Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To The Happy Couple!

Happy Anniversary to Jenny and Eric!

Today marks 4 great years as a married couple!  It wasn't always this sweet...

And don't let this demure little girl fool ya...
She packs a real wallop! 
Eric better never step out of line, or if he does...
 At least not in front of a softball the week before the wedding! 
She didn't hit him!  Really, it was a softball...he just wanted to look tough!
So after Four Years, a new house, new jobs and promotions, their fair share of poopy diapers from my Apple Dumplin's, Addison and Blake...

Thru all that...this is still my favorite photo of all time...

Happy Anniversary!  May you have many, many great belly laughs together!

You knew I was waiting for this, right??
We Love You Both!


  1. I LOVE this post...and I agree that my all time favorite picture is the head back belly laugh!!! Awesome!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was wondering when you were going to reveal our head back belly laugh pic and I love how you worked it in :-) This was such a sweet post Di...thanks for thinking of us today. We love you guys too!!!

  3. I have to tell you at first I thought they were sleeping in that picture. You did preface it with the picture of two kids under 4. Two tiny people can make you tired. I just thought that was their 15 minutes of couch time a day. Happy anniversary!

  4. You freaking crack me up girl! LOL! I have to say, I was wondering if they were really laughing in that picture or if they had passed out on the couch! LOL! I remember Jen posting that picture of Eric's black eye... YOWZA!!!