smidge thru some comments here and there, or even tales in my posts...she's "City", she's only ever dropped her drawers to pee in the great outdoors once and well... She's a Monster! Remember the peeps, may they RIP. 

Seriously though...would you be afraid of this:

Jan got to shoot her first and last handgun today!  Now I gotta say, the camera went off at just the perfect time to capture this crazy kick!  What the heck is that?  I don't know which cracked us up more, the legs, the hands or the face!  Oh, we had us a very good laugh at her expense!  She took it like a true sport! 

She even tried her aim with a shot gun and rifle.  This is Pops, Pig Pen's Dad, giving her instruction.  Pops likes his 22.  Although he says it's not sighted in right.  Not.So.Sure.About.That.  HA!  Now on my break away 20 gauge, Jan couldn't quite master the discharge after the shot, so I had to put it in terms she could relate to, "Needle Up, or Needle Down".  :)  She's a master at the sewing machine, so I was speaking her language!

The guys really made some noise too!  This is my BIL, Eric with his 22-250 high powered rifle.  Now that's a biggin'!  He is an excellent shot!  Either with his scope or just shootin' trap, he seldom misses and usually nails the one everyone else couldn't get.  He's great back up!  Unfortunately, my SIL Jen, Pig Pen's big Sister, had to fly the coop early as the kids were getting restless :( so she didn't get to light anything up.  But I can attest that she does do a fine job!  Sorry Sis, next time!  And I will get pictures to prove it!

Pig Pen's Aunt Kathy got some action!  She's fearless and tried them all too!  I think her and Uncle Darrell had fun and we sure enjoyed hanging out with them!  Their laughter is very contagious, so who wouldn't want more of that? 

This is my SIL(ly) Meagan.  She is married to Pig Pen's brother...let's call him Rancid Ryan of the Long and Lanky's.  Yeah, there's a story to that one...I think I had known Ryan about 5 hours, when he plopped his stinky butt next to me on the couch and lifted a butt cheek towards me.  Gross!  Funny thing just occurred to me, Meagan was just saying tonight that her sniffer doesn't work all that well!  Ahhh, a match made in heaven!

Around here, we do what we can to corrupt to country, as you know!  I believe (I could be wrong) that this was Jan's first time shooting.  Meg's first and second here also.  (She still 'talks' with her hands and sort of makes motions while holding a loaded gun...but we are working on that!) 

And some four wheel fun firsts too!  Meagan hates the kiddie wheeler, but she got on this one for a fine first with Rancid Ryan on back.  Oh, I think she went fishing with us for the first time too. ??

Speaking of 4wheel fun...Jan whizzed by us and I could barely catch her with her hair flying thru the air!  (Mmmhmm, forehead jab!) 

And I want to know...What the heck is this???  Look closely...Now, I know they are sisters and all, and I am sure Aunt Kathy said "Hold On!" (or not), but, but, but...THERE???

As for the day, it just goes to show, we all got a little hillbilly in us just trying to get out!  Even ole Jan-nie, who her gun!  Happy Birthday!


  1. OMG I just wet my pants reading this post! Hilarious!!! What a FUN day! And I'm okay with all the pokin' you were doing at my expense. I can take it. I even have to admit that you could land a jet on that forehead - geeze! No wonder I wear bangs! Yes and yes...first time to shoot a gun and first time to "drive" a 4-wheeler! Oh and first time grabbing my sisters "girls". Can't wait to do it again (well, except for the grabbing the girls part). Thanks for a WONDERFUL birthday! I had a blast (get it?) Love ya though!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Eric told me about this picture and I have been DYING to see it!! Sorry I missed the shootin fun, but I will make Eric go home with the kiddies next time :-) Looks like you guys had a blast! You are the best story teller ever :-) I am so linking to this from my blog tomorrow when I find energy to upload my pictures :-) Love ya sis!

  3. What a crazy, and slightly dangerous, time! Then rounded out with quad rides. Very rough and tumble...except for the golf cart? Was that for security or transportation to the medic? Now, I have to bring out the heavy duty sports bra to even mow the grass, so maybe Aunt Kathy just needed a little "support" during her ride. Lock and load!

  4. Super hilarious post!! I love the pic of her first handgun shot (LMAO) - the camera caught it perfect!! And I gotta tell ya, if I ever make that Farmgirl Calendar, that last pic of y'all with your guns is going in there. What a bunch of gun totin' hotties!!!

  5. Just when I think it can't get any funnier, you guys come along and make me laugh all over again! Why didn't I think of the medi-vac and support bra? And Jane, you probably should get some new shocks on your mower! Do mowers even have shocks?? MamaTea I forgot about your FarmGirls Calendar (which you really should do)! You could get a NotSoFarmish one out of it too! time we will figure something out, we have to! And then we will have a Gun Totin' Mama and Nana both!

  6. You let her shoot a handgun one-handed LOL?!! I love going shooting, unfortunately now we live in the city we are restricted to gun ranges, kind sucks all the fun out of it, nothing like the old riverbed we used to go to! I still remember my first weapon qual in the military, I was 18 and had to shoot a shotgun 3 times from the hip... OUCH! I was about 95 lbs with only skin for padding over the hip LOL... thankfully I didn't have to do that particular stance ever again, I was black and blue on my whole side. Looks like a good time for all!

  7. Erin...heavens no she didn't start out shooting it with one hand! We are probably lucky she didn't drop it during all that! Nope it started out the picture perfect pose and just went haywire from there.

    95 lbs and on the hip??? Geez, the gun weighed more than you did so it's no wonder you were hurting!

  8. Why do I have a mental picture of all your neighbors within a 5 mile radius huddling in their basements??? Or are they used to you guys by now? (Looked like a fantastically FUN day!)

  9. Oh geeze. I'm scared to visit now! I'm no prissy girl but you'll have to give me a lesson on shootin'! I want to come ride quads... but only if Jan promises to ride with me & "hold on!" Bahaha! Oh, just kidding... ;)

    What a hoot.