Thursday, August 12, 2010

Show and Tell

Yesterday was the weirdest almost felt like I should have played the Lotto!  Lady Luck is never mine, but it was so awesome to come home to this...

My first issue of Countryside!  My step-mom had given me her copy last month.  She said it wasn't what she had been looking for...yet right up my Hillbilly Alley!  I love this magazine!  As do some of you'ns!

And as if the Mail Man didn't think that was just the coolest...he brought me this too...

A hook up from my girl MamaTea!  Thanks for helping to keep the skunks out of my garden!  I'll be trying this out immediately!

My darling Pig Pen made me a nifty little gadget...

Something to keep those darn rings and magnet in place!  Neat, huh?

Then, Pig Pen and I took a little trip to the nearest 'supply' store we could find and we carted off with all the gadgets needed for...???...

Any guesses???

Yup...we're divin' in!  Wine and Cider making here we come!  Have you ever just felt all giddy inside with anticipation at something new?  I mean, not like homemade TP, but the kind of anticipation that makes you wanna jump up and down?  I know...we are freaky that way!  This store was super cool!  If I had my head on I would have looked for Mead making stuff too...oh and the beer many things to try, so little time!!!

We no sooner got home and my girlfriend called with a HUGE problem...she decided to finally try her hand with a pressure canner, had everything jarred and ready...and lo and wouldn't fit under her microwave!  Ugh!  So what are the girls to do?  Swap!  She now has my Presto and I have her double decker Mirro.  Except now I gotta re-learn!  Just when I was all comfy with my needle gauge!  This one is the other doo-hicky thingee.  (??)  No complaints though, I can now stack the pints.  WooHoo!  I think I will force teach my SIL Jen also!  Her freezer just went's time.

And finally, the chicken coop has drains and is ready to pour the concrete!

Pig Pen said we should get a pig for out back...Mmmm...Bacon!  Earlier this week he thought we could keep a cow in the barn.  Hey Look, a squirrel!!

Gosh we need more room and Geez, I wish I had played the darn Lotto!  I never have these kinds of days!  OMG...we shoulda been dancin' in the sheets!  HAHAHAHA!


  1. The bad part about home brewing is that it is not ready right NOW! It makes you wait forever just to sample. It is a tease, that home brewing is, a tease! And what a great friend you are to swap pressure canners. I don't know anyone I like that much to give my pressure canner:)

  2. Now that is a cool canning-doohickey! I think I'm going to have to make myself one of those! I always end up kinda shoving everything back into the box it came in. This would be fine, except that at this point it's still one box (the one the canning "tongs" came in), and it is now also trying to contain cherry pitters and food-mill discs, as well as rings, lid lifters, etc. Not working real well right now :(

  3. Jane, yup I am sure the waiting game will really stink! I was of course reading up on the little recipe book I nabbed while there (recipe book ho that I am!) and boy it sure is rotten that you gotta wait so long! I will have to keep good tabs on what concoctions I use so that I can remember what to make or not make again.

    Alison, yes! Make one of those doohickey's! It really is handy! He would have put a bigger metal plate on if he had found one, but it was just something he threw together for me real quick cuz I told him I needed it 'yesterday'... :)

  4. Wow, whadda day! Beer and wine making have been on my hubby's want and wish list for many years. I'm not that gung ho for beer but I'd love to have homemade wine!

    We've had a subscription to Countryside since they first started publishing.

    Do you have any sympathy for people who are bored with life and have trouble filling their days? That's not a problem on a homestead run by people with more ideas than time, is it?

  5. I have never understood boredom! The closest I get is when I am overwhelmed with what to do next and in those rare moments my brain shuts down. It doesn't happen often thank goodness! So, sympathy. If anyone is bored, they can come on over - I'll put'em to work and then send them your way too! I am sure with one hand the size of a boat, you could use it right now! :)

  6. Well I'll BE! You really DO have a blog! I tried a couple of weeks ago to click on your profile name and there was no blog listed so I thought "hmm, I guess she just reads them" LOL! On a whim tonight I clicked on you again from MamaPea's and voila! there you are. Looks like I have a lot of good reading ahead of me to catch up! (my mom sent me a copy of Countryside she found lying around the greenhouse she works in and snatched it - I may be subscribing!)

  7. Erin...did ya think I was stalking? :) Heck no, I learn all sorts of cool things from you guys! I feel like people actually 'get' me. As opposed to my peeps here who I am just a little bit old-school or backwards. What's up with that?? Oh well, I like backwards! At least I am not bored!

  8. I am happy to be your test taster!!! Just say when and I will bring my own glass :-)

  9. Well that's awfully brave of you...but OK, I'll let ya! It could taste like poop ya know!

  10. Those piggies on the cover of your magazine reminded me that the state fair (Indiana) is currently going on, and that I will be making a little visit myself in week. I can't wait to see me some fair sights and eat me some fair food! You got yourself one handy hubby who builds clever things like that, lucky girl! Making wine and cider at home, wow. Yum.

  11. Yes that is a great canning hickeydoo!! I think I'll have to have one of those!!

    I love Countryside too! I need a subscription for that one.

    Glad you were able to trade around pressure canners like that, you are a good friend!!

    Good luck with the wine!! I tried to just look at all the supplies and figure out what you were getting ready to do and I had no idea!! I still like a good challenge! I just don't like wine!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  12. Love Countryside magazine, and more than a little jealous that you have your copy before mine. At least I know to look for little piggies in the mail. I got Backwoods Home yesterday and plowed through that one like it was a big bowl of candy. Sometimes I think the Countryside and the Backwoods Home can't share a mailbox together, or they will tear each other up. Competition, you know....;) Glad you're loving the deodorant. :)