Monday, August 16, 2010

Not So Rich, Not So Famous

For those of you who don't know, I was born in the wonderful 70's.  I sorta "grew up" in the crazy 80's so to speak.  As you may remember, in the 80's it was all about Hair...and lots of it.  Back in June of this year, I did a post called How To Make Your Best Friend Hate You.  It included a very scarey picture...

Now, we are not so Rich...

But you could say we are just a wee bit, tiny, teensy-weensy, itty-bitty bit Famous...

Or at least someone got a kick out of it...

"Who?" got a kick out of it you ask?

She did...

Check out the link and our one little, minute moment of infamy... 

It's ok to laugh, we weren't thinking.  Well, I sort of was...Julee was Not!

Do you think she hates me now???


  1. High-larious!!!! Talk about some luscious hair! You deserve your mini moment of fame. :) How in the world did you gals get your hair that high? I remember having older cousins who could do that with their hair in the 80s and I just wanted to be them. But I was much younger and my hair just wouldn't do it. No, my hair fun was in the decade after and had to do with skull caps and blue hair. But anyway....

  2. Oh Mama...give me 5 minutes and a can of AquaNet and I could make your hair do things you never imagined! But you wouldn't fit thru a standard door...Ah yes, gotta love it!

  3. That is still my FAVORITE picture of you and Julee. Love it. It really should be in a frame in your house somewhere :-)

  4. Jen, that's a great idea...but they don't make frames big enough to fit her hair!

  5. Love it! I have supersized picture frames for my youngest daughter's photos. She was born in '74, so we got to go through the big hair too.

  6. I think if we lived closer we would be really good friends, but now I see what you do to your friends - On a global scale! Those things should be hidden under a bed somewhere, only brought out when your 90 and you have dementia and can't remember it anyway. What 80's?

  7. Jane, Why do you think I want a picture of YOUR hair missy??? Evil Laughs... :) Kidding!!

  8. ha HA! I graduated in '88 so I can relate to that hair! Awesome!

  9. Erin...oh yes, you know full well then! I was only one year behind ya! 1989...what fun it was!